Best places to visit in MOSCOW outside Red Square | RUSSIA Vlog 3

Best places to visit in MOSCOW outside Red Square | RUSSIA Vlog 3

Hello! Ready for a third day in Moscow? I’m full of plans, stay with me. With this ticket, I can use the City Sightseeing bus for two days. So, I’ll jump on board do to a few things I missed yesterday. The Bolshoi Theater! Home to the biggest ballet company in the world and also the pride of the nation. This is the building that appears in the
100 ruble banknote. I just discovered something totally by chance. I was here at the door and then someone arrived and put this wristband on me, and then I discovered that this is a number for the cashier when it opens, so that you can be one
of the first in line to buy the ticket for a tour inside. Well, I was not really planning
the tour, but as I was invited like this, why not? [Tour guide] The first building was destroyed by fire, and there were lots of fires in the
history of Bolshoi Theater It’s believed that this effect is achieved by air fills Wow! The word “Bolshoi” means “big” in Russian. Rehearsal. These are places where people can watch standing. Tickets for students starting at 100 rubles. Costume from the Swan Lake ballet. Unlucky yesterday, lucky today, huh? It’s so interesting because the entire theater is decorated with symbols representing the monarchy. When Bolsheviks took power they removed all that and replaced with communist symbols. But with the end of the Soviet Union, now it’s back to how it used to be before. And sorry about the noise, there is constrution everywhere here. Right over there, a building that doesn’t have such a happy history. You can’t come to Moscow and don’t think about the 20th century history here, right? This was the headquarters of the KGB, the main security agency for the Soviet Union. A lot of people were tortured here. Today I’m in a hurry and I only have time for McDonald’s. I love that touchscreen, you put that in English and you’re gonna get exactly what you ordered, no problems with translation. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, this is the tallest Orthodox Christian church of the world. This cathedral here has an interesting story.
It was build as a way to thank God for saving Russia from Napoleon. Then came the Bolsheviks and
they demolished the church. The idea was to build a Soviet palace here,
but it never happened. With the end of the Soviet Union, it was rebuilt. I’d love to go visit this church but I arrived in the moment when the relics of a very important saint in the Orthodox Church
are on display inside, so there is a five hour queue. In addition to the buses, here in Moscow there are
hop-on hop-off boats. In certain stops you can easily transfer between both With this beautiful blue sky, of course I’m doing it. This is the Moscow River, or Moskva in Russian, the main river here in Moscow. Look at all this green! I’d have never imagined. Looks like snow, huh? But no, it’s coming from a tree. Don’t know if you guys would remember, but there was a scene in the 1980 Summer Olympics that got very famous worldwide. It was a teddy bear crying – Misha was his name, It happened right here at this stadium. This is also the main stadium of the
2018 FIFA World Cup. This statue of Peter the Great was very controversial here in Moscow, they even had lots of protests. Peter the Great was the Tsar that transformed Russia into an empire in 1721. Look at the Kremlin from here. That’s the life! From the boat we saw everybody celebrating, partying, so we got off. Let’s join the crowd! You know, I think it’s an important holiday here in Russia. Everybody carrying the Russian flag They gave me one. So let’s party! This is Gorky Park, one of the best and most popular parks in Moscow. Look at how busy it is on a Tuesday! Just north the Gorky there is another park, Muzeon, which has some unique attractions. When the Soviet Union collapsed, several of the
city’s monuments were pulled from their pedestals and basically dumped
in this statue graveyard. Various sculptures of Lenin. Did you like the video? Then leave a comment and subscribe to my channel. This was my second trip to Moscow, 11 years after the first one and it’s amazing how things changed. Today a lot more people speak English, there are menus in English for example,
and more English signs. I also thought that people are more open and friendly, I absolutely loved to be back and see all this, what about you? What did you think of Moscow? I’d love to hear.

