Bidhilipi | বিধিলিপি | Bengali Family Movie | English Subtitle | Ranjit Mallick, Moushumi Chatterjee

Bidhilipi | বিধিলিপি | Bengali Family Movie | English Subtitle | Ranjit Mallick, Moushumi Chatterjee

Oh no! Glory to Mother! Minu! Hey Minu! Glory to Mother Goddess! Salutations to Lord Shiva. Glory to Goddesses Durga,
Lakshmi, Saraswati. Salutations to all the deities.
– Did you call me? What’s this? Why are you showing me the broom
while I’m praying? I was cleaning the rooms. Do you expect me to carry incense sticks
instead of broom for cleaning? Okay. Tell me what you want. Did you hear what
your sister has to say. Can you hear me? He will hear you only if you hear me. What do you mean? Ten years back when you weren’t
the daughter-in-law of this family.. listened to everybody. But, in the past ten years
you’ve cast a magic spell on him. The spell has closed his ears. Your voice is loud so he somehow
manages to hear what you say. But our voice…no entry. How can you laugh at her words? Her words irritate me. Nobody told you to listen to me. Close your ears like brother. C’mon now tell me quickly
what you want me to do. I’ve lot of pending chores. Remove the mosquito net,
make the bed, clean the room.. ..and then..
– Get a cup of hot tea for me. Add some ginger to it. It was cold last night.
I’ve got a sore throat. I should’ve been blessed
with ten hands like Goddess Durga. Why are you saying so? If I had ten hands like Goddess Durga.. ..I could’ve cleaned
the room with one hand. Made tea with another hand
and breakfast with another hand. With another hand I could’ve..
– What would you do? Ginger. I could’ve chopped ginger. Didn’t you hear that brother
demanded that I get ginger tea for him? How can I make ginger tea
without chopping ginger? Bye. I’ve to finish the chores. There are lot of pending chores
and only one person to do them. Do I first chop or clean?
– What do you mean? Should I first clean the rooms
or get ginger tea? Do anything you wish,
you ill-mannered girl. Well, I’ll clean the room first. You’re angry with me. If I get brother’s ginger tea first
then hell will break loose on him. You’re laughing loudly now. It’ll be troublesome to get her married.
I hope she gets a groom. Why won’t she get married? She’s beautiful and can do everything. But, she also has a sharp tongue. You’ll know how she is when
her marital family will send her back. No. No. When I could tolerate
a wife like you for the last ten years.. ..why will they send her back? What did you say? You’re tolerating me? Yes you, what do you think of yourself? You’re busy cleaning
your elder brother’s room.. ..don’t we contribute
towards the family’s expenses? Is elder brother the only one
who contributes? I’m tired of shouting out your name. Shall I chop you too?
– What did you say? You want to chop me? All of you’ve the same problem. Let me finish the sentence. Brother has got a sore throat. I’m going to make ginger tea for him. Just now you also said that
you were tired of shouting out my name. Shall I get ginger tea for you too?
– No, I don’t want tea. Take this sari.
Wash it properly with soap. Squeeze out the water
and then put it out to dry. Stand next to it with
a stick in your hand so that.. ..a crow doesn’t sit on it. Got it? Iron the sari after it dries
and then give it to me. I’ll wear this sari
for my brother’s engagement. Wait. You told everything in
such a hurry that I couldn’t get it. I’ll take the sari
and wash it with soap. Then I’ll put it out
to dry on the terrace. Then I must stand next
to it with a stick in my hand.. that a crow doesn’t sit on it. Then I’ll iron it and
give it to you in the evening. Okay. I’ll do the job.
– No, it’s not okay. You need to squeeze out
the water after washing it. You forgot to mention it. What are you saying? How can I forget to do that? I know very well whom
to squeeze and when. I’ll do it perfectly. I’ll do it so well that
you won’t even find out. What did she say? Can you hear me? When will I get tea? Just see what he has to say. Ask sister-in-law if I should
wash her clothes or make tea for you. You can wash the sari later. She has nothing better to do. She should pray early in the morning
but she’s concerned only about her sari. She doesn’t even look good. Sister-in-law, you’re saying
all this because you’re angry. The neighbours say that
middle sister-in-law is.. ..the most beautiful amongst the
three daughters-in-law of our family. Nonsense! Beautiful? Don’t spoil my mood
early in the morning. Everybody will look beautiful
if they apply make-up. Go and boil milk for Babu. He’ll start crying if he
doesn’t get milk after waking up. I’ll do that but.. you’re stupid. Stupid? Why? Why do you say so? Well, I mean neither do you
do anything after waking up.. ..nor does middle sister-in-law
do anything. But, still she’s busy all the time.
– Busy? She’s busy doing make-up all the time. That’s your mistake. She doesn’t apply make-up,
she applies something else. Something else?
– It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone. She told me not to
share it with anybody. No.. I won’t tell anybody.
I promise. Tell me the secret. Are you sure?
– Yes. Do you know what
she applies on her face? What does she apply? Wait, let me close the door. Do you know why she closes
the door every morning? Why? I grind yellow lentils with
coriander leave for her every morning. She applies it on her face. She put the fan on high speed
and dries it. She doesn’t move her face. She doesn’t even talk to
avoid sprain in her neck. Yes. Coriander leaves and yellow lentils?
– Yes. She had rough skin when she got married. In the past two years her skin has
started glowing because of this mixture. Your skin is still dull. I’ll take your leave now.
I’ve to boil milk for the child. Listen.
– What? Will you grind coriander leaves
and yellow lentils for me? I’ve to boil milk and grind the lentils.
I’ve to wash clothes too. How many chores can I do at a time? Get milk for the child later. Get lentils and coriander mixture first. I’ll get it. But, you must calm the child
if he starts crying. What are you looking for
inside the basket? I had bought three bunches
of coriander leaves yesterday. I wanted to add coriander leaves
to the lentils today. But, I can’t find a single bunch of it. Where did they go? What are you doing early in the morning? Can’t you hear that the baby is crying? What do you want to say? Oh god! You can’t talk? You were talking properly last night. What’s wrong with you? Sit here, baby. What’s your problem? Shall I call the doctor? Tell me what your problem is. You’ve ruined everything. What’s wrong with me that
you want to call the doctor? Go and take care of Babu, he’s crying. I was trying to explain with
the help of signs but you made me talk. When will your brain start working? I’ve to start again.
– What do you’ve to start again? Can’t you see?
– Yes, I can see. What are you applying on your face? Speak softly. We’ll be in trouble
if your middle sister-in-law hears us. What will happen?
– She has glowing skin. I know the secret behind it. Who shared her secret with you?
– Minu. I knew that she was behind this. Don’t tell sister-in-law anything. Darling, please take care of Babu. Let me take care of my skin. Come, my son. Come. Minu. Minu.
– Why are you calling her? What? Oh! Come. Come. Come, dear. Listen.
– Yes. Did you tell her to apply yellow lentils
and coriander leaves paste on her face? I’ve done many things
for your sister-in-law. Now I’ve to wander in
the forests wearing gum boots. Son, let’s go. I’ll feed you milk. Why will you go to the jungle? Coriander and lentils
won’t give you glowing skin. You need a miraculous leaf for it. It isn’t easily available in the market. I need to go to the jungle to find it. Apply the paste of the miracle leaf
from tomorrow and not this one. It may help your dark skin lighten.
– What? What did you say? You wanted to have lentils
with coriander leaves. Go and take the lentils and
coriander from daughter-in-law’s cheeks. Go and get it quickly. It must be the mischief of our daughter. She has grown up but has
not given up playing pranks. She must’ve stolen it. I don’t praise Minu
because she’s my daughter. It’s difficult to find
a person like her. She wakes up early in the morning. She’s the last one to go to bed. She does all the chores single-handedly. But she always has a smile on her face. She tries to keep everybody
in the family happy. She keeps playing pranks
on all three daughters-in-law. She’s playing pranks on others. But what if all of them
gang up against her? Will she be able to handle it? You’ll stop laughing
and she’ll have to shed tears. No. Everybody loves her.
