Death Boats to Greece (Part 1/2): Europe Or Die

Death Boats to Greece (Part 1/2): Europe Or Die

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100 Replies to “Death Boats to Greece (Part 1/2): Europe Or Die”

  1. The west screwed up these countries don't forget.Then they blame them for "screwing up" their own country…

  2. Direct consequences of Western interventionism, Europe destroying third world countries for resources and then playing victim

  3. It's so fucking dispicable that they would try to guilt Europeans into letting these people in, by showing these poor dead children, but those kids had parents that put them in the situation that led directly to their death. They weren't even old enough to decide for themselves if they wanted to risk their lives trying to storm Europe's borders. Fucking Sick Fucks.

  4. What kinda smuggler openly says “we do this for profit, we don’t care about people “ ?

    No nuance no justification


    and then top that off with “god is great”

    Imma call bullshit on that interview conducted by a refugee

  5. The Swedish liberal idiot narrating this film seems to be fine with the systematic destruction of European culture. The migrants need to be helped BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

    It is no wonder Sweden is destroying itself with a migrant free for all if the mindset is similar to this narrator….and please STOP with the individual SAD stories. I have news, there are sad stories all over the world. Focus on the sad stories in your own countries rather than importing more.

    Charity begins at home!

  6. I'm scared, who are these people on these dinghies and boats? They could be mass murderers among them, it terrifies me!

  7. see now they killed GHaddafi….he wanted Africa to work with ts resouces we would have been fine n not have to go thru this….we should be attacking US not even europe

  8. Europe or die but once they get to Europe they want to terrorize Europeans. Why do they want to go to a Christian nation? They hate the Christian they use the Christian… they don’t integrate.. if u were to stay in their countries they wouldn’t show the same mercy.., they wouldn’t let u wear whatever u want or practice ur religion.. Europeans are sooo dumb they don’t get that this people are ungrateful and users and out to get u and destroy ur country like they have destroy theirs.. why do u think the bomb each other???

  9. That's what you deserve when destabilise other African countries and Asian countries by creating wars among them selves. What will you expect? Automatically there consequence of back fire and it comes back to you guys. We will immigrate to your countries not just because you are well off but because of the situation your selfish NATO leaders put other countries into. So when you us scavenging in your dirty bin don't be supprised at least it will be a wake up call to u guys of the so called western well off countries

  10. Europe and USA group together on this common goal, help immigrants to rebuild their lives in their own country. They are incapable of organizing themselves into productive citizens. They would build their self respect and enable them to help each other.

  11. i watch this and it does nothing , i feel no pity , the only sadness i feel is for my children that will have to grow up in a country that is overrun by Muslims

  12. Look up the stories of Pamela Mastropietro , Maria Ladenburger and Lauren Mann . Merkel should be shot for letting these girls die.

  13. So basically the so called refugees are people who pay money to smugglers to smuggle themselves to Europe? In short illegal migration?


  15. Aah thats it they want to run away from the war they caused in there own country there real men ain't they.
    Should hang there heads in shame if it was my country i would stay and fight fecking wimps!!!

  16. Wtf IM from Sweden my parentes come from syria and i speak kurdish at Home lol this girl has an swedish pass the man that survived the boat crash talks kurdis and the man that live under a house is from syria.

  17. They all have expensive phones and pay a lot of money to come to Greece. They treat them better than our citizens. This must stop. The most of them are ex Isis. This is invasion and must stop now.Europe must stop giving them money without doing nothing except kids. Look what happened in Sweden, its citizens gave them everything and now they are bullied in their country. Vice does a lot of propaganda … Elections are coming in Greece and i hope things change…

  18. Liberals say that only dumb people embrace nationalism. The trueth is that especially nationalists are the smart ones. They know their history. They know were their anscestors fought for. They look beyond what's told to them and learned to them. They look into the future and see the dark future for their people if the liberals go on destroying culture with globalism.

    I do believe in a peacefull world where everyone can coexist, but that's also possible without multiculturalism. Everyone got their own place. See it as you and your neighboor, you happily coexist together, but when you both move into the same house. You'll clash eventually. That doesn't happen when you both got your own place.

