Caller: Prickless Ver-gina

Caller: Prickless Ver-gina

Okay? We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two. David p here is a guy who is very upset, I
guess about Virgina. I genuinely don’t even know what they’re talking
about. Take a listen. This is the type of hate by the way we get
everyday. Hey parklets, how are you doing for reckless? You know what? Your friends, it’s free speech TV that will,
uh, you only, he don’t even have a hair on your balls. You don’t have balls either. Walls of Regina clitoral, you’re an idiot. Liberal. Oh, I thought there was more. I think he’s, I think he stays on the phone for awhile. Like the voicemail is actually still going
okay. And there he hung up. All right. Um, no response needed. But uh, this is a get out the vote. Uh, a reminder, you’re not going to convince
that guy to vote for a democrat. You’re not going to convince many of these
people to consider something other than Trump. So once again, just get out the vote. There’s tens of millions of people who didn’t
vote last time and who might not vote this time, who already agree with us. Just tell them that they should go and vote
because it matters. Because people like this talking about, you
know, Prick Lis Virginias and balls. Uh, we’re not going to convince them that. That’s a very, very clear on today’s bonus
show, we will talk about CNN, Chris Cuomo in a video threatening a man who called him
Fredo and actually equating the term Fredo to the n word. Was it a set up? CNN is standing behind him. I have some thoughts. We will also talk about a company stirring
debate trying to trademark the concept of Taco Tuesday is taco Tuesday so ubiquitous
that it really should be beyond a intellect, intellectual property protections, the likes
of which this company is trying to get. We will discuss that. We will also talk about really strange things
going on with this entire storm area. 51 event that is being planned and promoted. All of those stories and more on today’s bonus
show, two ways to get instant access to the bonus show. Become a member at www dot [inaudible] or become a patron at
Ackman show. I’ll speak to you then the David Pakman [email protected]

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100 Replies to “Caller: Prickless Ver-gina”

  1. If “prick” is also used an an insult, isn’t “prickless” a compliment? You don’t have ANY of the shallow, thoughtless, narcissistic qualities that make someone a prick!

  2. I'm a very sensitove but person yet these right wingers can't get me offended. I had some troll spamming me with "you're a pussy who plays videogames" expecting me to be somehow upset about this…

  3. Those "people"? are WINNING!? The right wing morons are always so pissed off with no idea's so it's just insult, insult, insult… lol that's gotta be a sad life to live

  4. The guy's "handle" tells you a lot about his intelligence/mindset. Interestingly, look at the handles of many Trump supporters and you will notice similarities! Uneducated, uncouth, etc.!

  5. That's awful. I don't know how you can listen to this crap David. Just remember that there many of us who like and appreciate your efforts.

  6. I finally understand why some Dems don't vote. The DNC is appears to be busy screwing the progressives again. When I started seeing that, my first impulse was to not vote for their candidate, to not be their patsy. It's going to really be hard to vote when I know I've been screwed again by my own party. One of our biggest enemies now is the DNC. How do we change it?

  7. Oh, those troglodyte sexists from the Stone Age, who think it makes for a suitable insult to liken a man to a women („because women are obviously inferior to men – DUH!!“)!
    He probably thinks it’s spelled „ver-gina“ because he was homeschoolerd. And his beloved dad (whom he would never question) informed him that being into rape and incest makes you someone, „who has BALLS“.
    I agree: Pretty much a lost cause. Poor soul. Then again, he’s also an asshole.

  8. First I thought Vergina is the character from the great Dino Crisis 2 game 😀 but then I looked up, it´s not: her name is Regina 😛

  9. Men who today still use "vagina" or "pussy" as a devaluation are nothing but pathetic, dishonorable and worthless human beings with the obsolete misogynistic mindset of the 19th century.

  10. I have always admired your intelligence and nobility. You turned this vitriolic call into a teaching moment. That's awesome.

  11. David are you not going to denounce your pricklessness? You need to jump on that before doubts fester about the validity of your arguments.

  12. David are you not going to denounce your pricklessness? You need to jump on that before doubts fester about the validity of your arguments.

  13. Get out the vote! Vote for WHO? For what? I guess Republican since you refuse to say who. That counters the whole anti-Trump talk.
    When I say vote, I tell you to vote Progressive, not Establishment Rep or Dem. I tell you to vote for all levels of office; not only the Presidency.
    Tell people WHO to vote for and WHY.

  14. That's the same kind of cocksucker many of you claim are"upstanding & honorable'police"officers"….so now something's wrong huh!

  15. Don't just get out the vote. Invite friends along in case they don't have any way to get there! Plan a fun outing around the vote! Worried about super long lines? Bring snacks and drinks and maybe some umbrellas for shade, and something to do while you wait. Make it a great day.

  16. Survey Says Native Americans Are ‘Proud’ Of The Washington Redskins Name: Only the no good for nothing ultra left-wing radicals would like to make it a racist issue.

  17. Just a non very educated thought. I don't believe there is a great reservoir of Democratic voters ( maybe I am thinking of African Americans ) who didn't vote in 2016, who ARE going to turn out if nominee is Warren, Sanders. or Buttigieg. Also, if the liberal left consider the caller as typical of the 2016 Trump voter, they are making a big mistake. U are right, that person would vote for no one over Trump.

  18. There's a good reason why right wingers think we don't have the guts to fight them…why is everyone so happy to let these guys pick on us? Just hit them in the face if it happens in person. I promise you it will be worth it.

  19. David is right..the only way is to get the disenfranchised to care to vote. We have to drag the hard right-wing nuts kicking and screaming. They're just gonna act like children anyway so don't bother reasoning with them

  20. Well I as a man like clits and vagina. Balls are soft we should be tough like a vagina! Sorry for being crude but how is female anatomy insulting?

  21. This guy is at the bottom level of Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement. You know, the level reserved for people with IQs under 85.

  22. Hey David just wanted to let you know I'm another subscriber that had to re-subscribe because you were taken off of my subscription list. I did not change anything, just noticed that your videos were not popping up anymore. I checked my list and sure enough you were not there anymore. Keep up the good work

  23. you should check out this right wing conspiracy channel called edge of wonder, it is so bizarre that i think it could be mined for material, it wasn't even supposed to be a political channel it turned into one

  24. That guy though…. What is going on in his life that he has to time not only watch a show he hates but has the time to call up the show to badmouth it in the most juvenile way possible… What a loser

  25. the caller clearly loves dicks and balls and hates ver-giners. He'd be so much happier if he just put a cock in his mouth.

  26. Hahah, I know this's petty and crude on the caller's part, but the inner 12 yr old in me just can't but help laugh uproariously. Also, somebody needs to seriously take up a class on human physiology, I mean that contradiction. How can Pakman have no prick, yet still have balls?

    Wonder if this's also going to be the next Trump campaign slogan; "we'll grab the Presidency, like how we'll grab those Dem's by their hair-less balls."

  27. These double standard, misogynistic, chauvinistic, vile, rude pig
    s are now coming out of their slime pits because of Conald Comrade Clown Bigoted Bully Tyrant Troll Twitler.

  28. A vacuous brute trying to bully a genteel scholar? Bowling for Soup was right…high school never ends! Speaking of 1985, perhaps the real divide in America has nothing to do with religion, race, economics, or geography…perhaps it's simply the Tannens versus the McFlys.

  29. This is the insecurity element that finds its home in fat nixon.
    None of them would be allowed in any of his properties.
    That's the sad limp dick of it.

  30. Lmfao!!!! This douche cut his high school health class just to leave this message. I’m sure he copied these words as he was eavesdropping through his daddy & boyfriend’s bedroom door.

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