– Keep quiet. Nobody loves her. I know how much they love her. The poor girl is always
busy doing something. But, nobody every gifted her anything. Your sons always bring some
snacks on their way back from office. They lock themselves in their rooms
and eat those snacks. They never offer anything
to their sister. They remember their sister only when
they want to get the used dishes clean. Her age is increasing. Will she stay like a maid
in this house forever? Think about getting her married. She has three elder brothers. Talk to them about her marriage. You think they’ll get her married? They will lose a 24 hour maid
if she goes away. You must think about
your daughter’s wedding. – No. It’s true that Minu is our daughter. But, she’s also their sister. As her elder brothers
they must do something. If you think like this
she’ll never get married. Let me warn you. It’s Sunday day after tomorrow. All your sons will be at home. Ask them how much they’re ready
to spend in their sister’s wedding. I’ll contribute 3000 rupees.
– Only 3000 rupees? Mom, do you think 3000 rupees
is a small amount? You know very well
how much your son earns. I’ve a son who’s in a boarding school. The major part of his salary
is spent in his education. We spend the remaining
to meet the household expenses. We can’t afford more.
– Okay. First finalize a groom for her
and then I’ll see how much I can help. What are you going to do? How are you going to
afford more than 3000 rupees? Will you steal to get
your sister married? Varun, how much can you afford? I can buy the bed and wardrobe for her. That’s’ good. Do something. You don’t have to buy anything for her. Give me 5000 rupees cash.
– No, dad. We can’t give you cash. I’ll get a bed for her from
my brother’s shop in installment. We’ll gradually pay him the money. Tell him. Tarun, what about you? I’ll also give something. I.. Why are you stammering? We’ll give wardrobe and dressing table. Won’t you give cash? So, you want cash? Well in that case we’ll give 3000 rupees
like elder brother instead of furniture. It’s your sister’s wedding. It’s not right to get rid
of your responsibility so easily. She’s your daughter. Why are you burdening us
with her responsibility? You should’ve thought about her. After all she’s your daughter. You should’ve saved some money.
– You’re right. I’ve grown poisonous trees
on the land I owned. I never thought about
the basil plant on it. What? You think we’re poisonous. Did you hear him? Dad, you don’t earn. You don’t contribute
anything towards the expenses. You and your wife are surviving
on the income of our husbands. Daughter-in-law. We not only pay for your food but also
for your cigarette and mom’s betel leaves. You don’t have to give them anything. Dad, tell me something. Am I a burden for all of you? Why did you come here? Go. You’re discussing about my wedding. So, it’s important for me to stay here. Let me tell you something very clearly. You all don’t have
to worry about my wedding. I’ll take care of it. Brothers and sisters-in-law,
tell me something. Wouldn’t you have to pay a maid
for the chores that I do for you? I think you should decide how much
salary I should get for doing the chores. Give dad the amount you decide upon. Dad and mom will run their
extra expenses with the money. Got it? If you are still worried
about their food expenses.. ..then think about the rent you
should’ve paid for living in this house. Do we’ve to pay rent for
living in our father’s house? Great! If you need to take
your wife’s permission.. bear the expenses of
your parents who brought you up.. ..then why won’t I propose
this as their daughter? Minu, please keep quiet. Dad, I beg of you. Don’t get
your daughter married if you can’t. The fathers of your daughters-in-law
begged before you to get them.. ..married in this family. You accepted them without any dowry. Now you’ve to beg before them
for your daughter’s wedding. I can’t accept it. So, your sons are worthless? Dad, did you hear
what your daughter said? I’m not saying this to him,
I want you to hear me. They’ve forgotten their
parents for their wives. Minu.. Their wives are more
important to them now. Keep quiet, Minu. Keep quiet. No, dad. Don’t beg before them
for my marriage. Come down with me.
– Okay, I’ll go. I’ll go. Come downstairs with me. I’m going.
– Please go. Don’t mind her words. You know she’s short-tempered. Dad, one day you’ll be
humiliated by her and not us. If I don’t feel humiliated
after whatever you all of you said.. ..I shouldn’t feel humiliated
by anything else. Let’s go. Why are you bothered about
the money for your daughter’s wedding? Find a groom for her first. What are you searching? What are you searching? Tell me. I’m looking for Indranil’s address. Indranil? Who is he? Have you forgotten him? The boy who was raised here after
the untimely demise of his parents. Oh! Bablu. I didn’t know that
his good name was Indranil. I heard this name for the first time. I think you’ve forgotten.
You don’t remember his name. Maybe. Why are you looking for his
address at this hour in the night? Last year our headmaster
Mukund Chakrabortty had met Indranil. Mr. Mukund told me that Indranil
is a reputed businessman in Kolkata. He has a house, a factory, everything. Our Bablu is now a millionaire. Have you planned to beg before him
for your daughter’s marriage? No. I’m not going to beg before him. When Mukund went to meet him Indranil
sent me a letter through Mukund. I must’ve shown you the letter. He had mentioned that he has
everything in life because of me. He hasn’t forgotten me. He also said that he was unable
to meet me due to lack of time. He also apologized several times. He could’ve paid us a visit
if he wanted in the past years. He must’ve casually written all that. He won’t recognize you.
– No. I’ve taught him. I know how he is. He’ll very happy to meet me. So, you’re looking for his address
so that you can meet him? Yes, I want to go and meet him once. He knows a lot of people. Mr. Mukund was saying that
2000 people work in his factory. He may be able to give reference of
a man who can marry Minu without dowry. You don’t have the capacity to swim in the
river and you wish to swim in the ocean. Do you think you’ll achieve
the impossible? No.. no.. Remove all these.
Let me make the bed. Here’s his letter. Chakrabortty Electronics, Tara Street. Hey! Hey! Whom do you wish to meet? Does this factory belong
to Indranil Chakrabortty? Yes.
– I’ve come to meet him. Do you’ve an appointment?
– No. He was my student and I was his teacher. Go and tell him that Sunil sir has come. Sunil sir. Sunil sir. Sir, this is not a school.
This is a factory. We need mechanics here
and not teachers. Move. Bablu.. What have you done? Why did you call sir from behind? I’ll lose my job. What a problem! C’mon get up, get up. Get up and leave. Get out. C’mon get out. Get out of here.
– Bablu. Bablu, come here. Did you call me, sir? What were you doing alone in the room? Come and have dinner. I had two sums left. Shall I finish them
and then come for dinner? This boy is busy studying
throughout the day. C’mon, eat your dinner.
Sit here. Come. What’s this? Why did you
give this piece of fish to me? You know very well
that Bablu loves this. C’mon eat. You also love this fish. We can afford to buy fish
only on few days in a month. Won’t you eat it?
– I’ll. When Bablu will grow up
he’ll feed me big fish. Sir! Sir.
– Go and call him. Okay, sir.
– Go. Go. I didn’t know the rules
and regulations here. I called you from behind by mistake. Please forgive me, son.
Please forgive me. What are you saying, sir? How are you? You’re my Bablu.
I’m very happy today. I’m very happy. You’re my student and I’m your teacher. How can I not be happy for you?
I’m very happy today. I’m very happy. It’s great to see you prosper. Sir, please come. Come. Please come in, sir. Please come in. Why are you standing? Sit.
– Okay. Why are you still standing?
Why didn’t you sit? So, you haven’t got rid
of your childhood habit. You won’t sit unless I sit.
Okay, I’ll sit down. Here you go. I apologize for failing
to meet you for so many years. You’ve showered me
with lot of honour today. You’re busy these days.
How can you come to meet me? You work hard and so
you’ve prospered in life. Please wait here, I’ll be back soon. Excuse me for a minute. Sir, how are you? How is auntie? What about your three sons? Arun, Varun and Tarun.
– How are they? They’re absolutely fine. All of them are married now
and have kids. It means you’re very happy now. Happy? I was happy till last Saturday. I hoped that my three sons
will support me. I thought that as long as I would live,
they would support me. That’s what I hoped. But, on Sunday evening I found out
that I’m losing my support system. A small gust of wind can shatter.. happy family. Sir, you had a daughter. What was her name?
– Yes. Minu. Minu.
– Yes, Minu. She must be married by now.
– No. I would’ve no problems
if she was married. Her marriage.. I thought that her brothers.. ..would take the responsibility
of her marriage. Last Sunday they shattered my hopes. They clearly told me that.. daughter is my responsibility. Each of them will give me
only 3000 rupees as help. Son, you can understand my problem. How do I manage at this age? After thinking about this matter a lot
I took out your address.. I had no other option. Don’t worry at all. Don’t worry. How much money do you need? No son, I don’t want
financial help from you. No.. no.. I was looking for a pen. There are so many pens here.
