BEST PLACES to LIVE in JAPAN | Ask Cathy Cat about real life in Japan

BEST PLACES to LIVE in JAPAN | Ask Cathy Cat about real life in Japan

Hey guys, it’s Cathy Cat, on Ask Japanese. You asked us a couple of questions about life and living in Japan So i’m gonna answer a couple of your questions today. Number one: Not bad! It really depends on where is your job, like which area do you actually want to work in? Usually you have to first find out where you work in, and how long you want to commute. Many people, for example find Tokyo too expensive to live in so they live for example on the outskirts of Tokyo or out in Saitama and and commute to work. But then it’s up to you, you might have a really nice house, summer or like a little apartment out in Saitama, but you will have to commute an hour and a half and to work. You really have to think in Japan the price of living is very, very expensive. There’s always something you have to lose, and do you want to have a big place? Do you want to have a smaller commute? How much can you actually pay for it? All of this will actually decide where you can then stay. If you don’t mind a longer commute, or if you don’t mind living on the countryside, you’re definitely gonna have a larger house and a bit more luxury if you stay and work on the countryside. Also, if you decide to live on the countryside, there will be less foreigners, which means less chances for you to speak your native language and speak more Japanese, might be a chance for you to learn more Japanese Now, since Japan is surrounded by the sea, depends on if you want to have fresh fish or you don’t like going all the way to the ocean. But what I find really interesting is in Tokyo, there are a couple of spots right in this big buzzing city where you can actually go fishing. For example, there’s one in Asagaya, I went there and follow the leads to give a try to my luck at fishing a little bit. There are couple of others spots like that in Tokyo as well. Worth checking it out! Now, the closest to Tokyo would be Enoshima, and Enoshima is very easy to reach by train and, quite a lot of people that like surfing actually go all the way over to Enoshima. I would actually make you aware of it though. The waves might not be the same as you might expect from your country, so maybe don’t have the biggest expectations for waves, but still, that is a place where I can see quite a lot of surface. Okay, these are a couple of your questions in a led about our recommendations about life living and coming to Japan, I hope this helped you, there will be another chance for you to leave me more questions, in that case you need to be subscribed and have the notification symbol clicked on, so you can actually see when the director or I leave a post asking you to submit your questions. Hope this helps you guys, and I catch you soon for another video on Ask Japanese. Bye!

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35 Replies to “BEST PLACES to LIVE in JAPAN | Ask Cathy Cat about real life in Japan”

  1. Hi, I'm interested if you will ever do 4k videos, and what resolution does the director-san use when he's taking shots of you?

  2. I think Nishinomiya is quiet a nice place to live in! (In Japan the city is known as: 1番住みたい街 eng: the city where everyone wants to live) It's right in between Osaka and Kobe, has nice places to go for shopping but also has a pleasant atmosphere which really makes you want to live there.

    On top of that going to Osaka/Kobe only costs around 270 ¥ from there because it's not ruled by the expensive JR. One way to Osaka/Kobe is about 20-30 minutes. Everything is so close 😵✌

    I think the city is also worth a trip 😙 Of course, Tokyo is definitely a must place to go but cities like Nishinomiya (or basically any city/town in thw country side) depicts Japans beauty better than Tokyo will ever be able to.

    A little fun fact: it is also the city in which the anime "the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi" takes place.

  3. Saitama is too boring I think. Inage or Chiba would be better. I think Sendai is the best. Anyway, in Tokyo I would live in Kamata, Monzen Nakacho or Tsukishima.

  4. Cathy Cat, you are so wonderfully beautiful…and cute in that outfit….. I like your videos…. you cove such a wide variety of topics and answer a lot of questions we have about the Japanese way of life.

  5. Isn't okinawa like the "surfing capital" of Japan? If proximity to Tokyo and other places doesn't matter to that guy.

    Mayby I'm wrong and there's much better spots though. I don't really care at all about surfing i just know there was this surfer guy on Terrace house from okinawa and it has given a impression of surfing being a bigger part of the culture there.

  6. I wouldn't mind a small or tiny apartment or studio. But I'd be scared to get stuck or fitting the bathtub as a large hipped foreigner. Lol

  7. I thought my Japanese friends homes would be very Zen and minimalistic. In fact, most of them looked like the inside of a Junk Shop.

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