BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN JAPAN? Ask Japanese to promote their home towns.

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN JAPAN? Ask Japanese to promote their home towns.

The Okageyokocho at Ise is really a good place,
don’t want anyone to miss it. Kobe is very beautiful. The night view in Port Island is so good. There is a place called Kawagoe, If you drop by, you must go there. Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat!
Today we’re gonna go and ask the people in Japanese, to tell us about the place they are from,
might be the area where they were born, and what amazing place about that is. So maybe that’s something you might want to check out
when you next come to Japan. Let’s go and ask Japanese! I am from Mie, It’s in the Ise are, so the sea food is very good. Lots of sightseeing spots and a lot of people visiting. and you can enjoy for a while I like there very much. So the must-pay-a-visit place in Mie is? The Okageyokocho at Ise is a very Japanese view place, The food there is also very good. And many famous sightseeing spots, Also many shrines, and spiritual spots, there It’s really a good place,
don’t want anyone to miss it. Do you know the shrine’s name? Ise Shrine. Where Amaterasu lives? Yes, it’s very famous, I recommend it as well. There’s a shop in Okageyokocho, where sells mochi. It’s called Akafuku, it’s Mochi and red bean paste in it And lobster dishes And it’s also famous for the croquette. You can get one under 500 yen, it’s really good. Do you have any food to suggest in Tokyo? The deep-fried minced meat in Asakusa is very good. Definitely worth trying when visiting the Sky tree. The deep-fried minced meat! The airport is very close to the city. Itami airport is very close to the city. You are coming from the same city? Yes, we are from Kansai. The Takoyaki! The steamed meat bun is also famous. It’s called 551. Seems attractive, do you know where? Kobe is beautiful, the night view in Port Island is good. The Port Island and shopping mall is beside each other Great night view and the sea, everything is wonderful. There also have a big Ferris wheel. The good place in Tokyo? Basically, Tokyo have good access to anywhere, It’s easy to go any place you like and easy to get the things you want at any place, Then where do you suggest for people who visit Japan for the first time? I think it’s gonna be the centre of Tokyo. Such as Shibuya, Harajuku, around these areas. What are these places good about? Usually you can’t see that much of people besides there and lots of shops around to enjoy shopping. I am also from Tokyo, There is a area called Yanesen, which is very antique because it has its original old street view. If you go there you can see the original Tokyo,
apart from the modern city and it’s very interesting. Where is it? I think it’s somewhere near Ueno area. It’s doesn’t have this much energetic young people like here, but it has its unique attractive points. I used to go there only to enjoy the view of the street. What is good about your home town in Japan? I am from Kawagoe, it’s old and very good. There’s a place called Kurazukuri,
which remains the old city of Japan. If you want to enjoy the antique mood of Japan, besides the modern city, which you can see at everywhere, If you travle in Japan, I wish people can visit there. It also has a name which is “Little Edo”
(Edo is the former name of Tokyo from 1603 to 1868.) The urban city landscape is wonderful,
more and more tourists are going there. I think it’s really good. And the snack city. You mean the snack street? Oops, it’s my mistake. The Okashiyokocho (the snack street),
what do you do there? The have a really long gluten made snack, I see people buying it all the times. How long is it? It’s like this long. So big! It’s very long. fu(gluten) snack? Fugashi. Remember Fugashi! I also heard that Kawagoe festival is very famous. Oh yes. What goes on there? People wearing the mask of Okame and dance. So visiting there can enjoy the whole Japanese culture! Yes! Is it often around summer? The Kawagoe festival is in autumn. But basically in the summer they have lots of festivals. That’s all the questions, thank you very much! So, what’s good about your home town? Everybody had a different story to tell. My advice for you would to be,
don’t only go to the main big city. Like Tokyo and Osaka.
Actually go to the smaller cities. Find out stuffs, there are lovely stuffs. For example I’ve been to Ise,
Azuchimomoyama Bunka mura (culture village). And for example that was a lovely place we did videos on Ask Japanese, and on my channel. And it was worth traveling
all the way out to the countryside. Because you see a very different Japan,
and it’s definitely worth to trip. So, I hope you have a lovely.
Let me know what’s really cool about your hometown. Do you have any cool festival anything you’re proud of? Looking forward to your comments,
and I will catch up with you soon on Ask Japanese!

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  1. i'm from munich (last day in osaka for vacation)…and no…there isn't anything in munich i'm proud of.

  2. My hometown is amazing. You should visit us. We have narcotraffic, high suicides rates and a beautiful First place in the "City with most Aids" of the country. Wonderful. Just don't bring too much money, cause you're gonna get mugged!!!!
    What more can you get?? The sun, the beach, the Aids, the government corruption, the stupidity of my people is going to charm you. Come visit!!!

  3. i dont wanna be so rude but will be great if you can change the topics of the videos of japan because its feels like very repetitive the themes when there so much to show about japan. i dont try to be spamer or anything like that its just a suggest. pd: sorry for my bad english

  4. I have a question guys. I'm coming to Japan in September and I'm planning 1 night stay in Kobe. I want to use couchsurfing but my friends tell me it's dangerous and I better sleep in hostel. What do you think?

  5. what's cool about my home town? hmm tough question :/ I mean, if you like getting robbed & stabbed it's a good place to go but… other than that not really anything. that's what you get when you live in the only town-going-city in an empty county I guess :p

  6. キャティーさんの「ここもすごいですよねぇ」と聞き返せる情報力も素晴らしいですね。

  7. I've been to Japan 5 times and I also recommend you to visit the smaller cities. You can check out some of my videos on my channel, or my photos on my instagram account @ro_ronin

  8. All i hear is :"dmhcgfzwgtbuzvwtgvwzu ,iwcztgbcuwztbv wtzwcmtuwhcbw" but the translation helps me alot xD

  9. hey could you ask japanese what their honest opinions one some japanese singers are? especially itano tomomi, ayumi hamasaki and koda kumi? i think that would make for an interesting episode 🙂

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