– Oh yes! Tell me. I’ve come to you for reference
of a nice man working under you.. ..who will marry Minu. I don’t need any other help. I need a man who can feed
and take care of my daughter. I’m not praising Minu
as she’s my daughter but she is.. No, sir.
You don’t have to say anything. She’s your daughter.
She has your blood in her veins. Right. But, I can’t guarantee you anything. My own sons have betrayed me. Sir, do you’ve Minu’s photo with you? No. I didn’t think
I could meet you so easily. Set the table. I’ll bring her photo
the next time I come. Okay. Sir, let’s have lunch.
We’re already late. Why did you take so much trouble? When I was small I used
to have my meals with you. Come. What’s this?
You’ve given me all the fish pieces. I want to give you all the fish pieces. This is what I’ve learned from you. You always gave
the best fish piece to me. You never ate it. When Bablu will grow up and work.. ..he’ll feed me big pieces of fish. What happened, sir? Please eat. I’ll come to your house on Sunday. Tell your sons that I’ll come. Will you actually pay us a visit,
my son? You told me to look
for a groom for Minu. How can I find a groom for her
unless I meet her? We just need a nice groom for her
under any circumstance. What do you say?
– Yes. She’ll get what’s in her destiny. Tell everybody to be
in the house that day. Okay. Minu doesn’t even have a new sari
that she’ll wear before Bablu. You’ve three daughters-in-law. Ask them to lend a sari for Minu. You’ve given a suggestion but
do you think they’ll give her a sari. I never said that
I won’t give her a sari. I don’t have a sari that
she can wear before a rich man. How can I give you? Go and tell your second daughter-in-law. She has a nice collection of saris. Ask your son if I’ve a nice sari. He never bought a sari
for me after marriage. He spends his salary to
meet the household expenses. Go and talk to youngest daughter-in-law. She has hidden a lot of saris. Yes, I’ve some nice saris. But, I haven’t worn them yet. I’ll wear them when your son
will take me to Darjeeling on vacation. Give me any sari you have. She’ll wear it only once. No, mom. I can’t give you any sari. Bablu is coming to meet Minu
and not see her sari. You want her to wear
an old and tattered sari.. ..even when we’ve three
daughters-in-law in the family. Yes. I’ll wear whatever I have. Indranil should know
that the maid of the house.. ..doesn’t deserve anything better. Why are you venting out your anger
on your dad? Don’t you want Bablu to like you? I’m not angry. I’m surprised. You’re eager to get me married
despite the problems at home. A nice groom isn’t enough. You need money to get me married. Dad can’t afford a wedding. You don’t have to worry about money. You’ll beg before my brothers
and get insulted by my sisters-in-law. No. I promise that I won’t take
a penny from them for your wedding. Will you beg of your
rich student for me? I told you that I won’t beg of anyone. Then how will you arrange the money? This house is my property. The house is not the property
of my sons. What do you say? This house is ours. I’ll sell this house
and get you married. You’ll sell the house? Where will you stay
after selling the house? We’ll arrange something for
ourselves after we get you married. I don’t have money. There is no dearth of students
in this village. I can still teach students. Dad, will you work at this age? Go. It’s time for Bablu to come. Comb your hair and get ready. You can meet him in
this sari if you want. Go, inside. Actually she doesn’t
want to leave us and go. She fears that her brothers
and sisters-in-law will.. ..ill-treat us after she goes away. I heard the honking of a car. Welcome, son. Come. It’s okay. Come in.
– Okay. Come in. Do you recognize him?
– How can I? He’s a big man now. Greetings.
– It’s okay. Bless you, son. Bless you. Auntie, this is for you. Sir, wear this. Why did you bring all this? You may say anything but
I’m very happy to receive this gift. Our sons never gave us any gift. Sir, where is Minu?
– She’s inside. Give it to her.
– Okay. Go and give it to her. Have a seat, my son. I’ll bring Minu.
– Okay. Show me.
– Show me. Wow! Such a nice sari. Is it pure silk? No, Murshidabad silk. How’s the colour? Wait, let me see.
– Please let me see. Leave it. You can see it later. Give it. Bablu is sitting inside. I’ll give it to Minu. She’ll wear this. Why should I wear this? I told you that I would
wear whatever sari I have. Bablu has brought it as a gift for you. Is it necessary that I wear this today? If he had brought sweets
instead of a sari.. ..then should I’ve started
eating them before him? Okay. Do as you wish. You’ll never listen to us. You always do what you wish. I’ll go now. Your brothers and sisters-in-law
must’ve gone to meet him. I left this place years ago. It seems you haven’t recognized me. It’s not that we don’t remember you but.. But, I always think of all of you. All three of you used
to thrash me badly at times. Bablu, she’s Minu. Sit here. Why didn’t you wear the sari
that I brought for you? Just like that. I told her several times
but she didn’t listen to me. She’s very stubborn. Didn’t you like the sari?
– Are you crazy? People will laugh at me if
I say I didn’t like the expensive sari. Then why didn’t you wear it? The truth is that I’m a poor
school teacher’s daughter. I’m not used to wearing
such expensive saris. You’ve done me a favor
by coming here to meet me.. that you can find a match for me. It’ll be easy for you to find a groom
for me if you know how I am. Isn’t it? But, you’ll inform dad before
your bring the prospective groom home. I promise that I’ll get used to wearing
new saris before you bring him here. I’ll tell the prospective groom
that you’ve gifted me the sari. I hope you won’t have
any regrets if I do so. Great! Well-said.
– I don’t know. I speak what’s in my mind. Let me tell you something. I won’t show the prospective grooms
how long my hair is. Got it? I won’t let anyone
touch my hair. Got it? If they tell me to walk for them
then I’ll walk out of the house. I won’t walk here and there to show
that I don’t have any problem in my leg. Got it?
You can see how I am. Got it? The family you’re going
to get married into will ask you.. Daughters-in-law are the house-maids.. ..especially if she’s a poor
school teacher’s daughter like me. I’m not fortunate like
my sisters-in-law that.. ..I’ll have a hard-working sister-in-law
in the family I get married into. A person who’ll do all the chores.. ..while I’m busy doing make-up
like my sisters-in-law. It seems you’re angry
with your sisters-in-law. I don’t know.
I speak what’s in my mind. They’re standing here.
You can ask them if I’m lying. I’m not scared of anyone. Don’t mind her words. She may sound rude
but she has a golden heart. Listen, you may do anything
but don’t forget the bride’s mom.. ..or you’ll be fooled.
– Minu. People say some clichéd lines
to the girl’s family before marriage. I went to meet elder sister-in-law
with my parents before she got married. Her mother had said that her
daughter was very calm and quiet. She speaks very less. But after marriage
she shouts so loudly that.. ..the birds of our neighbourhood
have taken shelter in.. ..a different locality.
– What? She’s saying that I shout.
– No, daughter-in-law. Is it right, mom?
– No. What are you saying?
– What am I saying? How can I remain quiet? She’s insulting me before outsiders. How can you stand silently? You’re silent even after
hearing what she said. Keep quiet.
– Come. Come on. She said that I shout.
– No. Close your ears and think if her
mother lied or spoke the truth that day. I came here to meet you. You should’ve thought about
your future and remained quiet.. ..and answered my questions.
– No. This is how I am. I want to get married the way I am. If I’m destined to work
as a maid in this family.. ..then no one can change it. So, you believe in fate?
– Why not? Just give it a thought. You lived with us and
were my brother’s classmate. My father used to teach all of you. But, look what you’ve achieved
and what my brothers are doing. You were destined to be rich
and you became one. Isn’t it? My brothers were destined to work
as peons and be henpecked husbands. Did you hear what she said?
– Mom, she’s speaking a lot. Are you surprised to hear the truth? There’s a reason why
I’m saying all this. The family I’ll get married into
should know about my family. Am I right? Daughters-in-law,
someone please get tea for him. Who are you telling to make tea? They’ve forgotten how much sugar and milk
to add in tea after getting married. I’ll get it. Please don’t misunderstand Minu.
– I won’t. But, it’ll be difficult to
find a groom for a girl like her. Yes. Listen to what he has to say. We’ve come from another family. We didn’t treat your daughter well
after marriage. But, he’s.. I had told you to look for a nice groom
before thinking about wedding expenses. We love her a lot. But, you saw what she told about us.
