Fight Over the SUCCESSION in Saudi Arabia? – VisualPolitik EN

Fight Over the SUCCESSION in Saudi Arabia? – VisualPolitik EN

We told you in a previous video about how
Saudi Arabia wants to leave behind, once and for all, its addiction to oil, and become
a nation similar to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. In this video, we’re going to look at this
country in more depth in order to get an idea of how this mission to get free from oil is
going. The thing is there is a specific name, a leader
behind this ambitious plan. Do you know who this person is? Well, for those of you who don’t, the person
who is turning everything upside down is Mohamed Bin Salman.  
But a name alone doesn’t explain much, so now you might be wondering: Who is this man
really? What are his intentions? And what exactly is he trying to do? Well, these are the questions we are going
to be answering in today’s Visual Politik video… So let’s get going shall we? THE PRINCE OF CHANGE He might be only a little more than 30 years
old, but Mohamed Bin Salman is already one of the most powerful people in the world and
he controls more money than we could ever possibly count. Formally, he is Minister of Defense, Deputy
Crown Prince, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Chief of the Royal Court and Chair of the
Council for Economic and Development Affairs… So what does all of that mean? Well, it kind of means that Mohamed Bin Salman
is in control of everything… He’s got complete control over the country’s
oil, over the massive financial reserves that have been accumulated over the years and,
also, over Saudi Arabia’s massive defence budget. So, today, the power of the prince is practically
And, hey, this isn’t something normal. Never has such a young man had so much power
before. Up until now, the norm was for the country
to be controlled by seniors of 80 years or more who were very reluctant for any kind
of change. But all of a sudden, change is underfoot,
because what Mohammed Bin Salman is trying to do with Saudi Arabia is to turn it into
a new United Arab Emirates, a country which the prince has an enormous amount of admiration
for. Later, we are going to see just how he is
doing this, but for now, you need to bear something in mind: The youth of the country cheer Bin Salman
as the savior of the Kingdom. And this is a country where half of its population
is less than 25 years old so, well, that is pretty important. But, now you might be wondering: Where does
this man come from? How can such a young man have so much power? Well… he is the son of the current King. But wait a second before you exclaim: “Well! Of course he is!” You do need to know that being the son of
the king in Saudi Arabia wasn’t such an important thing, in fact, for now, Bin Salman is not
even the heir of the Saudi throne… THE BATTLE OVER THE THRONE Salman bin Abdulaziz is the king of Saudi
Arabia, he is the son of the man who is considered the founder of the country: Abdulaziz Bin
Saud. Well, since Saud died in 1953, the kingdom
has been inherited by brother after brother. AUDIO: (Abdulaziz Bin Saud had 17 known wives
and it is calculated that he also had around 32 sons. So there were quite a few potential heirs). The thing is that, when the current king,
who is believed to be the 25th son, reached power a few years ago in 2015, the first thing
he did was to change the laws of succession. Even though some of his brothers are still
alive, he has decided to put the new generations in charge of the succession. To do this, he decided to appoint his nephew,
Mohammed Bin Nayef, who is closer to Washington than others, and he has been in charge for
security in the last years, as well as the secret services and the fight against fundamentalism.  
However, it seems like young Mohammed Bin Salman, the main character in this video,
is not very happy about that, and it seems that he is taking aim at the throne… He wants to become the future king of Saudi
So, his eagerness for reforms could be explained as an attempt to gain popularity. That is what most analysts think. And it does make sense. The fall of the prices in oil has given Mohammed
Bin Salman the opportunity to aim for the throne, which is something his father obviously
If Saudi Vision 2030 starts showing good results, Bin Salman will be in a better position to
ask for a reward, and become, potentially, the new heir to the throne.  
However, there are a few problems on the road ahead, both for Bin Salman as well as for
the country.  
On the one hand, there are problems inside the royal family: Bin Salman has made a lot
of enemies who accuse him of being power hungry. On the other hand, his father, the current
king, is quite old (81) and he seems to have some memory issues. So this means there are two possible scenarios
If the current king lives for many more years, the prince, Bin Salman will be able to consolidate
his power. However, if the king doesn’t live so long,
the current heir, Bin Salman’s cousin, could become the new king and wish goodbye both
to the prince and his Saudi Vision 2030 vision. But that is how these monarchies work… But I am sure that some of you are thinking
by now: Well, this is all fascinating Simon, but why should I care about what happens in
Saudi Arabia? Well, you should care, and probably more than
you might think. Saudi Arabia is still the biggest oil producer
and it is also the most important and influential country in the Arab world. An evolution towards openness for this country
could be something very positive for the world, and for now, the planned Saudi Vision 2030
seems to be the only opportunity for the country to progress and evolve. But, now that we’ve said that, what exactly
is the plan for this country? INCORRIGIBLES So far in today’s story, we have seen a
handsome prince and a battle over the throne… But we need a third ingredient for this Saudi
