Fast Russian: My Favorite Vacation Spot

Fast Russian: My Favorite Vacation Spot

Russian starts at 1:41 I love snowboarding, I very
much love to ride a snowboard. and every time
I manage such I mean, I am able to go, I am very very glad. I like snowboarding because I like, firstly, speed the speed of descent down the mountain,
I like to contorl a snowboard, I like the concept of it or something, that is, I really like it, more than
skiing, because it seems to me that perhaps there you go faster, maybe somehow sharper you go into the turns and so on. That is to me speed is not so important, to me more important to
control the very board. So I like to snowboard
and so wherever I
went, wherever I snowboarded,
I loved everything a lot. Let my legs ache, body ache
but I get the drive, I am excited, I am ejoying myself. And so one of my
most favorite places where I I love to travel is when I was in America
last year’s winter the resort Snowshoe. Snowshoe is in the West
Virginia, meaning there is a very good complex but it turned out that
we went very early and there was little snow
and therefore we couldn’t ride as as much and as quickly. That is, there really was an ice layer, and to ride was almost
unreal. We had me. my girlfriend Victoria, our, my from from tennis and two Two friends of Victoria. There also were a couple,
boy and girl. And so, I and my friend from tennis, we ride
very good I snowboard, and she skies. And all the others, they were more beginners, so we had to teach them and ride with them, and so I had less time for my own riding my, that is, I was
with them all the time so I rode less. Nevertheless, the resort was
excellent, there were good trails, there was a springboard
even, it was really was very
interesting and very good experience. I would still go there of
course, but in the east of America
there is very little good mountains so for me to really
feel an experience of American
Mountains, I need to go to
east (i meant west), or in some central region, which i plan to do.

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21 Replies to “Fast Russian: My Favorite Vacation Spot”

  1. personally, I like it better when the speech just flows, as fast as it is (even for beginners/intermediates as myself). that gives the challenge we all need, to improve faster!

  2. Your channel is really amazing. For a russian as I am, it's really interesting to see how you teach this language, you are a very good teacher, really. Your speech had a good flow I think, as Carolina Coppetti just said it challenges beginners. Congrats for your work.

  3. This year at Mammoth Mountain here in California they were still open for skiing during early July. Lots of snow in the Sierra Nevada Range this last winter. Very useful lesson!

  4. this channel has being of extreme help to me, everything is really well made and in a friendly tone, good work man

  5. Я счастлив знать, что ты любишь сноуборд! Я ОБОЖАЮ сноуборд!!!! В один прекрасный день, ты будешь на лыжах в Альпах, во Франции. Это выйти очень громко и очень долго. Это сказочные!!!!

    Я думаю, что ты не говоришь слишком быстро. Это было хорошо, как это. Если ты бы говорил более естественно, останавливая его, как ты обычно, там будет даже меньше колебаний (там, чувствовалось, что ты действительно хотел говорить без остановки) !)))

    Спасибо и до скорого!

  6. Wow! I really loved this video and i look forward to more of the same. I was so pleased that i could understand almost everything. 😊 I will go back and listen to it again to get the words I didn't hear the first time. Большое спасибо, Федор.

  7. I get that you like snowboard and Travel to west Virgínia with your girlfriend and others Friends. Some words isolated 🙂

  8. I could understand almost everything, but only by reading the subtitles while listening to you. I'm happy anyway. Thank you very much!

  9. Я понял большую часть вашей диктовки (диктовки?). Я ценю вашу помощь и особенно ваш метод обучения. Мне кажется, что моя самая большая проблема – это, по-видимому, понимание русского языка с нормальной скоростью и умение использовать правильную грамматику, когда я говорю на нормальной скорости. Это важный навык, который я никогда не осваивал, когда изучал русский язык в течение 2,5 лет в колледже (1980-1982). Я всегда хорошо справлялся с ?таблицами? грамматики, но нашел трудным практиковать сложную лексику на высоких скоростях. Это довольно странно, но иногда легче слышать русскую грамматику «звучать правильно» или «рифмовать», а не думать о таблицах, когда я говорю. Наблюдение за фильмами со скоростью 75% также очень помогло, но сложно сосредоточиться на двухчасовых и более частых просмотрах 75%.

  10. I have been studying russian for 5 months and I think that your speed is understandable. There are people that speak super fast. Yours is fast enough. Thank you for your dedication to teaching russian.

  11. Привет ,Федор, Спасибо за видио. Хороший совет. Субтитры помогают.(для меня, русские субтитры лучше чем английский ) Я слушал видио два раза. Один раз я изменил скорость видио до .75 % и это помогало мне. Слова которые я не знал: удаться, прет, резче, и наверно другие. Я думаю что самые лучше места для сноборд в Америке: колорадо, Юта, и может быть Калифорния (где я живу)

  12. you should make a discord for your subscribers. there could be different chats for beginners, intermediates and advanced. you could also have a chat for q-a

  13. Fedor I like it cuz it can help with my vocabulary which is what I need now, just the speed is a bit too fast for me but overall- atlichna!!

  14. One thing that remains difficult for me even as a relatively advanced foreign speaker are the short little words that native speakers use throughout sentences – for example, in this video: "….там быстрее ты едишь, возможно как-то резче что ли как-то заезжаешь в повороты…"

    I understand the general meaning of the sentence as a whole, and even each word individually, but its composition perplexes me. Any help?

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