– You’re right. I can’t propose her marriage
to anyone after knowing her. She said that we’re henpecked husbands. He’s your student, but he also
has an honour and reputation. Doesn’t he have anything
better to do than to look for.. ..a matrimonial match
for your daughter? I always tell her
to think before speaking. As her mother I can
understand her problems. But, outsiders won’t understand her. But, she never listens to me. Son, please look for a match for her. Every person has some shortcomings. No, sir. I don’t know anyone
who can be married to her. I would’ve definitely tried to find
a match for her if I hadn’t seen her. Now that I’ve seen, met and known her.. You can’t get her married to anybody. You’re right. I can’t get her married to anybody. Then what shall you do? Now that I’ve met her you don’t have
to get her married to any other man. All of you are present here. If you all don’t have any problem
I would like to marry her. What are you doing? Leave it.
– Leave it. Leave it. Let me do it.
– No, let me do it. I’ll clean it.
– Leave it. Let me hold a piece of the broken cup. Oh no! Her sari has got stained
with tea. Shall I get a new sari for you? Change this sari. He’ll be very happy to see you change. I’m happier to see how fast
you’ve changed your nature.. ..than to see her change. Are you sure, my son? I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe it. How can an ordinary village girl
have so many qualities? You called me here so that
I could find a groom for her. She isn’t an ordinary girl. She’s pure like gold. Minu, I also believe
in fate just like you. I’m destined to get married to you. I’ve crossed the age of marriage. Why didn’t I get married till now? Sir, do you’ve an almanac at home?
– Yes. Check if there’s an auspicious date. Call a priest if necessary. I’ll have tea on the terrace and wait. Come. Please come. Who’s he?
– Dibakar Pandit. Pandit? I can find the perfect
match for a person. Deaf groom for a deaf bride. If you’ve a handicap girl
who isn’t getting married. Don’t worry as Dibakar Pandit
will marry her. No.. no..
I mean I’ll find a groom for her. But, my fees is a bit high. I won’t cheat you.
I’ll ask you for my remuneration. Sir, please tell him about me. Sir, I didn’t tell you to call him. I wanted you to call a priest.
– A priest? You’ll get one. Just a minute. This is the mantra chanted
while offering prayers. This is the wedding mantra. You..
– I’m three in one. Three in one. You need three people
to get a girl married. I do all the three jobs. I get people married, I offer prayers
and I’m also a land and house broker. Well, I can understand that you offer
prayers as well as get people married. But, why do you work
as a broker for property? Well, all these things are connected. You don’t know the financial
condition of the villagers. Especially of parents who
have useless sons like them. Their sister is going to get
married and they’re doing nothing. But, I’ve to take care
of sir’s reputation. As soon as the matrimonial
alliance is finalized.. ..he’ll have to sell
his remaining piece of land. Don’t worry as Dibakar Pandit is here. I’ve buyers
and the legal documents ready. Take a look at this. Don’t show it to me. Show it to them. Are there any auspicious
marriage date this month? There are many auspicious
wedding date this month. 7th, 9th, 22nd and 29th. Stop. Stop.
7th is on Friday. Today is..
– You don’t have to calculate the days. I’ll marry Minu this Friday. Friday? A wedding in seven days? Don’t worry, sir. I’ve buyers of the land ready. Take this.
– No. Sir won’t sell his land. You tore the papers? There are expenses in a wedding. I’ll invite at least
50 guests for dinner.. 50 people? Only 50 people will attend
sir’s daughter’s wedding? You’re well aware of our
financial condition, my son. We just want a simple wedding.. If you want then we
can add ten more invitees. Yes, you must increase the number
of invitees but not by ten people. Is the ground in front
of the school still vacant.. ..or has a house
being constructed there? Yes, it’s still vacant. But why? Very good. Listen. I’ll send a decorator
from Kolkata tomorrow evening. He’ll construct a big pandal
on the ground. Priest, listen to what you’ve to do. No.. no..
you don’t have to say anything. When you tore off the legal papers
I knew that.. ..selling that small piece of land
won’t be enough. I must look for a buyer
to buy this house. Isn’t it? Stop your nonsense. Do you know everybody in this village? Yes.
– That’s good. I’ll send a car tomorrow
with 1000 wedding invitation cards. Take sir with you and invite each
and every person in the village. Okay. Don’t miss out anybody.
– Okay. But, Bablu.. I’ll send an electrician
along with the decorator. He’ll put up lights in this house
and on the way to the ground. He’ll light up the streets. Brothers-in-law, you can send invitations
to all your relatives tomorrow. We’ve very less time. If you want I can send few cars for you. Bablu, please listen to me. I can’t afford such a grand wedding
even if I sell this house. Dad, you can’t understand one thing. You did him a favour one day. He’s marrying me to return the favour.
That’s it. I think he has just
realized his mistake. So, he has torn the legal
documents of the land and.. If you think so then
I would beg of you.. can break your promise. I won’t blame you. I won’t feel hurt. My sons and daughters-in-law
have insulted me a lot when.. ..I sought help for
my daughter’s wedding. But, I never felt bad. You’re not my blood, you’re my student. I’ll be able to tolerate this.
I won’t feel bad. I’m a father who isn’t
financially strong. I’ve to tolerate everything. No, you don’t have to tolerate anything. As long as I’m alive no one
should insult you for Minu. How will we arrange the money
for the grand wedding you’re planning? The wedding is my responsibility.
I’ll pay for everything. You’ll bear the expenses? Sir, you know that.. ..we can never pay back
our parents and teachers. I’m still indebted to you. I’ve achieved everything
because of you. The name, fame and wealth I’ve
earned is because of your blessings. Let’s go downstairs, sir. I’ll give you a cheque
of five lakh rupees. You can make the arrangements
with the money. I’ll pay separately for the
decoration of the wedding venue. I’ll choose Minu’s saris and jewelry. Where did Minu go? Excuse me. You brought this sari for me.. ..but I couldn’t wear it before
my sisters-in-law as I was feeling shy. You look very beautiful. I want to discuss some
important things with you. I couldn’t speak to you at home. What is it that you
couldn’t tell me at home? Yes, I want to say something..
it’s about our marriage. Will you share your office address
with me? I can send my car if you want. No. I don’t want you
to send a car for me. It’s just 3-4 stops away. I’ll manage. As you wish. When shall I come?
When can you meet me? You can come any day. Shall I come to your office
at 11 am tomorrow? I’ll wait for you. I will cancel all work for you. What’s wrong with you,
elder sister-in-law? You’ve started cleaning
before I woke up. Is anybody from your maiden
family coming to meet you? Why? Do I clean the house only if.. ..I’ve somebody from
my maiden family visiting me? I’m the eldest daughter-in-law
of this family. – Yes. It’s my duty to clean the house.
You may go. The one who does
the chores should do it. Give me the broom.
– No. No. You’ll get married after seven days.
Why should you clean the house? Go and take rest. You’ve got dark circles. Go and rest. How can I sleep now? Give it to me. No! You’re soon going to
get married in a rich family. You’ll support us in everything. How can I make you clean the house? I’ll clean the house
as long as I’m alive. No one will ask you to
clean the house even after I die. No.. Okay. I’ll do the dishes. What’s wrong with all of you? Elder daughter-in-law
is cleaning the house. You’re doing the dishes. Why? Am I a princes
who can’t clean dishes? I had no maids or servants
in my maiden home. I used to do the dishes
in my house before I got married. Oh! But, how can I let
you all work when I’m here? The others in the family may
ask you to do the chores but I won’t. A girl who’s going to
get married after seven days.. ..shouldn’t clean dishes. Have I died? Drama! Mr. Indranil will come tomorrow.
Isn’t it? Yes. Tell him something.
– What? Tell him that I’m better than
your other sisters-in-law. Got it? Please tell him.
– Okay. What shall I do now? Where are you going?
– I’m going to Chanda’s place. She always calls me
but I never get time. She’s going to her marital home
tomorrow. I should go and meet her.
– Okay, you may go. When will you come back? When will I come? Well, I’ll be late. Don’t worry. We’ll be meeting after a long time and
she may force me to have lunch with her. How do I take down the notes? Look at the table. Where shall I keep the note pad? Yes, bring her in. Ms. Chakrabortty, do something. Sit in your chamber, I’ll call you later.
– Okay. She’s my PA. Rupali.