soap opera: luxury and money… Well, of all the royal families in the world,
the Sauds, the royal household of Saudi Arabia might be the most addicted to money and luxury. And now you are going to see why… We have mentioned it in several videos… The fall of oil prices has jeopardised many
countries and, among them, is Saudi Arabia. AUDIO: (Only in 2016, and even though many
adjustments were made, the country had a deficit of more than 80 billion dollars…). And now the question becomes: What can they
do in order to fix such a hole in their budget? Well, in 2016, the Saudi Government announced
the country would go on a diet. So, for the first time in decades, austerity
reached Saudi Arabia. AUDIO: (The government of Bin Salman started
with reductions in public wages, cancelled many projects whose profitability was uncertain,
reduced subsidies on gasoline, water, electricity…)  
This was a pretty huge shock for one of the most subsidized economies in the world. I mean, up until now, dear viewer, oil had
helped to pay for everything in Saudi Arabia. However, hold on for just a minute, because
that is not the whole story… AUDIO: (“Under Salman´s rule, princes still
enjoy many material privileges. The subsidization system hasn’t changed for
the Royal Household”. Steffen Hertog, London School of Economics.) Take a look at this, the king of Saudi Arabia
has ultra-luxurious palaces all over the world available to him. In Marbella in Spain, he has “ El Rocío”,
a palace inspired by no less than the White House.  
But, I mean, it’s gotta be pretty boring to have to go to the same palace all the time
right? How tiresome! So, last summer, the king built a new and
gigantic palace in Tangier, Morocco. The palace has its very own hospital and,
here, the king gets French seafood delivered direct from France. But hey, what’s the problem with chartering
a few airplanes so the king can eat some nice lobsters, right? Oh, and when the king of Saudi Arabia travels…he
travels big! AUDIO: (In his last tour around Asia, in 2016,
the king travelled with 1500 people,   luggage weighed 459 tons and he took with him two
Mercedes-Benz S600 limos. In order to carry it all 27 planes had to
be used).  
Yes, so it seems this is what the royal family considers austerity.  
And the prince Mohamed Bin Salman, our main character in today’s video, is no different: AUDIO: (During some holidays in France and
at the same time the prices in oil were falling, the prince Salman saw the yacht of the Russian
magnate Yuri Shefler. It was love at first sight. He sent an assistant right away in order to
close the deal: Salman bought it for 550 million dollars).
  So, now know how the family likes to live,
and they are quite a big family. Some estimations indicate the Saudi royal
family has around 15,000 members. The government has evaded the question of
membership numbers, but even low end estimates put it at about 5,000 people. And we are talking about people who live thanks
to the public budget and have all kinds of privileges: they are paid impressive salaries,
they have access to hospitals which are essentially palaces with 5-star hotel services, and they
do profitable business with the government. They have incredibly luxurious and rather
incredible lifestyles. And that is very, very expensive. According to estimations from the US government,
since transparency is not a tradition in the royal family, they spend about $2 billion
every year in order to keep up these sumptuous lifestyles. AUDIO: (But some other estimations indicate
the royal family takes over 1 million oil barrels a day, that is 10% of the national
production.) THE PROGRESS OF SAUDI VISION 2030 Despite all of this, the transformation of
Saudi Arabia planned in Vision 2030 keeps moving forward. AUDIO: (“Saudi Arabia designs a city of
entertainment almost as big as Las Vegas”) – The Independent
But the truth is it is moving slowly…  
And for the time being, Saudi Arabia is regaining better relations with the US. In fact, Donald Trump’s first international
trip as the US president was to Riyadh. But yes, in order to achieve that the Saudis
had to sign some big cheques. AUDIO: (“Trump Signs “Single Largest Arms
Deal In US History” With Saudi Arabia Worth $350 Billion” CNN)
This has to be added to the billion dollar contracts they already have with the largest
companies in the United States. It all has a target in mind: Saudi Arabia
wants to reinforce the protection it has from the US to defend from possible enemies such
as Iran. We’re actually going to be discussing this
special relationship in a future video, so don’t forget to subscribe!  
But, leaving the US aside, in the last few months, Saudi Arabia has set the world’s
largest fund for technological investment. They have $100 billion available to invest.  
Furthermore, the country is eliminating many restrictions on foreign investment and some
projects are being discussed. Some of these have already been put into motion
such as theme parks, huge hotel resorts and, even, nuclear power plants.  
But as we have been telling you…transforming this country won’t be easy at all, and this
is just the start of their very own soap opera. There’s the huge wasting of money from the
Royal family, which means they have to deal with a lot of criticism from the country’s
powerful religious leaders (who have a terrible lack of respect for civil rights), then there
is the war in Yemen, and the uncertainty of the heir of the Saudi throne. So, now, what do you think about the luxurious
lifestyle of the Saudi royal family? Do you think Riyadh will ever become some
kind of Dubai? Well, please leave your answers in the comments
below and click like if you enjoyed this video! And don’t forget to subscribe for brand
new videos every Monday and Thursday, and as always, I’ll see you next time!

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