Hello and welcome to Bratislava! This is the presidential palace in Bratislava, the home to the Slovak President, Mr. Kiska. Also, as you may notice by the flag, Slovakia is in the European Union, and they have euro! Slovakia used to be Czechoslovakia, so they were our brothers. Not only the beautiful city of Bratislava, but there’s many other beautiful cities. But especially, they have the most beautiful mountains in Europe: “Tatry!” And Bratislava or as I like to call it the ” B-City” or “Blava.” It’s a capital of Slovakia, so let’s go explore. For breakfast we went to a place called:
Not “pancakes”, but “Mr. Cakes.”
Because “Pán” means mister! So, we’re five minutes from the city center of Bratislava and we’re looking for something. Dude, we found it! Kamzík tv tower I’m a view guy and I love views! I love to sit and look around.
And this is one of the places in Bratislava. And if you also wanna eat in this tower:
Just one floor below me is a turning
restaurant! 360 degrees. I was there last year with my friends and it’s bizarre. And since I told you that I am a view guy,
we had to go up to the “UFO tower” up on the bridge.
With amazing view of Bratislava. It’d be better if you come here for sunset or even better at night because at night, it looks stunning. And of course the trip to the UFO tower would not be complete without the cosmic drink. If you come to the Bratislava for more than a day, unlike us, here are other things that you should see. Devín castle Fresh market The upside down pyramid of the National Radio. And if you have the time, get out of Bratislava and go to Tatras. And last but not least: The slovak girls…
I know I keep mentioning it, but dude! Like, seriously. You can come to Bratislava on a plane, on the boat from Vienna on the River, which is pretty cool. Or you can come by train, like we did. You just gotta be careful. At the train station the taxi drivers will charge you more than 20€, just to take you down the street. So be very careful. Moving around Bratislava is quite easy, because this is the downtown! It’s very small; you can walk around wherever you want. Since we did some trips out of the city. We actually took an Uber because it’s extremely cheap. We rarely recommend you a place to stay, but you should stay here. This “Hotel Gallery” is right next to the train station. I actually slept here and we had the top room. So try to get that one it has a good view. Obchodná street here in Bratislava will give you various choices of where to eat. Dor example, Govinda a great vegetarian place. But we’re having something Slovak today. These are Halušky, which is potato dumplings with goat cheese. A very traditional Slovak dish that slovaks are not so crazy about.
But we Czechs go crazy about it whenever we visit Slovakia. Do not mistake “Slovak pub” with “Slovak house!” With the masses of tourists coming to Bratislava, the city is learning something from its older sister Prague. And that is to cheat people. Oh wow.
Wanna have a ketchup for 3€?
Do you want to feel like having fries for 5€? Lovely rooftop place with great beer and burgers for like 7€. Let’s see if we can make him laugh: Hey, you want to hear a Knock-knock joke? Oh, I’m sorry! So here we are on the river side on the right side of Danube river. It’s absolutely stunning! You can visit any of these ships, that’s actually a brewery, this is where we partied last night on a wedding. And this place actually has a concert every day throughout the summer, so check them out. And after the sun fell, we decided to have a little dinner in the “Urban Space;” it’s absolutely stunning, amazing. We’ve got some little food and this is not the only cool place within this building. And where to end the day and go for a great party? Definitely “KC Dunaj!” The entrance is from the back, as you saw. And I love this place! The rooftop terrace with the view of the castle and the UFO, I just love it. Bratislava, thank you so much for letting us have a great time here. We really enjoyed it and you can watch other cities we covered or you can watch Prague because that’s our speciality. And we’ll see you next week on another episode of the Honest Guide. This was Honza and Janek. Cheers!

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