Ms. Rupali Chakrabortty. Yes, sir. Sit in the board room,
I’ll call you later. Okay. Take a seat. I didn’t have time
so I bought everything. Take them when you go home. But..
– No excuses. My car will drop you with everything. I’ve bought all these things
for the first time. See if you like them. No.. not this one. This one. I’ll help you wear it. No. Please stop.
What’s the need for all this? Of course you need this. Everybody knows that
the Goddess is prayed on.. ..the eighth and ninth day
of the festival. But the actual veneration
is performed on the sixth day. That’s the beginning
of the celebrations. Today is that special day for us. C’mon turn around.
– No.. I mean.. I wanted to tell you something. I’m ready to listen to anything
you’ve to say. C’mon turn around. I want to say that.. I told you that I would listen
to whatever you want to say. Let me help you wear this first. The time is auspicious. What if this time passes? Made for each other. It’s made for you. There’s a restroom
in the adjoining room. There’s a mirror in it. You can go and check how you look. Go. What happened? You don’t understand. I want
to discuss something very important. I’ll listen to everything.
– But.. What would you like to have? I don’t want anything. I’ve to go home. I didn’t tell anybody that I came here. Why didn’t you tell them? Sir wouldn’t have stopped you
if you told him. Take a seat. Listen, put them in the car. Tell the driver to drop her home. You can keep these later in the car.
– Keep quiet. Keep quiet.
Listen to me. You can’t do this alone. Call somebody else to help you. Yes.
– I want to tell you that.. I told you that I would
listen to everything. Let them clear the table. Take them. Don’t send anybody to my room now. Tell them that I’m busy. Got it? Don’t take this. Idiot! Take this. This one too. Don’t send anybody inside. Love at first sight. I’ve heard this line many times. But I never thought that
it would happen with me. Really.. you’re fantastic. Very beautiful. We’ll get married on Friday.
Today is Saturday. Saturday will be followed by Sunday,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.. Bogus! It would’ve been great
if it was Friday after Saturday. Believe me,
I never thought I would marry. But, when I saw you
everything changed for me. C’mon tell me what you’ve to say.
Tell me. I hope you won’t misunderstand me. You tried very hard
to do that yesterday. I would’ve misunderstood you
yesterday if I wished. A coconut may be very hard
from outside.. ..but if you bring it close
to your ears and shake it..’ll find there’s water in it. Water that quenches thirst. Now that you’ve travelled so far
tell me what you want to. Let me see
if I misunderstand you or not. You just told me that the
actual veneration of the goddess.. ..begins on the sixth day.
– Yes, that’s right. But, you did not mention
the immersion that takes place.. ..after the veneration get over. You tried to create a new relation
by making me wear this necklace. I want to remove the necklace
to signify the end of our relation. I.. I.. I can’t marry you. Please forgive me if you can. If you don’t mind will you
please tell me what my mistake is. Oh no! Why are you asking this? A nice person like you
can never be guilty. I’m the guilty one. I’m guilty towards my parents,
brothers and sisters-in-law. I’ve hidden a truth from them. I’ve been in love for many years
with a boy who lives in my neighborhood. I tried to tell them but I couldn’t.
– Why didn’t you tell them? I was scared and ashamed. The boy whom I love
has a degree but no job. Please tell me something. I’ve been in love with him
for so many years. I’ve prayed to Lord Shiva
for his well-being. Should I leave him and
get married to a rich man.. ..just because he’s going
through a tough phase in life? Will it be right? How can I accept your new
found love for his love of 14 years? If I marry you I’ll be blessed
with all joys of life. But, if I remain sad despite
being the owner of such a huge wealth.. will I spend my life
with this sorrow? If he comes before me
with tears in his eyes.. ..I won’t be able to answer him. Will I be able to face him.. ..after marrying you? I’ll always feel ashamed before
an ordinary man after marrying.. ..a reputed person like you. Will it add to your reputation as
my husband? Tell me, come on tell me. Minu… I liked you during our first meeting. Then I fell in love with you. I started dreaming about you. You’ve shattered all my dreams
and have shown me the truth. I can do nothing but
respect you after this. I wanted you to be happy
and I still want it. As long as I’m alive
I would like you to be happy. If you ever need
my help you can tell me. I’ll be very happy to help you. Tell your servants.. take back the ornament
and clothes you’ve kept in the car. I won’t go home in the car. You may not agree to marry me.. ..but why can’t you accept gifts
from me? They maybe gifts for you. But, for me they’re your blessings. I can’t refuse the blessing
of a great soul like you. But, I told mom that
I was going to my friend’s place. You’ll come home tomorrow. You can bring the gifts tomorrow.
– Okay. Oh! One more thing. Mom and dad will be
hurt if they find out that.. ..I’m not ready to marry you.
– Then? Tell dad that you can’t marry me.
– But.. You can’t marry her? But you promised us
day before yesterday. I not only promised you.. ..but I bought saris of
my choice after I went back. I didn’t know that Minu would die
few days after our wedding. Minu will die? Yes, sir. Many years ago an astrologer
had prophesied that.. wife will die seven days
after our marriage. I stopped thinking of marriage
after that. I met Minu day before yesterday
and I liked her. So, I promised to marry her. The astrologer came
to my office yesterday. He was shocked to hear of my marriage. He said that my wife would die
within seven days of our marriage. Sir, do you think
I would like Minu to die? You’re right. How can I marry when
I’m not destined for it? I came to your house so that I could
look for a suitable match for Minu. I know one such person. If you all agree and
if Minu likes him then.. But son.. I’ve deposited
the cheque given by you. I gave you the money
so that you could use it. Keep the money. Spend it on Minu’s wedding. Bye, sir. Bless you, son. Bless you. Greetings. Bye. Thanks a lot. I’ve dug my own grave. Isn’t it? Wish you all the best. Bye. Sir.. sir.. Sir.. Yes, tell me. You said that you want me
to write an urgent letter. Letter?
– Yes, you told me. Yes, write it down. Tell me. Okay.. The Managing Director… Southern Constructions. Dear Mr. Iyengar, I should be.. What happened?
– What’s wrong with you, sir? You seem to be lost in thoughts. You’re making mistakes.
– Mistakes? Mr. Iyenger is the Managing Director
of Orient Electronics.. ..and not Southern Constructions. Oh! Sorry. Write down. Send her. Sir, should I wait in the board room? Yes, please.
– Okay. Mr. Chakrabortty, tell the peon to.. I should tell the peon
that you’re busy and.. ..he shouldn’t send anyone inside.
Right? Thanks. Come, take a seat. Be seated. Hey! What’s all this? You’ve always listened to
whatever I’ve told you. Will you please listen to a last request? I hope you won’t refuse me. Every Hindu girl prays to
Lord Shiva on Shivratri.. ..and seeks His blessings. I’ve also done the same. We pray to an idol made of stone. But today I’ve sought the blessings
of a God who is alive. Take a seat. I told you about my boyfriend yesterday. He has come with me today. Where is he?
– He’s waiting outside. Go and get him inside. In the mean time.. I’ll load my revolver. He’ll come to his senses
with one gunshot. What happened? Go. Come in. Hello. Hello. Take a seat. Take a seat. You rejected a handsome businessman
like me for.. ..this unemployed fellow. You’ve made a mistake Minu.
Very bad. You’re strange. You snatched away the girl
whom I was going to marry. Bad. Very bad. You didn’t do the right thing. Let me be very clear. I’ve heard everything
about you from Minu. I think that right now
you need money more than a wife. Money that’ll make your future bright. Am I right? You need money
and I need a wife I mean Minu. Let’s settle the matter between us. I’ll give you as much money you want. You give Minu to me. Don’t hesitate.
Tell me how much money you need. I’ll write a cheque for you. I’ll sign it. Fill in the amount. Note down the amount. I don’t know
what Minu told you about me. But, she forgot to tell you something. This village boy knows how to love
and not to sell his love. Goodbye. Okay. Love. Money will become an issue
in your love life if you don’t get a job. Do you want to ruin Minu’s life
along with yours? I told Minu several times
not to wait for me. If she wants she can marry
somebody else, sir. But I can’t break this bond of
so many years. Believe me,
I loved her since I was a child. I swear on my mother that
if she wants to break our relationship.. No.. I won’t mind. Her happiness will make me happy. I don’t wish anything else. Till now I felt that I’m the only man
who can keep Minu happy. But today I’ve found out Minu will be
happier to have you in her life. Why don’t you look for a job? It’s my ill-fate.
