DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Ro: Hey Guys, it’s Ro, I’m here with my
sister Mo. Mo: Hey guys! Ro: And today we are making some DIY Holiday
gifts and we thought we should Ro: record this. Because maybe then we could
share our ideas with you and you could Ro: get inspired. Mo: And big shock, they
are all food related! Ro: Yeah they are! Om-nom-nom-nom-nom! Ro: Our family are big fans of gift jars. Mo: Oh yeah, our aunt sends us jams and jellies
that she makes from her farm every Mo: year in a jar and it’s so delicious
and yummy. Ro: And our Dad likes to send gin, and he
makes home-made whiskey as well! Ro: And then my Mom does cookie mixes, they’re
so cute, I had to show you guys. Ro: They have all of the ingredients from
scratch and then you just pour them into a Ro: bowl and add eggs and butter and boom
you have cookies! Ro: But today, we are gonna be making our
own! Mo: We’re gonna be making 3 things, Cocoa
in a Jar, a Gift Mitt, and S’mores in a Jar! Ro: Ooooh I can’t wait! Alright, let’s
get started! Ro: Hehehehe!! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna make
are handmade hot chocolate gifts. Ro: The things you will need, will be: hot
cocoa mix, a bunch of jars, we found Ro: ones with little handles on them, I found
these at Michaels, I’ll put a link Ro: down below if you’re interested in getting
these. A bowl of mini marshmallows, Ro: this parts optional, but we’re gonna
add a nip of Baileys Irish Cream for a little Ro: bit of spirit. And then to decorate you’re
gonna need some gift tags, red and Ro: black pens, scissors, and red rafia! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re going to do
to assemble these is fill our jar halfway Ro: full of cocoa mix. Ro: Doo-da-doo-doo-doo-doo-da-doo-doo, doo-da-doo-da-dooo (sniffs) Ro: Pour it in! Mo: I’m getting it everywhere. Ro: Oh my
glob! She’s making a mess already! Mo: The trick is to get it in the jar and
not on the table! Mo: Next step is filling our jars with these
marshmallows. Ro: Just take a hand-fill…. Handfull! Mo:
A-hahahaha! Ro: Now we’re gonna put the lids on and
then it’s time to decorate, we’re gonna Ro: make some cute little gift tags! Ro: You can put anything that you want on
these little tags, Mo and I Ro: like to do food puns, but you can just
write to and from. Thats… Mo: That’s OK! Ro: That’s fine too, but I was thinking,
what about better choco-late than never. Mo: That kind of sounds like you’re giving
it to somebody late. Ro: Yeah that sounds like a late gift idea. Mo: What about just, uh, warmest wishes? Ro: Yeah that’s cute, OK. Mo: With the cute little mug like the one
you have with the heart on it. Ro: With the heart, OK yeah, do that one, do
that one. Ro: That’s so cute, check this out. Dee-dew! Ro: Now you’re gonna take a little piece
of raffia and you’re gonna tie it around your Ro: Baileys, this part is totally optional,
if not you’ll just tie it around your Ro: little tag. I like to put them on the
opposite side of the handle, so this side. Ro: And then you’re just gonna wrap it all
the way around and tie it together. Ro: Last step, now you’re just gonna take
your gift tag and another piece of raffia Ro: and you’re just gonna thread it through
to the middle and then tie a knot so it will Ro: stay there, and then I’m just gonna
put it right in the front. Ro: Alright, now we’re done with these, you can make
as many as you’d like. Ro: Dee-dee-dew! They’re so cute! And now
we’re gonna make some gift mitts! Ro: I have already made these for some of
my friends who come and visit so I hope Ro: you guys like ‘em! It’s a really cute
idea. Ro: And the things you will need will be:
2 oven mitts, a mini rolling pin, a grater, Ro: a wooden spoon, a spatula, a mini basting
brush, an icing spatula, a whisk, Ro: a kitchen timer, and then to decorate
we’re gonna be using burlap ribbon, Ro: this is 1-1/2 inches thick, scissors,
gift tags, twine and some markers Ro: for decorating we’ve got red, green
and black. Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do to
assemble these is you’re gonna leave the Ro: mitt in the back empty and then the front mitt,
we are gonna stuff it like a Ro: little stocking, full of all of our kitchen
gadgets. Ro: And then we’re gonna wrap them together
with a little bow tie. Mo: Alright, this one I think is the tallest
so let’s put that down there. Ro: So you gotta position it a little. Mo: Now we’re gonna take a long piece of
our burlap ribbon. Ro: Very long! Alright, that’s good! Boop! Mo: And just tie a bow. Mo: Hey Rosanna… Ro: Hmm? Mo: What do you
call an obnoxious reindeer? Ro: What? Mo: Rude-olf! Ro: Tshhh-hahaha Mo: Hahaha!
