Can a Professional Photographer spot the difference? $400 Camera VS $4,000.00 Camera

Can a Professional Photographer spot the difference? $400 Camera VS $4,000.00 Camera



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100 Replies to “Can a Professional Photographer spot the difference? $400 Camera VS $4,000.00 Camera”

  1. Had a $10K month shooting baseball tourneys in August 19. Canon SL2 with a 70-200 2.8 Sigma. Charlie at sportsphotofl at gmail

  2. The t100 had more distortion around the edges and was easy to differentiate form the R. If both had equivalent quality lessens, it would be harder to tell.

  3. Nice one dude, i liked how you emphasized at the end that the most important "tool" were the eyes the mind and creative spirit.. Very nice 👍

  4. I m using mi 5, 2 and half year …70 dollor smartphone ..still I don't feel to upgrade…good camera…all payments media ..some gaming like pubg …

  5. Oh my, I got it right all the time, which makes me pretty proud of myself. Hey, it is the little things. 😂

    I am an amateur photographer, and learned on my photography journey that the camera is just a tool and it does not make the photographer. A good photographer will produce the same result to some extents with any camera. I currently shoot (pictures and videos) with my iPhone 6s Plus and Nikon D5100. Work with what you have until you can upgrade to more high-end gear. 🙂

  6. This is the same thing with anything in life. you won't benefit yourself by focusing on the gear, you need to focus on yourself to build the skills first and then you can make the best of what you have. Buy something fancy only when it doesn't feel like a "fancy" thing to you anymore, rather looks like a tool which can extend your capabilities.

  7. Thank you for inspiring me to get out and shoot more man. This is PROOF gear doesn't matter. I have a T6 with the 18-55 and the 75-300, and a 50mm 1.8, and a 10-18mm 4.5-5.6. This inspires me to get my gear out more often and create. Thank you for bringing me out of my creative slump. Thank you for inspiring me and helping motivate me Peter. Thank you.

  8. Can you please make videos about using smartphones (don't support raw) to take photos for those who can't afford to buy a camera.

  9. Though I'm not a professional by any means, even with a trained eye it's hard to see the differences. Some things that do stand out are areas of detail along the parameters of objects in photos.

    Depending on the sharpness, good edge detection and also the 'bokeh' effect, it can be, in my opinion, easy to distinguish.

    However, paying attention to the main focus of the picture, the image itself is harder to tell if it was taken by a professional camera or not.

    Regardless of all that, as mentioned in many of the comments, it's the skill of the photographer that determines the quality of the photo 😅

  10. Would have been a better comparison if you let the camera settings the same or made them look similar without the shallow depth of field.

  11. Controled light conditions good flash technic make no camera bad one. But thats all. A Friend says It is the brain that must be full frame!

  12. can i have that.? 🙂 im new with this community. and i dont have any equipment to use. and i watching all your previous videos like this to know more about cameras, techniques, etc. 🙂

  13. Great vid but the sad thing is if you show to a wedding with a 450d and chinese 50mm you're not getting the job, unless you're charging Penny's. Just people's impression they wanna see a EOS R or a Sony Alpha and a big ass lens.

  14. Its kinda a pointless exercise as you’re deliberately taking one of the photos badly every time. You need to be doing the best you can with each cam for the real test…smh…

  15. Only difference I can see is in the colors… They just look softer on the EOS R… best seen on 1:20, the brown on the T100 just looks… harsh. Like you took it on your phone or something.

  16. A ton of the comments on this video are like "what if you have bad lighting?"

    Go find good lighting. That's kind of the point. Don't rely on equipment to fix your issues for you.

  17. 11.37 is the philosophy to the art of photography. Knowledge and eye! Gears are just gears not more! Thanks a lot. This video should be seen on lessons at classes…

  18. Yo I'll take that camera. Would be a great gift for my brother who's mentioned the exact line from Canon, but never able to purchase it.

  19. Shows weight isn't everything. 🙂 I have a friend with a suitcase full of lenses and his camera weighs a ton. When we are out in the woods, the burden shows…. and I get just as good photos with my mirrorless panasonic G3. Thing is amazing for the size.
    Price isn't everything.
    Just like anything else…. stereos, etc….. just because it costs more does not mean you get equal performance to justify the expense. Diminishing returns, intended to get your wallet for something fancier (like the new iPhone, not much new on features but folks just have to have the best) If I was a serious professional, I might question the need for a huuuge camera. Even if the battery lasts all day (takes me about 5 seconds to change it, I feel it beats carrying it around in my hands.)

    Just my 2 cents! great video

  20. that's an awesome vid, I have a Rebel XT with kit lens and starting to play and learn on it to launch a phot business in the new year

  21. It’s funny I saw most of these is completely the opposite. I was looking for sharpness and focus. In the first photo the one on the left had a shallow depth of field which put a lot of stuff out of focus. Photo number two was slightly sharper but not much of a difference. Again that the field was a problem in both. Photo number three the left one was sharper a little grainy. The one on the right had some kind of a light issue which caused it to look less sharp and softer. But both pretty close. And I’m wondering if the same lens were used.

  22. You don’t need an expensive camera to get good looking footage.
    Yes but you need a 300£ editing software and a 2000£ computer to edit it and make it look any good.

  23. it all changes when you realise photography is about capturing emotion and the moment,and not how expensive the camera was, ofc you can do better, but thats not a excuse not to start ever. Dont worry the ignorant and the haters will come first, telling you how you are bad, how you dont know anything, but you wil make it

  24. Hi peter can i have your camera i really want it i have follow subscribe and bell notification🤩 really want it that camera that u say cheap but expensive for me😭

  25. My friend not a photographer got a D70 and said If I had your D4 I could shoot just as good so we swapped for the day… we went to different places I took it off auto put to M end of day he just gad more excuses… lol it was fun he paid fof first round that night

  26. Bruh, I do need a 50mm like that. Why is it that most of the time people focuses only on camera bodys when it is most of the time more important the lens you're using?

  27. Is it any good for YouTube videos ? Like can you do a review video of how good it can be with some average lighting and with and without an external mic please , I would really appreciate that

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