I’ve a MSc degree but no job. Okay. Sit down. Sir, you know very well that.. ..we can’t get jobs
without references these days. I will refer you. Come here
with your certificates tomorrow. No.. you don’t need to bring
your certificates. Your certificate is with you. I’ll give you a job in my company
for her happiness. Promise that you’ll keep her happy. You’ll never hurt her. I’ve been trying to do it
since the past few years. I promise it to you today. You can take my car and go.
I’ll tell the driver. Go and enjoy the day. Say something today. No, you say something. “Two rivers were flowing in opposite
directions with the hope of merging.” “The ocean has helped them unite today.” “Two rivers were flowing in opposite
directions with the hope of merging.” “The ocean has helped them unite today.” “I’ll write the ocean’s name in my heart.” “I offer salutations to the ocean.’ “I lost the sweet emotions of heart..” “ they merged with
the sands of the desert.” “I lost the sweet emotions of heart..” “ they merged with
the sands of the desert.” “A new traveler filled
my heart with new thoughts.” “The ocean has helped
them unite today.” “Two rivers were flowing in opposite
directions with the hope of merging.” “The ocean has helped them unite today.” “Love got a new lease of life
after getting this great gift.” “Let’s promise that we’ll honour it.” “I must’ve done good deeds
in my past life..” “ I’ve got this wonderful gift.” “I must’ve done good deeds
in my past life..” “ I’ve got this wonderful gift.” “I’ll offer all the gifts to you.” “The ocean has helped them unite today.” Sir, please come. What’s the matter, son? Why did you send your car
and call me here? Please take a seat. What happened, son? I’ve chosen boy for Minu. If you like him then.. I’ve nothing to say. You’ve already met him.
– Yes, I have. But you’re the girl’s father
and you should also meet him. Alok, come here. Sir do you like the boy?
– Yes, I like him. Minu also knows him well. When shall we get them married? He’ll get permanent appointment letter
after a couple of months. After that we can finalize
an auspicious date and get them married. Okay, son. As you wish. I like the fact that Minu will stay
in the village after her marriage. That won’t be possible. He’ll be given a flat and car after
he becomes a permanent employee. He’ll have to shift to Kolkata. Will you shift to Kolkata? It’ll be foolish to refuse
the car and flat and stay here. It’s tiring to travel daily. I need to wake up early
and get ready quickly to catch the train. I’ve got tired of this routine
in a month. You’re right. It’s very tiring for you. Isn’t it? Tiring? I need to board
crowded trains to reach office. What if I lose control
and fall on the tracks? How will you come to meet me
after you shift there? I’ll come to meet mom
every Saturday. I’ll spend Sunday only with you. Remember to spend Sunday
only with me. What work do you do in office?
– Nothing much. I manage sir’s appointments. When sir is busy I talk to the clients. What does the girl who works
in the cabin next to sir’s cabin do? Are you talking about Rupali? She takes notes from sir
and types them. Morning.
– Very good morning. Next Monday is the foundation day
of our company. We’re going for a picnic. Will you join us? Alok, come to my cabin. What was Rupali telling you? She was discussing
about the foundation day picnic. Okay. I see. Will you join us?
– As you order sir. You must join us. You can also ask Minu to join. Oh no! Why should I go? Sir told me to bring you along. Mr. Indranil knows about our relationship. But my family doesn’t know about it. You’re right.
I didn’t give it a thought. Please go now. I’ll join you after marriage. There won’t be anyone else with us
at that time. The ocean and nature
will be witness to our love. Hey! What are you doing? No! No.. leave me. Come. Why are you standing alone? Come and join us.
– No. Go and enjoy.. ..while I watch you all. I won’t spare you. No, please leave me.
– Come on. Please leave me.
– Come on. Please listen to me.
– Come. Please listen to me.
– C’mon, it’s going to be great fun. Ms. Chakrabortty..
– Please let me go. ..when he doesn’t want to go in the water
why are you forcing him. I’ll get drowned
if he doesn’t come with me. Why will you get drowned? I can see that
you’re making him drown. There are many people to save you,
leave him. Oh God! Please go. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Go to the hotel
and change your clothes. Okay. Mr. Dey, come here. Sir..
– Everybody is here. But where is Alok?
– He’s walking on the beach. Taxi!
– Taxi! Where will you go? Howrah.
I’ll catch a train from Howrah. I stay in Shivpur. I’ll drop you at Howrah. No. You can go.
I’ll call another cab. Why do you want to waste money? Do you’ve any problem to come with me? No.. Why should I’ve any problem? Please come. Well, you’ve to go to Howrah
after office gets over. I know that getting a cab is a problem. My car will drop you at Howrah
from today. No, sir.. actually I.. Do as I say. I’ve told my driver. It’s a white car. What a surprise! Isn’t it? Come in. You’re getting late. Don’t worry, sir. Our company didn’t get orders
for a long time. But, I’ll help you bag this deal. I spoke to Mr. Subhash, the Managing
Director of that company yesterday. How do you know Mr. Subhash? I don’t know him,
Rupali knows him. Ms. Chakrabortty introduced me to him. Three of us had dinner
at a nearby hotel. He promised me, sir. Bye, sir. Sir, I’ve a request.
– Yes, tell me. Your car drops me at Howrah station. I give lift to Rupali
as she stays in Shibpur. Rupali catches a bus
for Shibpur from Howrah. You know how crowded the
buses are when the offices get over. It’ll be very kind of you if you tell
your driver to drop Rupali home.. ..after dropping me at Howrah. After all Rupali is my senior. She should also get
the facilities that I get. You’re making a mistake. The company is not
giving you any facilities. It’s me who’s doing it for you. There are other senior employees
in this office who travel.. public transport
every evening to reach home. I think Ms. Rupali
doesn’t know about it. Well, I just wanted to say that.. ..since your car is
traveling till Howrah then.. Okay, the car will drop her. This is temporary arrangement because..’ll become a permanent employee
within a week and shift to Kolkata. She’ll have to travel
by public transport after that. Will it be right to get
her used to travelling by car? Then.. I couldn’t arrange
a flat for you so quickly. So, I’ve decided to
give my bungalow to you. You’ll have to shift on Sunday.
Inform Minu about it. Come. Why did you get down here? I’m bored of travelling
from home to office and back. Let’s sit there.
– Okay. This place is so nice. Isn’t it? I won’t leave your hand. Does Minu know that we meet? Not at all. He didn’t tell me anything. What? Everybody in the
neighbourhood knows that.. ..Alok is shifting to
his Kolkata flat tomorrow. And you don’t know about it? Well, we haven’t spoken to
each other properly for over a month. He leaves early in the morning
and come back by the last train. His mother was saying that
he has lot of work pressure. Go and meet him tomorrow morning. You’ll live in that flat
with him after marriage. Decorate the flat with your own hands. You said that you would
come every Saturday to meet me. Will you come?
– That’s not possible anymore. I’ll come when I get time. One more thing. Mom is alone at home. Go and meet her daily. Don’t worry about mom. Bye, mom. If there is no prayer room in
the new house then do arrange for one. Prayer room?