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  1. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, 😊 as this helps me keep creating more: Thank you! спасибо! ¡Gracias! Merci! Danke! Grazie! 😉😊

  2. By the way Bolshoi does not exactly mea that it's big! It was name like that just to dersify itself from Malyi Theater! at 0:42 on your right!
    that small yellow Bulding! That's the Maly Drama Theater! And the name Bolshoi came out to differenciate the two theaters built at the same square!
    The Bolshoy (Bigger) was Just bigger than Maly ( Smaller) That's it!

  3. Dear Renata, Nice video and thanks for the best places shown. Can you tell me where the tickets for boat ride can be booked? I am planning this summer in Moscow.

  4. Definitely, I have to go back to Moscow… I missed quite a few great attractions.
    Thanks Renata for your videos. I'm already subscribed, looking forward to more videos, hopefully of Australia (where I live) & Peru (where I'm from).


  5. Thanks! I’m really enjoying the videos! I can’t go so I am glad to see everything! And what you say is interesting, just enough and not too much!

  6. Молодец Рината! Это лучшая реклама для России.Очень красивое видео,показать Москву не возможно,она настолько интересная и красивая ,что за всю жизнь невозможно увидеть все!
    Добро пожаловать в Россию!

  7. urs operator is almost God))) *about the green – we love it, if the new building builnd, first people or administration grow trees in yards(and grannys grow flowers, but not in center) **i love Ur chanel)

  8. Hi there, I'm English and I live in Russia in a place called Belgorod, I've been living here for the last 6 years, I just wanted to say your video on Moscow was really good and well made , loved every second

  9. На месте храма Христа спасителя,был бассейн Москва. Помню плескался там в 1988-м.

  10. Историю театра, решили вести с 17 (28) марта 1776.
    Соединенные Штаты были образованы в 1776 году объединением тринадцати британских колоний
    🙂 наш театр ровесник США
    вот так….ребенок

  11. Рената если будете в Москве то посетите Крокус Сити ОКЕАНАРИУМ метро Мякинено

  12. КГБ в обиду не дадим. Защищала народ и лупила врагов СССР. )) СССР был проект для равных возможностей всем.

  13. You shoot well and speak well, I respect such people, without bias. But believe me, it is not so much fun for ordinary people to live in this city, as it seems to a tourist who came to the same summer. Yes! Many people from all over the country dream of moving to Moscow, but not much less people at the same time dream of leaving here for a more peaceful place. And preferably outside of Russia

  14. Действительно Москва в последние годы сильно изменилась , появились велосипедные дорожки , увеличились пешеходные зоны , иногда едешь и не поймёшь ты в Москве или … Даже не знаю какой европейский город поставить рядом . Видео классное ! Ждём следующее !

  15. Вы просто отличный репортёр! И почему я раньше не был подписан на ваш канал!)

  16. что ты несёшь про Лубянку. По себе людей не судят. Если в вашем ЦРУ принято пытать людей это не означает что так во всём мире.

  17. тп с ушами, чё такая кривозубая, это тебя кгб пытало, хуёв в пасть напихали.

  18. From Russia with love!
    Russian Guard Ensemble. "Last Christmas".
    Happy New Year!

  19. Dear Reneta thank you for your remarkable work and decent efforts. You made me very happy and nervous at the same time by this video. I always like to see Moscow and Russia as i love Russia but at the same time i very much miss it and it has gotten even more my wish and need to be there now……. I watched also your other videos about Russia and i noticed your fair, objective and honest style. I appreciate it very much. Thank you also for to be without common and chronic western negative prejudgements and stereotypes about Russia….. Unlike typical western mass media representatives you are courageous enough to admit you like something Russian…… I impatiently wait for your new works……

  20. I wont deny that bolsheviks did some things, but "Lubyanka" is kinda a meme for a "red terror" and KGB being its tool. Not so many people has been actually tortured or executed on premises, it's just too many wannabe-Che-Guevaras consider shouting or cross-examination to be tortue. I might be wrong here but as far as I understand it was a coward and a proven liar(!) Solzhenitcin who forced this meme, made it popular, thus everyone on the west knows for some reason where KGB building is. I for one dont know where americans tortured and executed Saddam and I dont care cz it's totally irrelevant. I dont even know for sure which exactly intelligence agency did it. I still dont care, it's still irrelevant. Just really think about it: why do you even know what Lubyanka is? Who gave you this particular knowledge and why? I think it's just a forced meme, first made up for internal use by fragile soviet dissidents and spreaded widely among immigration. No sons of revolution are that stupid to handle millions of billions of corpses in a center of city, it seems to be impractical as hell.