  19. So many people are displaced because there are too many people. This overpopulation is a sin against Mother Nature, and it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature!

  20. EUROPE OR DIE??? is a very clear message… these evils…making a HUMAN SHIELDS for their evil plans…. this is a TRUE HUMAN INVASION…I'm sure SOMEONE evil behind them… do not allow them to come in to your country they will bring trouble and chaos…. instead help them to return to the country of origin… it's the responsibilities of their own country to provide their BASIC NEEDS… How about the UN the ICC ??? COULD YOU HELP THEM?

  21. @ 16.51 "we were introduced to an Afghan boy", are you the BBC now? Boy? he is about 26 years old at least, that 'boy' will probably say he is 15 and who knows what will happen when he is sent to a school with real kids. Of course many of us already know the answer because it is happening. MAKES ME SICK.

  22. they put borders so terrorist can't get in the country's look all the dead people in Paris Sweden and worse England

  23. Only sorry for the Syrians rest of them GO HOME!!! Uneducated baby making machines We don't need you here in Europe, Go home to build your own success

  24. Wonderful video. Let them all die in the Mediterranean. Stop Islam. Deport all Muslims. Those that return, shoot dead with live ammo dipped in hog's blood, regardless of age, gender, national origin, handicap, etc. Faith leaders must shut up with force if necessary.

  25. Reading the comments sickens me of how Europeans think. Europe and America destroyed these countries but what do we care we just want them anywhere else. This world is a joke. This hate is a joke. We are following the hate our governments teach us and making it worse. We are creating a terrible world.

  26. Europe is prosperous – Europe has human rights – let's all go to Europe – now Europe is sinking – well done politicians/governments who let this happen

  27. The man says. If they were in Europe,his daughter would have health care. Yet. His homeland offers very good health care. So basically. He sacrificed his childs life to get into Europe. No sain parent does this. Not one. Especially after seeing where they fled from. It just wasn't horrible. Yes. Not great. But better than death. At least his daughter would be alive right now and have a chance.

  28. Open boarders is a U.N. agenda. It is -30*C in Minnesota and it is supposed to be global warming, not global cooling!

  29. What I don't understand is why these people don't just stay where they're at and be appreciative of that? Boosie they want the best kind of life so they're going to be picky and try to get to where they have freedoms and rights and can get what they want which I find ridiculous go back to your home country and fight for your freedoms there. All these people migrating is going to end up ruining every culture. Or turning all these countries into Muslim countries. Wake up people

  30. Wow amazing that this happened to only individuals that have no white skin.

    Why white skin don't suffering so much to survive?

    Why life is always hard for the none white people?

    Equality is a hard thing to achieve but if we have more education to the youngers and help for this country that can't afford their people but keeping alouwing them to have kids and making their population big every day.

    Life was be better.
    The African government need to fix his mess and help his people understand that more kids they have more problems they will have.
    No I am not saying only African but the holy planet in general. People need to thinking twice before have kids.

    I really don't care if my kids decided to jot have kids because I understand that life is becoming hard and hard.

    No there's many stupid people out there that forced their daughter to married young and have lot's of kids because they want to he grandparents.

    We have no right to forced our kids to have kids is their life their decision not ours.
    This is a issue on our planet and people need to go to school to learn the consequence or having kids when they can't afford their self.

    And we that have too much should share a little with those in need and also our political leaders need to help others country's educated their citizens so this people don't need to come to others country's for a better life. Why we can just do this? Seriously.

  31. Why they don't send the immigrant back home? Ohhhh because they make money with them. They need their jobs.

    Unbelievable how some white individuals are so devils.
    Is a big corruption everyone. 🙁 situation like this is responsible for all the terrorists atack around the globe.

  32. Learn what the Cloward-Piven strategy is @t it is the method to destroy nations by importing people like this. They are not simply people they have been made into weapons of mass destruction.