Ro: That was pretty corny! Mo: Yeah! Ro: I love it though! Mo: Now that you have your bow, we’re just
gonna cut the ribbon off at an angle to make Mo: it look pretty. Ro: Make it look fancy! Ro: And now it’s all held together and now
we just have to make Ro: a little tag to decorate. Ro: What do you get when you cross a snowman
and and a vampire? Mo: What? Ro: Frostbite! Mo: OK, OK! Ro: Aw-fwah-fwah-fwah-fwah-fwah!
Mo: Hahaha! Mo: What do you call an elf who sings? Ro:
What? Mo: A “Wrapper!” Ro: I don’t get it! Mo: Because elves wrap
presents! Ro: OH yeah! Ahahaha! Mo: He’s a wrapper! Ro: What do you call an elf behind his back? Ro: Oh wait no, I told the joke wrong! Both:
Ahahaha! Mo: Now that we have our cute little sign
“We Whisk You a Merry Christmas” Ro: Dawww! Mo: We are gonna put some twine on it and
put it on our gift mitt! Ro: You’re gonna thread it through to about
the middle and then you’re gonna tie a Ro: little knot. OK we’re gonna make a little
knot in the back then cut off the Ro: excess string. Ro: Ta-daaaaaa! Ro: We’re all finished and we have a bunch
more to make of these, but this is our Ro: Baking Mitt Kit! Mo: The last gift we are making today will
be our S’more Gift Jars. Mo: The things you will need, will be: Graham
Crackers, little Hershey’s Chocolates, Mo: regular sized marshmallows, cute little
mini mason jars, some red raffia, Mo: Scissors, gift tags and a black marker. Ro: To assemble these cute little things,
you’re just gonna take off the lid to your Ro: mason jar, alright, then you’re gonna
take your little graham crackers and you’re Ro: gonna break them in half right on the
dotted line. Mo: You’re gonna fill half of the bottom
with Graham Crackers and the other half Mo: with the Hershey’s Chocolates. Ro: Now we’re gonna add some marshmallows,
not gonna play Chubby Bunny today! Mo: What!?! Ro: Yeah. Mo: Come on, what if
we have extra! Ro: No you’re so good at it and I’m so
bad at that game. Mo: You need practice is what that means! Ro: And now we’re gonna make our little
tags! Ro: Let’s do… Happy Holidays… And…
Mo: So much S’more! Ro: And so much S’more! I like that one!
Mo: OK! Ro: And I’m gonna make Molly pretty! Let
me just measure it… Perfect! Mo: Oh wha… Oh wow! Ro: There we go! Oh
my gosh! It’s so pretty! Ro: Now, you’re gonna take your little holiday
gift tag and you’re Ro: gonna thread it through, and then we’ll
tie a knot. Ro: I love the red raffia, so I’m just going
to layer it and tie it around and Ro: around and around. Both: Ta-daaaa! Ro: Here are our handmade holiday gifts that
we made, I can’t wait to give these to Ro: friends and family this year, it’s gonna
be so fun! Mo: These are our finished Hot Ccocoa Mugs.
Ro: Mmm-hmm! Mo: Kitchen Gift Mitt. Ro: Mmm-hmm! Mo: And yummy S’more Gift Jars.
Ro: Om-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Ro: If you guys make any of these gifts, please
take pictures and send me photos, Ro: I just love seeing all the creations you
do. I love to re-blog them and post Ro: them on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and
Facebook! Mo: And, if you guys know any other funny
and punny holiday jokes, please leave Mo: them in a comment down below so we can
read them. We love and get a Mo: big kick out of corny jokes! Ro: Yeah we’re corn-balls in this house,
we love corny jokes, it’s like a thing. Mo: The cornier the better! Ro: Yeah, and I’ll be putting Mo’s links
down below, Ro: she’s got an Instagram and a Twitter,
so if you want to say hi to my sister you Ro: can go over there and say hi! Mo: That’s
right! Ro: Yeah and I just hope you guys have really
happy holidays. Ro: Hopefully these DIY gifts inspire you
to make your own gifts over the holidays, I Ro: hope you liked it and happy holidays! Ro: Yeah, bye-bye! Mo: Bye!

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