Prayer room in this bungalow? Hang the photo of any
god or goddess on the wall… ..that remains hidden
from everybody’s sight. Minu will decide if there
will be a prayer room in the house. She’ll decorate the
house as per her taste. You don’t have to worry about it. Bye. Excuse me. Won’t I’ve the freedom
to do anything in my house? If just hanging the photos
of deities is okay or not.. ..will be decided by Minu. You could’ve given the bungalow
to Minu instead of him.. ..if she’s supposed
to decide everything. Do I’ve to decorate my house
as per the taste of an illiterate girl.. ..who spends her entire
day in the kitchen? You’re right. She may be illiterate but she’s
the reason why you prospered in life. You’re enjoying this lavish
life because of that illiterate girl. You’re an educated boy. I didn’t expect you to speak such words. It’s not right to talk about the girl.. ..whom you’re soon going to marry
in this manner. I didn’t say anything wrong. Why should I be ashamed
of speaking the truth? You’re not ashamed
of speaking the truth. So, I hope you won’t
be ashamed to hear the truth. I didn’t even know you. Minu introduced you. You got this job,
this house because of Minu. I know it. I also know why you’ve
given me this deserted property.. ..when there are so
many flats in Kolkata. I’ll marry Minu and bring her here. When I’ll be in office you’ll
leave office on the pretext.. ..of important meetings
and come and enjoy with Minu. Shut up! Don’t speak a word against
Minu or I’ll fire you. Sir, Alok is a permanent employee now. You maybe the boss of the company
but you can’t fire Alok from the job. Don’t you feel ashamed
of ruining another woman’s life? I’ve not ruined her life. I’m trying to save her life. Why do you want to bring
an innocent village girl here in this city? As a woman I can understand
your motives very well. Ms. Chakrabortty, you’re going too far. You’re crossing the limit. She isn’t crossing the limit,
it’s you who’s doing it. What do you mean? You gave me job and didn’t buy me. You don’t have the right
to decide how I must live.. ..and whom I should marry. I’m not going to listen to anything. I’m grateful to you
for giving me this job. Therefore I didn’t
react when you slapped me. Think before you try to hit me again. I also have two hands. They know how to protest
against tortures. I know you’ve got two hands. When you came to my office
the first day with Minu.. ..I noticed your hands that
you had folded before me and greeted me. I had given you a job so that
you could hold Minu’s hand forever. You started signing
vouchers and taking money. You bought gifts with your first salary. You stopped wear ethnic Indian attire and
started tying tie knots with your hands. The union may not
let me fire you from job. But I don’t need the union’s
permission to cut off your hands. Mind it. Where did you go? Bablu has been waiting for you. I was at my friend’s place. Listen, come to my office tomorrow. I’ve something important
to discuss with you. Don’t forget to come. Wait. Son, you said that you would
get her married to Alok after.. ..he becomes a permanent employee. I’ve heard that Alok has
become a permanent employee.. ..and is staying in
a flat allotted by you. Shall we discuss
about their wedding now? I want to discuss this
matter with her at my office. Why at your office? You can speak to me here.
– Over here? I mean.. Okay. Both of you can talk. I’ll go out. Let’s go out. Did you go to the station? The trains run on time. They arrive and depart
from various stations. But, Alok will never come back to you. Alok clearly told me yesterday… ..that he can’t marry you. I don’t believe you. Don’t believe me today but
one day you’ll definitely believe me. I think I made a mistake
by giving him the job. My mistake was to
take him to your office. That day I didn’t
understand your motive.. ..but now I know why you
gave him the job so quickly. I gave him the job for
your well-being so that he can.. No. You didn’t give him the job for me.. gave him the job
to fulfill your selfish motives. For my selfish motives?
– Yes. Let me remind you that when I
took him to your office the first day.. tried to tempt him
by offering a huge sum of money.. that he leaves
me but he didn’t agree. But, you turned out to be very smart. When you couldn’t change
his mind you offered him the job.. that you could distance us. What are you saying, Minu?
– I’m absolutely right. You were so eager to
have me in your life that.. forgot how my father brought you
home from the streets and raised you. Don’t you feel ashamed of
ruining the life of the daughter of.. ..the man who saved your life? You purposely tried to link Alok’s name
with your PA and defame him. I trapped them? Don’t give excuses. Don’t pretend. You gave them your white car
so that they could roam around together. Who told you? We’ve a nose right below our head. If the head burns
will definitely smell it. My friend saw them getting
down from your car.. ..and going to a hotel. You’re ruined my life. Now you’re pretending to be nice. Let me tell you something clearly. The intention with which you
ruined my life will never come true. I’m not a puppet which you can buy. You can fool my father with
your money but you can’t fool me. Minu.. One day I had touched
your feet and said that.. ..I’ve sought the blessings
of a god who’s alive. I should’ve realized that that
idols of god are always made of stone. I couldn’t guess the evil
hidden behind the mask of a good man. I’ll meet Alok tomorrow. I can’t sacrifice my love. Got it? Minu.. ..I tried to make you happy
but it turned out to be hell.. Alok’s residence maybe hell for you
but it’s heaven for me. Please share the address. Minu, I want to say that..
– Please don’t say anything. Just give me his address. Give me a piece of paper. What do you want to do? We’ve a holiday today. Let’ discuss about our wedding.
– You’re too much. We haven’t enjoyed our life till now
and you’re in a hurry to get married. Have patience.
Let’s travel and enjoy life. Let me love you. You? Who gave you the address of this house? Don’t you know who could’ve
given her the address? Our boss must’ve given it to her. He doesn’t want us to be together. He is dead against our marriage. Didn’t you see how he was
monitoring me at the picnic? You were not eager to go into the sea
but I forced you to join me. Boss came and took you with him. That day I had vowed
that I would win your heart. Does he think he has bought
you by giving you the job? He gave you his car after
he spotted us together in a cab. But, I acted quickly
and went and sat in the car. Or I would’ve lost you. When he couldn’t separate
us he made you a permanent employee.. that you could marry her. He gave you this bungalow
as there was no flat available. He was angry when he found
us together in this house. He rebuked me for not setting
up a prayer room as per Minu’s wish. I don’t know how she hypnotized sir. Why have you come here?
Didn’t sir tell you anything? Yes, he told me but
I didn’t believe him. Don’t pretend. If you wish to win my heart
then why don’t you change yourself.. ..the way I’ve changed
and become modern. I couldn’t understand.. I couldn’t understand the
fact that the tree which stood firm.. ..during several storms has
been uprooted by a gust of wind. I couldn’t understand this fact. If I knew this would happen.. ..I would’ve held the tree tightly
with my hands. Listen. I had told sir clearly.
Yet I don’t know why he sent you here. But since you’re here,
let me tell you something. It’s not possible for me to
marry an illiterate girl like you. I can’t leave a smart girl
like Rupali for you just because.. waited for me all these years. Do you know what Rupali knows? Driving, swimming, tennis and what not. Do you know the kind
of parties I need to attend? You’re not suited
to attend such parties. I loved you. I’ve nothing else to offer. If I take you a party
after our marriage.. ..people will ask me
what qualities my wife has. I’ll feel embarrassed while
I tell them that you know.. to wash clothes,
clean dishes and cook. You must’ve faced a lot
of embarrassment because of me. I’m sorry for it. May god bless you with happiness. We’ll definitely be happy. Don’t worry about us. Go away from here. I’ll close the door. “The person you waited for
so many years..” “’re so ill-fated that..” “..that your boat capsized near
the shores, it didn’t re-emerge.” “The person you waited for
so many years..” “’re so ill-fated that..” “..that your boat capsized near
the shores, it didn’t re-emerge.” “We uselessly fight against our fate.” “We uselessly fight against our fate.” “Whatever is in our destiny
will happen.” “You can’t foresee it.” “You can’t foresee it.” “How can you erase
what’s in your destiny?” “..your boat capsized near
the shores, it didn’t re-emerge.” “Tears drench her heart
and the hearts of others.” “Tears drench her heart
and the hearts of others.” “But people close to her
don’t value her tears.” “The people close to her..” “He’ll live happily after hurting you..” “..your boat capsized near
the shores, it didn’t re-emerge.” Come with me.
– Where? I had left you for your joys one day. But, the person for whom
I left you turned out to be.. Please let me go. Minu, Alok has not only insulted you,
he has also insulted me. You can forgive him but I can’t. This is not just between
you and him anymore. This is my fight also. You don’t know that
I never lost any battle. I won’t lose this one too. I’ll seek sir’s permission
and take you to Hazaribagh today. Minu. Minu. Breaking down won’t help. You’re not someone who gives up easily. We’ll stay here for three months. A village can be broken down
and turned into a city in three months. Why can’t I modernize
a village girl in three months? Alok said that you’re
a rustic illiterate girl. One day he’ll be shocked to see you. I also came from a village. But, is it visible on my
face that I come from a village? C’mon tell me. Can you say that? Sir taught your brothers and me. Your brothers wanted to work
for others and they’re doing that. I wanted to be a big
businessman and I succeeded. Man can achieve whatever he wants. You’ve done household chores
with your hands till date. You’ll learn to drive
a car from tomorrow. C’mon start. Okay. Keep your leg on the clutch. Press the accelerator with your feet.
Slowly. Let’s go. Slowly. Why are you staring at me?
Look at the road before you. You guide me and I’ll
hold on to the steering. I know that you won’t misguide me. C’mon press the accelerator.
Come on. You were driving well.