  33. VICE NEWS… just stop already this is all political bullshit my brother was in the military and him and four friends were ambushed in Somalia they were all shot in the head with an AK- 47 Point Blank Range dragged out of the vehicle they cut off the heads…hands…and feet… then they lit all the bodies on fire an after the Flames went down that was little kids 10 years old laughing and jumping on the bodies with a big smile on their face
    as far as I'm concerned you can get every refugee put them all on the biggest boats you can find and sink them all in the middle of the ocean I have no mercy for these videos it's all political propaganda bullshit…..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  34. I am ethnically Greek. My grandparents lived on a town in Lesvos called Skalochori. They had to leave because so many people were migrating there and the economy and crime collapsed the island.

  35. When you your countries,africa,muslam middle east they treat like shit..what do they expect when came like intruse

  36. Just fix home!! don't abandon your country!! FIX YOUR COUNTRY !!! Just like the civil rights leaders did in America!!

  37. Very interesting to see that most of these “refugees” are healthy looking MEN..they’re infiltrating our countries..our economies and our gene pools 🤯

  38. Now the fighting has ended in Syria its time for these men to go back with their families and repair their country. NOT stay in our European countries taking our tax money, robbing us and raping our women. Ok even the good ones need to go now

  39. If you change the demographics of Europe and it becomes majority African, Arab, Syrian, and Muslim, it will turn into the same nightmare these people are trying to run away from. Cultures create those hell holes, and when their cultures become predominant, Europe and other western nations will turn into the same mess they tried to escape from.

  40. Yes very strange that the oil rich Muslim countries don't want them! We have many poor adults and children in The West. They are white native Europeans. They have no jobs and no hope! They need help and support first! The should take priority!This is a biased report job!

  41. What! I have lived in basements, what do these people expect! I think the reporter on this video is obviously some priviledged Brat!

  42. if they stopped the fighting and vile governments who they are fleeing from there would be no problems..until then freedom and safety will always be their target as it would for me and everyone else living under oppression and war…

  43. The only people deserving of entry are the Syrians. The West ran ISIS as it's been proven. This leftie global warming nonsense tells me this is a Globalist video. These people are not asylum seekers; it is a plot to destroy the west.

  44. That Syrian man could do something, why dont he stop impregnating his wife. Disgusting to be such in a difficult situation yet still bringing out so many babies then act helpless.

  45. Those immigrants or refugees were not raised right. They will never fit into western society. Their instincts are to hunt animals and dominate women. So long as their kind has enough food, they continue to breed, and when the resources are exhausted by over population where they are born, they invade new territories where they continue to hunt and dominate. You cannot even educate their young. Their young sit in a classroom with a blank stare, not paying attention, and become disruptive, demanding all the attention be paid to them as they act out like a loud and stupid ape. Make sterilization mandatory of every immigrant. We especially do not want their DNA destroying civilization. They are wild and cannot be domesticated. I stereotype but I am correct about the majority. Why give a free pass to 100% when only 1% will ever prove themselves valuable = worthy? By sterilizing everyone, we can hold their semen/eggs in liquid nitrogen for as long as they live; labeled with their name and #s, finger print match, iris scan. When they want a child they can demonstrate ability to afford a child along with certificates of completion of parenting classes. We do similar for people who want to drive a car. Why should having a child be easier than getting a driver's licence when the rest of society is put at more risk by people than cars?

  46. Saying once they go they leave it to god , is like throwing a bunch of grenades into a crowd and saying “I leave there lives with god” nah your causing the problem that would put there lives in jeopardy in the first place

  47. Insofar as 90+% of these immigrants are concerned,I have only one thing to say DILLIGAF . Sort your own shit holes out, don’t expect to come and turn mine into the same, if necessary revolt and kill off the corrupt vermin that have f***ed up your own country.

  48. If they're running from death then surely people have to help them but I don't understand why with the Syrian crisis diminished people arent moving back

  49. The hatred in these comments is sickenning, put yourself in their place you sick fucks, life has treated you too good

  50. Serious question…with all these problems why do these people still plan on having more babies if they know they'll be bringing them up in this type of environment

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