Exploring Seminyak: Best Places to Visit in BALI

Exploring Seminyak: Best Places to Visit in BALI

hey what’s up guys it’s your boy
reporting live from Seminyak in Bali you guys have to excuse me it is extremely
humid in Bali so in a lot of this video I’m gonna be really sweaty just so you
guys know so so far my very first few impressions of Bali is that it reminds
me so much of Lagos Nigeria in the sense that you know it’s definitely a scooter
a scooter culture in Nigeria we call that Okada you
know you see a lot of Okada is riding their motorcycles down the street and
what not very similar to to what I see here in Bali another thing that I
noticed is that everyone here is really nice people in general and body very
nice they seem humble they seem trustworthy and all that but you know
again that’s my first impression so when you guys come out here I’m sure you guys
will have yours as well so we’re staying at this beautiful villa that we got
we’re staying two nights here it’s a two bedroom villa comes with security comes
with like a house manager who comes and cleans and makes breakfast for us and
all of that so it’s been really great and there’s a pool as you guys can see
and it’s uh it’s also very centrally located so you’re within walking
distance to a lot of things so I’m definitely gonna leave the link in the
description box down below for you guys okay so the driver that I’m working with
he’s really great and if you guys come down to Bali I’m definitely gonna give
you guys this contact and he’ll help you guys build out an itinerary of things
that you should do things that you should shouldn’t miss photo
opportunities and he’ll take you to these places and kind of give you an
overall tour so definitely worth it to have it’s really inexpensive and you
know it’s it’s the best way to see Bali in my opinion all right guys so this is
my day he’s the star say hello say hello to the people my day hello California
African country buddy yeah Island yes right here my day was
just telling us that over here is valle del valle del valle do and a lot of
people are in there for doing drugs either for selling it or doing it
whether it’s marijuana or cocaine or whatever if you’re caught doing or
selling coke any kind of drugs more than one kilo you get a life sentence and if
you’re caught with anything less than a kilo you get up to 12 years depending on
what your lawyer says but 12 years usually it’s like more common if you’re
caught just doing it and not selling it you can get six years so word of advice
if you’re gonna come to Indonesia to Bali do not do any drugs don’t bring it
don’t sell it don’t even think about it because you’re gonna be in here in Bali
do yeah how’s it going pretty good yeah I
am youtuber fresh pepper on YouTube thanks man
so right now I am at the W in Bali and we’re just sitting here having a
cocktail they’re getting ready to have it’s really really windy I don’t know if
you guys can hear me but we’re in Bali getting ready to have a cocktail and
watch the sunsets beautiful absolutely beautiful guys alright guys so we’re just completing
our stay in semi Hyuk and right now we’re about to go on a little road trip
– ooh but what do you take so far since you experienced set me up Sameach was
amazing the Bonnies people are super welcoming and very friendly we literally
didn’t have one bad encounter really one of the tops is that everyone here while
most people speak English so it’s really easy to communicate
atmosphere is very nice weather was great and we stayed in a beautiful villa
so I’ve been how awesome was our hosts or a house manager Oh Unni our house
manager was amazing literally made us the best pancakes in fried rice
breakfast every day that we were here super quiet very patient and she checked
it on us every day okay guys so earlier at the start of my trip I came to an
Inca tailor to have some items custom-made for me now
are you see you Sonam at the end of my tube call me here to check out what
she’s done for us so these items are going to be available
on my site so you know are you pretty good right today no no no
I’ll close it on Saturday tomorrow all right so now I got the items from enigma
Taylor and I’m very satisfied very happy with them as you can see I got a lot of
shirts couple of shorts and the Blazers

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