Black Bike Week (Documentary)

Black Bike Week (Documentary)

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100 Replies to “Black Bike Week (Documentary)”

  1. i have been missing out..not sure what i was doing in germany for memorial weekend..but it ain't happening again.

  2. that fat white girl talking about she only like pussy and she showing her white cow boobs to blk men to see we all know alot of fat white women love BBC

  3. this shit was fucking weird, my family and I went to Myrtle Beach this weekend and I swear to God I couldnt tell if it was night or day, everything was dark. We were the only non back people there

  4. I am not watching this and im at least temporarily unsubscribing
    please do not put that thumbnail on my youtube reccomendations
    I like to come here to wind down and relax not freeking

    I guess you could say I have a slight issue with sexuality?
    but whatever you call it i really cant stand it

  5. "Black Bike Week" AKA Crime week. Shops and Hotels lock their doors, and board up their windows, like there is a hurricane coming. The police call in reinforcements, and even the Hispanics panic.

  6. This from the State that protests a movie about a mom who strips to feed her kid ! I guess they are ok with it because it's THEM that get the money that is spent! Hypocrites !

  7. Guys pay for it, one way or another. You looked like a dork with that helmet on back. Nice video.

  8. That's why it's called black bike if you ain't black you aren't supposed to be there cuz it's Black Bike Week now do you have white bike week let's see how all the races coming out and say all that's raised his ass white you about the white man you buy them white folks you just a Uncle Tom get the f*** out of here why can't we all be Americans why can't we all get along and be a mericans why does it got to be African-American Spanish American Caucasian American Latino American why are we not all American you're from this country you never seen Africa you never seen Spain you've never seen Mexico get the f*** out of here with this s*** we're all Americans can we stop being so f**** racist and be American what's the problem with being American I don't understand

  9. “They just don’t want us to have no fun because we’re black”…..umm, during regular or “white” bike week as y’all call it, cops patrol the streets after a certain time of night also. But I guess “white privilege” would allow them to stay out later, right? Dumb bitch.

  10. Why has it got to be split,why don’t they just do it together without being racist to each other. They are both just as bad

  11. myrtle beach is my hometown, and for some reason Regular bike week is treated better than black bike week, why is it even called black, should just be a two week bike thing. lots of shops and restaurants even close down for "black" bike week. such a shame.

  12. The people that run the stores. Hate both bike weeks the last time I was down there they were voting to get rid of them

  13. Oh, this is the KAPA Beach party east coast style. By chance, during the 90's my pale ass got stuck in the KAPA party traffic jam on the Galveston Tx causeway. This dude walking car to car comes to me and asked. You want to buy some screw. I thought it was slang for drugs. Not knowing he was selling chopped & screwed mix tapes.

  14. Nice try but I found it. This breaks the morality clause in the company contract. Not the bikes, they were rad. It was pulling out your breast.

  15. This happens in my city every year but I love it. I live in Huntington Beach, CA and the US Open of surfing comes to town at the end of every Summer. Shit happens but we’re up for bc the whole town loves surfing. I was a little girl in 86 when it was called the OP Pro and the rioters flipped over cop cars. I was there last year when it was super chill either way I live in surf city, people come to the beach to have a good time and for those of us that are lucky enough to be born & raised in those beach cities need to understand that. Welcome our out of town guest… even if their pissing in ur yard, after all it’s only temporary. You get the place to yourself in a few days.

  16. I am not a biker but this makes me wanna attend the next one. Just for fun I might learn how to ride a bike. Looks like fun for sure!!!!

  17. She kept on bringing up its called “black” bike week. Everyone is welcome there stop asking the same stupid question. Everybody there to have fun, enjoy bikes, enjoy women, and all of the above

  18. Omg journalist, I understand you hate white ppl, and everything about them. Plz do yourself a favor and keep your self hating, mindless ramblings about what have you to yourself. Even the event goers repeatedly told you it's about a good time and all ppl looking to have fun are welcome.. Meaning your opening narration makes
    You look even more foolish.

  19. Yo I live here and just saying literally all locals hate this week and tend to stay inside. It also sucks to work during the week in service as there is almost always going to be a shitty customer with an attitude problem.

  20. This used to be good it's become more of a dangerous event with too many fights and Shootings!

  21. I went one time and would never go back again. Why? Because I saw a chick that was at least 8 months pregnant with an airbrushed shirt and hat that said, "Pregnant Pussy is the Best Pussy". Insane.

  22. I just wish the idiots who follow who want to cause nothing but trouble would stay home and stop so the crap around it now days . It went on for so many years with out issues and then people had to go ruin it.

  23. Gotta be irritating with some bitch screaming "nooo I don't like it" screaming in your ear" going down the freeway

  24. This is the main reason Myrtle Beach is not worth going to any more.All the hotels are run down and the place looks like shit. Was a fun place to go 25 years ago.Now it's like a geto.

  25. This is the most ignorant shit I’ve seen since “Freak’nik” ‘94! Anyone who was there knows what I’m talking about! Smfh. Black people cannot be so proud to be so ridiculous, this is fucking crazy! Are THESE the people we can count on to be “present” in times where we gotta come together as a force…? We’re fucked then…..🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. Never seen so many fat people congregated in one place before. Pretty gross. Either way, I think the event is pretty cool.

  27. I'm a Black Man and I am not really into to bikes or strip clubs, but if I was to go to a car show with my wife and then the spouses (the women folk) were to go to some trashy strip club like this one and let some random dude perform sexual acts like was portrayed in this video she can definitely find her own way home afterwards. The ultimate fantasy should be with someone you care about, not some random stripper from bike week. You gotta be some nasty ho like at 17:34 having the time of your life, but then 17:39 it's starts to get too serious, 17:40 he has his hand on your special place and then 17:43 you big butt is embarrassed and ashamed of what you just did in front of all those people and now it will live forever on the internet because Vice recorded it. Hopefully she marries a guy who is into bikes and researches Black Bike Week and see is ho ass wife at her finest!!! #thesegirlsaintloyal

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