  21. Благодарю, Рената!
    Ностальгия… Бывал там ещё в СССР…
    Подписываюсь на Ваши ролики!
    С уважением,
    Р.А., старый травник, биолог, автор книг о лекарственных растениях (само собой!), и… как ни странно, книжек для детей, приключенческого романа "Возвращение в царство Плутона" 🙂

  22. самое забавное, что Москва совсем не самое красивое место России, живу на котельнической сталинке, но обожаю Ярославль, Байкал, уральские горы, там такие красивые места есть, просто ушататься. про Байкал говорить смешно, кто был на Байкале мегаполисы не считает красивыми

  23. The large church you speak of. The Bolsheviks tore down the church, ended up building a huge swimming pool on the site. When the Soviet Union collapsed the church was rebuilt over the swimming pool. Nice video.

  24. Так мило она сказала про здание КГБ: многих людей здесь пытали😘. Супер. В Большом танцевали,в КГБ пытали.!

  25. Рената,прекрасные видео!!!А также отличный рассказ и заряд позитива!!Удачи и новых видео!!

  26. I'm an exchange student in Russia now. Your video is so amazing and wonderful!! I think I have more plan to explore Moscow 😉

  27. Рената,у вас в предках не было Себастиана Перейра???

  28. Loved your video. At what time of the year you visited Moscow? What are the charges for hop on hop off boat ride & from where did you start your boat ride?

  29. Excuse me, Renata. I was offended by what you said in the third minute about the KGB. The best people of our country worked in the KGB. Of course, the KGB officers were not polite with the enemies of our people. However, there is no doubt that they always chose the most humane way of behavior. The KGB officers made a great contribution to the struggle of our people for freedom. They helped us defend against western invasions. In 1918-1922 we banished the invaders of the Entente from our country (Britain, France, Japan, USA, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Poland, etc.), in 1941-1945 we fought with the European invaders, led by Hitler. During the Cold War, the KGB prevented American aggression against Russia. We love and respect this organization.
    P.S. I love you very much, despite the fact that you repeat the Western propaganda. I think that you will change your opinion if you find out more about how hard our struggle for freedom and independence was.

  30. Сегодня в России людей пытают в каждом полицейском участке. Это так к слову про пытки в КГБ. 2:59

  31. Вы про коммунистические символы осторожнее, это самые народные, человеколюбие символы в отличии от этой двухголовой курицы и про пытки в КГБ, это смешно, пытают у вас там в ЦРУ

  32. Love your videos as always.
    The interior of Cathedral of Christ The Savior is just Unbelievably Beautiful and Intricate! In my opinion it was more beautiful than the interior of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg.
    The downside is they do not allow you to take videos or pictures inside the Cathedral

  33. Hin Renata, I Love your Videos. I' m going alone to Moskau in june, is it difficult to take the bus without speaking russia?

  34. Nice video, Renata. I hope you enjoyed Moscow!

    P.S. Nobody was tortured in the KGB building. These are tales.

  35. Moscow sure has changed since the 80’s it is a totally modern city with good food. When I was there, well not so much.

  36. Не стоит говорить гадости о нашем КГБ, вы ничего о нем не знаете, лучше о своем гауантаноме побеспокойтесь, там ли не пытают.

  37. Милая Рената, здание Пентагона в США, намного страшнее чем здание ФСБ.

  38. Which I had seenyour videos before I booked my ticket and visit Russia. Could not by online tickets to see the Bolshoi and there weren't any when I got to Moscow as it was their final weekend summer performances but was lucky to see the Marinsky ballet in Saint Petersburg just as famous, good and beautiful theater.

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