Carnival Princess Holland America Cunard Cruises Could Be Cancelled In June 2019 From US Ports

Carnival Princess Holland America Cunard Cruises Could Be Cancelled In June 2019 From US Ports

hey everybody Bruce you with chatting
with Bruce just looking over this story that’s starting to hit the wires about
the possibility of the Carnival Cruise Line being banned from US ports by a
federal US judge this decision is coming down June 2019 couple months from now
and it’s pretty serious if the judge were to rule that Carnival could not use
US ports for its business and I’m talking about all the nine cruise lines
that Carnival owns not just the Carnival ships are talking princess all in
America cue nard Kosta Aida cruising piano there’s a whole bunch of and a
number of them are using US ports for their business we’re talking about a
fuckin million passengers a month that would not be able to take a cruise on
any of the Carnival cruise ships that adds up to a lot of money not just for
the cruise line but the airlines that get passengers to and from the ports the
hotels at the ports car rental agencies the restaurants all the workers where do
you park the ships in the meantime if you’re not allowed to park them in US
ports this would screw up Alaska via Mexican cruises Caribbean cruises
transatlantic cruises it would be an absolute nightmare and this is a serious
case that we’re gonna follow closely and see what happens
like I said carnivals being accused of illegal dumping in the US waters by
prosecutors and the judge is not too pleased with the fact that Carnival is
breaking its probation from sounds like April 2017 they’re on a five-year
probation until 2022 and they’re already breaking their probation apparently so
this this could be interesting we’ll have to follow this we will follow it
we’ll stay on it and I’ll keep you posted subscribe to my Channel today
join me Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Time Saturdays at two we talk
cruise ships six days a week see you later everybody bye for now

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26 Replies to “Carnival Princess Holland America Cunard Cruises Could Be Cancelled In June 2019 From US Ports”

  1. I guest they feel it's ok to broke the law….people will over look it….money big factor


  2. Mickey Arison, the Chairman of Carnival would be under fire by shareholders, if Carnival ships are banned. Even though the Arison family founded Carnival and has a large holding in the company, other large shareholders will want changes to the Board of Directors and senior management.

    My guess is that prosecutors will propose very strict conditions in exchange for continuing access to U.S. ports, and Carnival won't have a lot of practical options but to accept those terms.

  3. Why cancelled all cruise. How passenger s can get on the ship 🛳️ going on a cruise to n from the US ports

  4. I am all for the judge holding firm however, I want to know now as I paid for and finally after 30 years booked my first cruise. That is millions of dollars maybe billions in revenue (employees, hotels, flights) so I can't imagine some fine not being paid. It will really taint potential customers like me to not use this line of ships again.

  5. Apparently this relates to Princess Cruise ships, if the ones that sale out of the US are anything like the tacky old rust buckets that Princess inflict on Australian cruise customers, they’re probably just leaking crap through rust holes in the bottom.

  6. Not gonna happen. Too much at stake. Thousands of jobs, port taxes, Billions in revenue and much, much more. Carnival will get its wrist slapped again and pay a big fine.

  7. Bruce, Let’s keep your facts correct. They have not been accused of illegal dumping. They we’re found guilty of dumping oil, grey water and were given 5 years Probation, a slap on the wrist. While on Probation they dumped plastic into the ocean and admitted to using back channels to circumvent US Coast Guard Inspections. I don’t care about Carnival! There are lots of other cruise lines following the law, keeping the ocean’s clean! I hope the you start telling the facts truthfully! There won’t be cruising with plastic and oil killing fish, birds, and humans!

    I hope the Judge throws the book at CCL for violation of probation! 2 Billion Dollar fine, Ban all CCL Cruises from docking in US Ports for a year and throw the CEO, CFO, President and every last Captain in Federal Prison for a month! Send a strong message! If you get Probation, clean up your act, violate the probation, get the law book thrown at you. The Judge has wide latitude in Probation Violations !

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