Best places to farm Upgrade Cores

Best places to farm Upgrade Cores

Ahoy! Many of you have asked me about the best places to farm upgrade cores. I’ve already answered most of those questions in the comments, but for those who haven’t seen them here’s a new video! A while ago I made a solo dungeon farming series, and frankly I’d say it already answers this question, but I keep receiving it, so this video is going to be about cores only. So, the first question is, which grade? Low, medium, high and highest are all dropped in different places. Let’s start from the bottom going up. The lowest dungeon that anyone can access, is Lake in Dusk. Luckily enough, that one drops both low and medium grade cores. And despite it being the easiest dungeon in the game, it’s still a pretty profitable one. I believe it’s the best place to farm for upgrade cores of low and medium grade. The alternative is Ruina Station, but that one has fewer chests, and it’s more likely to drop crafted items than cores. Moving up on the list, Tower of the Dead B1F is a good source of medium grade cores, but you can often find high ones as well. You’re likely to find more medium grade cores in there than in Lake in Dusk, but I still think the latter is better for farming cores in general, because there isn’t such a huge difference in price between low and medium. As for high, people sometimes mention Volcanic Citadel and Forgotten Temple B1F, but from my experience those 2 might be the worst. Instead, I would recommend Hazardous Valley. It’s fast, and you’re guaranteed to find at least 3 cores in each run, but you get a mixture of high and highest ones. The awakened mode guarantees 2 cores only, but there are 3 more chests that often drop a few more. Plus if you’re in a party, multi-drops aren’t uncommon either. The bosses in PF can be killed by a small team pretty easily, and they drop 3 items each, often highest grade cores. But the catch is, you can’t just buy an entry and kill them, you have to find them and they aren’t always available. Awakened Forbidden Island drops highest grade cores only, except for 2 chests that may drop high ones. They are pretty common drops compared to other things in there. However, the dungeon takes a long time to finish. And one last thing: regular DX dungeons. Well, to be more precise, hard mode, because then you get free entries in your mailbox. You can buy 1 entry item and do 3 runs every day. The only disadvantage of those, is that force cores are also dropped quite often. So a little summary: If you fancy farming alone, then Lake in Dusk for low and medium, and pretty much every DX dungeon including Hazardous Valley for high and highest. If you’re more interested in having fun with your buddies, try Awakened Forbidden Island or Awakened Hazardous Valley, or PF hunting, Well, I hope this answer will satisfy your curiosity. Have fun farming!

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  1. mh.. i agree with LiD but the HV entry is quite expensive.. sure, you dont mention which is the most profitable because this is about getting the most cores in the lowest amount of time, right?

    Maybe something like Core per Minute and then taking the entry price in consideration

  2. CA6 drops pretty good uchh
    But as mentioned already in another video of urs…
    Adx are one of the best source of uch/uchh, needing decent eq to farm properly.

  3. I have 183 warrior.. semms like force Archer is great.. should I make it again from the beginning? Seems like hard to make it 180 again 😂

  4. today the made it useless to farm upgrade core, on cabal NA the ask 1.4M for a map part, 200k for upgrade core mid and low and the ask 10k for force core so you always lose money ore if you are
    lucky you make 200k in 1 run and if you are realy lucky you find a slot extender and you wil make just 12m whats going on man. its not even funny to farm more its more a gamble today, and 300k for uch

  5. Ahoy! I am really worried if I started farming for cores, would I just spend all my alz for the entries? I mean you wouldnt be able to earn alz from farming cores if the price of the entries would easily make you bankrupt? You wouldnt be able to do a lot of runs because you dont have enough alz to buy more entries. Plus the cores you obtain from dungeons arent that a lot. Beginners like me find it really hard to farm especially when they only have like 5-10 million alz in their inventory. What could be a solution to this?

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