Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out

Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out

What’s your first thoughts when you see an unregistered number calling you? A scam? Wrong number? Someone trying to sell you something you don’t need? Well, what if that person was just trying to hang out? Typically people don’t really trust strangers and if you turn on the news it 100% sounds like you shouldn’t. But throughout our experiences so far, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there’s a lot more good people in the world than there are bad ones. so subscribe to pewdiepie So to meet another stranger in possibly the most unconventional way we’ve come up with so far, we thought it’d be a good idea to type random numbers into our phone and try to convince someone to let us fly to where they live and spend the day with them. There is a total of 10 billion possible phone combinations for US numbers. And obviously most of those aren’t even used So, let’s see who we land on. I think 99% of people are gonna hang up I think even just talking to the person will be a huge achievement. Okay Itsie Boogie press the first number 8,3 Yeah, try it looks like a legit number (hoho).
So what’s my pitch? Just call and see what comes out of your mouth. I love how there’s no structure to this. [Answerphone] Check the number and dial again. Oh. Yeah, this is what I think is gonna be the challenge on its own is just finding a number that works Yeah, I’m gonna type the whole thing. I literally just typed this. [Answerphone] Please check the number and dial again. [Answerphone] -call cannot be completed as di- [Answerphone] -not in service Finding a number is hard, but I didn’t think it would be this- What do I say? [Beeping] [Answerphone] Either the number you’ve dialed is not a working number or- [Music] The person you are trying to reach is unavailable, leave your message at the tone. Should I leave a message? [Beep] Hello, ah, my name is Thomas My name is Thomas My name is Thomas [I’m] doing this challenge where I’m typing a random phone number as a way to meet a stranger so, I don’t know who you are and would love for you to call me back. If you’re interested in becoming friends with a stranger if not, just ignore this message. Hi there, it’s a very very random question. I had to dial a random number and whoever picks up on the other end I should try and meet them in person. But I was wondering if by any chance you’d be interested in, in meeting Yeah, no, I get it. [Beep] Hello, my name is Thomas, this is probably gonna be the strangest thing you’ll ever hear in your… message box but I’m doing this challenge where I’m trying to meet strangers in an unconventional way [Screaming in background]
and right now I’m just typing random numbers into my phone, trying to figure out if that person wants to hang out and become friends I’m near a park, so (hahaha) there’s, kinda babies crying in the background. There’s no way she’s gonna respond but, Hannah, if you’re interested in hanging out with a stranger, just call me back on this number. Thank you very much. [Behind camera] Babies crying in the background Oh, I’m just torturing babies in the background – it’s kind of just a part-time gig. How do you say this in English? What did I say? Message box. [Laughter] Oh sorry, but there’s message box and there’s kids crying! Hi, my name is Thomas I’m doing this kind of like unusual challenge where I’m just typing a random – No! [Behind camera]
What’d she say? No. [Laughter] Maybe the message box girl will respond. Or maybe not… [Laughter] Okay, so I just got a text from one of the numbers yesterday and she seems like pretty excited Hey Thomas, three exclamation mark I’m not sure about hanging out right off the bat, but definitely unconventional lol Is this the person I said the message box to? *On the phone*: Hi you’ve reached Hannah, leave a message That is the message box person! *Laughing* Yes! My picture worked I’m like actively texting this 38 year old woman in Sacramento, I love this idea I think we have lost touch with humanity and meeting people the only cure. Hello How are you? I am good I left a message right on your voicemail Did I say message box instead of voicemail? You did, it was awesome Wait, so why did you respond? Yeah, it’s true it’s true good we wanted to come out and like on Saturday like this Saturday Yeah Hannah: I’ll talk to you soon Sounds good I think she’s saying she’s trying to convince her fiance. But what do you say to your husband? Hey, so these two random dudes from Los Angeles called and they want to come hang out No Hi Okay, and what did they say We’re approved Oh Sweet! Oh my God! Yes! That’s perfect. I’m sure that’ll just make it more fun That sounds absolutely incredible. I haven’t been to the circus since I was a kid. See you soon. Bye Yeah, alright, so we are on our way to the airport to go to Sacramento So she said she’s down to have dinner with us tonight. She said I won’t bring the kids It’s date night and we have feel out the stranger danger LOL All right, we arrived in Sacramento. If I were to tell my mom I typed a random number, flew and I’m gonna go meet this person at night. In a city I’ve never been to before I don’t think I’d win brownie points. This is the moment of truth from a phone call to this Sitting in a park and just typing random numbers and calling I have no idea. Of course you would call it The worst Like if there’s any of the calls that we’ve done so far that won’t answer it’ll be this one They’re so cool, yeah, I found myself laughing so hard this is the part where I have to say see you tomorrow I say that See you tomorrow for a day full of random activities with these strangers that we just met We have no plan we’re hanging out with this family that we’ve never met before in the city We don’t know so it’s like anything can happen. I can’t believe they’re letting us into their lives like this Alright kids we’re going on a crazy road trip across the country. Ummmm, nah Should we go to Vegas! No! Road trip to Vegas! Let’s goo We’re just gonna go to Vegas with the kids and we’ll see you back tonight at the house. We’re just gonna gamble a little bit, you know party We are making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Because every week Hannah goes out makes the sandwiches and goes out and feeds the homeless in downtown. She makes these everyday. Oh, yeah everyday And they’re ignored and when I hand them It’s like shocking there used to being invisible It seems like for everyone around you not even just the people you’re related to you. Just kind of take care of everybody I try try Yeah just that you guys do it made it even that much more excited because you guys are really Positive and you doing stuff and step out of your comfort zone I’m talking to a homeless person is out of your comfort zone just do it. I mean just do it it isn’t positive It might not be that comfortable. There you go. So you do this every morning Yeah, if I don’t save it in the morning, I take my little lunch bag Absolutely Thank you Thank you, good night, should I cry So we could not find any more homeless people we saw four in total We’ll just leave the rest of the sandwiches with you for next time you go downtown. Yes, I might work Now time for the haunted house, I guess it’s supposedly one of the scariest ones around get me that scared Oh I am. Do you have no idea? No, no as soon as the chainsaw comes out. Oh Yeah, what changed? I mean, I’ve had some training I do watch The Walking Dead I could handle this. I could always favor You have to meet you miss all the strangers ever met took a chance and we met in a parking lot and we say goodbye and thank you guys for having us because Feel free to hit us up anytime – The more we do this the more we keep proving to ourselves How many kind? Amazing people who are like this was just a random number that we call and ended up being somebody that bags food for the homeless every day It was such an eye-opening experience Of kindness you watch the news and you feel like the world is burning Then you meet people like that that you was just pure random you know, you picked someone out of the lot and ended up being just Incredibly kind and generous Thank you guys so much for watching These travel episodes always so fun to make so we’d like to thank our sponsor honey for helping us make this one Happen honey is a free shopping tool that automatically searches the internet for the best promo codes every time you buy something online It works on over 30,000 sites and can help you literally save hundreds in seconds since our previous, honey Shout out the SD FM has saved over a hundred forty five thousand dollars an average of twenty eight point zero five person We’ve downloaded it. It only takes two clicks to install just go to join honey calm Yes theory and click download. I’ve used it for websites like Lululemon and booking.com and have managed to save over $150 so far So if you want to get the same savings that over 5000 other members of the yes fham have gotten click the link in the description below again. It’s totally free. So go to join honey calm Theory to add honey to your browser today. Thank you guys for watching. We’ll see you next week