Why did you stop? Why did you suddenly apply the brakes? I want to start driving again. Okay. I’ll remove my hands.
Start driving now. Okay. Come. We’ll go for driving again tomorrow. What shall we do now?
– We’ll take rest. Mohammad Ali will come for the trial
of the new clothes we ordered for you. Go and look in the mirror,
see if you can recognize yourself. Feeling shy won’t help. We must win this challenge. I need your help to win. I want you to be happy in life. Alok who rejected you for being
rustic will dump Rupali for you. Mohammad, is madam’s
swimming costume ready? – Yes, sir. Your shawl is in the other room.
– Okay. Madam will start swimming from tomorrow.
Give her the costume. I’m going out. I can’t wear this short dress. This is a swimming costume.
You’ve to wear it. I told you that I won’t
wear these kind of dresses. I’ll wear a sari or this for swimming. Listen, teach her in such a way
that she comes first in any competition. Sir, there’s a problem.
– Why? What happened? Ms. Minu disappeared when
we got distracted for a moment. Please help in finding her. Please go.
Please go. Minu. Minu. I’ll give you as much money you demand,
just save her. Minu. Minu. Minu.. Minu. Minu! Minu! Minu! Find her quickly. Minu! Minu! Minu! You’re so foolish. You want to teach a
village girl how to swim? There are no pools in the
village but there are ponds. I can swim from birth. Why won’t I be angry? You smartly distanced Alok from me
after we came back from the picnic. You’re making a mistake, Rupali. I didn’t want Alok to go away from you. I wanted you to go away from Alok. I can’t understand what you mean. I know you’re an intelligent girl. I thought that I wouldn’t
have to explain everything to you. I thought you would
understand but you couldn’t. Therefore, I sent Alok outside
so that I could explain it to you. We’ve so many women
employees in our office.. ..but I chose you to
sit in the cabin next to mine. I thought that you would
understand my emotions. You would understand
what I felt for you. I thought that one day you would
ask me to break this glass partition. The glass partition wasn’t
broken but you shattered my heart. You forced me to leave
the city to forget this pain. How could you trust
the person who forgot.. ..Minu’s love for
years in just three months? I had so many dreams. I’m the owner of this company. So, I couldn’t express my feelings. I thought that girls
understand the emotions of men. I was waiting for
you to come close to me. But, it’s useless to
discuss all these things now. I’ve heard that you’ll
get married to Alok soon. No, sir. I could’ve married
him long ago if I wanted. He always asks me to marry him. Rupali, I won’t tell you to leave Alok
and marry me just because I like you. What are you saying, sir? You and Alok are so different. I’ll speak to Alok today. It’s your wish. I’m going out of town today. When I come back and
see you waiting for me.. ..then we can finalize
an auspicious date and.. Don’t worry, sir. I won’t have relation
with Alok when you come back. Let me meet him after office hour today. Rupali! What happened?
Why are you going there? You know our car waits here for us. Your car waits there
for you but I live in Howrah. I’m going home. Won’t you go to Rahul’s party with me? Why shall I go to
Rahul’s party with you? I won’t go anywhere with you.
– Why? I thought about our relation. You left Minu despite being
in a relation with her since childhood. You can leave me any time. Don’t compare yourself with Minu. She can’t be compared with you. Can I take her to any party? Hey Minu! What happened? Where are you going
leaving the dance class? I’ve learned how to dance. What are you saying? “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “Here dancing is
getting intimate with men.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do?
I was asked to dance.” “The men jump like frogs while dancing.” “If they slip and fall
they’ll break their legs.” “The ones who sing have hoarse voice.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “Here dancing is getting
intimate with men.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “Salutations to you, my guru.
Salutations to you.” “Salutations to you, my guru.
Please spare me.” “I kneel down and beg before you.” “Salutations to you, my guru.
Please spare me.” “I kneel down and beg before you.” ‘It’ll be difficult for me
to do all this.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “What do I do? I was asked to dance.” “Here dancing is getting
intimate with men.” “What do I do?
I was asked to dance.” “What do I do?
I was asked to dance.” There was a storm last night. Did you notice it? Storm? I didn’t realize.
– What? It was a dangerous storm. Let’s go. We’ll pack our bags. We’ll leave for Kolkata
tomorrow evening. Tomorrow?
– Yes. I’ll throw a party in Kolkata. What’s the party for? It’s my birthday day after tomorrow. The office will be closed on that day. I’m planning to throw a party at office. I’ll announce about
our relationship that day. You’re so sweet. I’m very happy. Don’t be so happy today. We’ll celebrate day after tomorrow. One more thing. Before I make the announcement
tell the office staff that..’ve no relation with Alok. I don’t have any relation.
What relation do we share? What are you saying? We’ve been together for so many days. You’re not the only man I interact with. He’s Mr. Gomes. I’ve travelled and
enjoyed with him a lot. But, he never proposed marriage to me. He’s Manoj, my oldest friend. He never asked me to marry him. We work in the same office. We’re over friendly with some
people and less friendly with others. You promised me.
– Promise? You also promised Minu. The girl you were in
love with for so many years. Rupali, I did everything for you. Rupali, tell me something. Can a man like me who holds an
important position marry a village girl? C’mon tell me. Can I marry her? If you can’t think of marrying
her then let me tell you.. ..that soon I’ll reach a position after
which you can’t even dream of marrying me. You? Which position
are you being promoted to? I won’t disclose it. Sir will tell everybody. Sir will tell us? Sir, I’ve shouted and told everybody
that I’ve no relation with Alok. It’s easy for you to shout and
declare this but it’s not easy for me. Therefore, I’ll tell you something. I’ve no relation with you. We’ve no relation? Of course we do. We share the relation
that we used to share. I’m the owner of this company
and you’re a salaried employee. You promised to marry me. Marry? Marry a girl like you? A thorn had pricked Minu’s
foot while passing a jungle. There was no doctor
or medical help there. Therefore I had to take
out the thorn out of her foot. It means I..
– Shut up! You knew that Alok was engaged to Minu. They why did you come between them? As a woman you tried
to ruin another woman’s life. You’re right. You’re right, sir. I rejected Minu for her. Can you apologize to
Minu before everybody? I will apologize. Sure?
– Yes. Minu. Go. I don’t have words to apologize. You’ve changed so much
in such a short time I never.. You never thought this would happen. I too never thought that the
hands with which I can wash clothes.. ..and clean dishes,
with the same hands I can also slap you. What did you do? I threw this party
to announce your wedding. Marriage?
– Yes. With this selfish man? You wanted to marry him. You worshipped Lord Shiva
so that you could get him. I made a mistake. I don’t want to lose
myself so that you win. Minu.. I want you to be happy in life. Past is past. Apologize to Alok. Apology? Why? Why should I apologize? If I have to apologize
then I should apologize to you. I insulted you many times. What are you doing Minu?
Don’t behave immaturely. I’m not behaving immaturely.
You’re being immature. There was a stone on the
streets that was destined to suffer. You accepted that stone with love. You shaped it into a beautiful statue. Was the statue made
for this useless fellow? If you think so.. ..then I would request you earnestly.. ..not to worship this statue,
immerse it. Minu. Tell me something. Won’t you feel hurt after
handing me over to him? Hurt? Why will I feel hurt? You can’t hide your
pain even if you try hard. Look into my eyes and
tell me if you never loved me. C’mon. Look into my eyes and tell me. I’ll go away. Before you go away look into
my eyes and say that you never loved me. Please say it once. Do you remember that
stormy night in Hazaribagh? You came into my room that night. You had put the blanket on me. When I looked into
your eyes I realized that.. ..there was a storm raging
within you and not just outside. A storm which can’t
be covered with blanket. Do you know that I
couldn’t sleep that night? The storm in your eyes
had snatched my sleep. And then..
and then.. one day you got caught. The day when I pretended to get
drowned while learning swimming. You went crazy calling
out ‘Minu! Minu!’ I could feel your love
for me from under the water. Any other girl in my
place would’ve understood.. ..that a man never gets
nervous except when in love. He gets nervous only
when his love gets lost. I didn’t get drowned that day. You got drowned. It was you. You. I’ll leave now. Bablu, stop. Bablu, you’ve always followed my orders. I’ve grown old and won’t live long. Therefore I order you
to hold Minu’s hand forever. Come. We can’t change our destiny. This is how fate works.

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