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100 Replies to “Dialling Random Numbers Until Stranger Agrees to Hang Out”

  1. Damn. It’s really weird knowing that many people on the internet are just normal, nice people just like us. It’s crazy that you happened to find someone who gives food to the homeless and has an amazing family. We need a part two 😂

  2. I love Videos like that, so sad there is nothing like that in Germany and that this Type of Videos only exists in the USA.

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    Totally off topic, something that always makes me laugh; You were the strongest sperm.

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  14. Thank you so much for blurring the faces of the homeless people and not exploiting them or violating their privacy

  15. You could have met an old dude who just wants someone to talk to… You could have met a teenager with no fears… You could have met a creep, sure… But no. You met Hannah and her family.

    What great people. She IS right about people losing touch.

  16. A few years ago some stranger accidentally texts me because it was the wrong number. But after that we ended up being friends and we were writing letters to each others. Unfortunately we never got to meet each other in real life.

  17. I did something similar back in 2008. I was trying to remember a friends number so I sent a text but ended up being the wrong number. We ended up meeting and dating crazy way to meet someone lol

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  19. This is a great experiment.

    Feeding the homeless is a great thing to do. Homeless people are people too… just someone with some bad luck or bad choices made that are hard to bounce back from. I feed the homeless too. The homeless people in my area recognize me and know me by name.

  20. I’m sorry but why I’m earth did she let her kids drive in a car with 2 random men 🤣 I know you guys were probably really friendly but she could never know what could have happened 😬😂

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