Best Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Taco Trucks & Restaurant Guide

Best Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Taco Trucks & Restaurant Guide

– [Andrew] Los Angeles has some of the best tacos in America and today I’m teaming up with Atiya from Foodism Magazine, to take you through a
few of our favorite spots to get them. But what exactly makes a great taco? We caught up with Chef Wes Avila, of the famous Guerilla
Tacos in Los Angeles, when he was in Toronto, to show us how it’s done. In my opinion, what makes a perfect taco, is a really good tortilla, nice filling, a spicy chili, not too crazy, and if the flavors invoke memories and you remember the taco a year later, it’s probably gonna be a good taco. Alright, I just had an incredible taco dinner at Lisa Marie but we’re gonna continue our adventure in Los Angeles, let’s go! (upbeat jazzy music) Alright, I just checked
into the Freehand downtown. This hotel is amazing. (upbeat music) Good morning. Good morning. Have you ever had tacos for breakfast? I’ve never had tacos for breakfast. Let’s go give it a try. For stop, Homestate. The ultimate spot to get Texas-style, lonestar cooking served on flour tortillas made fresh before your eyes. Breakfast tacos! They’ve got an extensive
menu of anytime tacos, but the breakfast tacos are
where they really shine. That is really good. I was really skeptical. Tacos are probably not
something I want for breakfast but melding all the breakfast ingredients, it’s the best of both worlds. Next on our list is Guisados, a really popular spot that features a very extensive menu of homestyle braises
on handmade tortillas, all gluten free. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Ready?
Ready to do it? Ah! Listen, the taco’s so full, the ingredients can’t stay inside. Corn tortilla, juicy shrimp, (worker yelling) friendly service (giggles). It’s pretty thick. I think it could be pretty
filling, pretty fast. – [Atiya] Yeah, like, probably
best to just get two. – [Andrew] Now we’re heading to Salazar. If you’re looking for Mexican
barbecue loaded tacos, and a patio that’s fun day or night, this is your spot. – [Server] Here you go
guys, Salazar tacos. Oh my god, this is so much meat. The most meat. He warned us that they were small tacos but they’re loaded. I could probably eat two or three. Op! (giggles) Have you seen Mrs. Doubtfire? You know the scene where she just, she’s wearing a mask?
(laughs) Yes! That’s what happened right there. Time to head to our next spot, downtown. Alright, we’re heading to
B.S. Taqueria downtown. B.S. Taqueria fuses tradition
with a contemporary approach. The results is a quickie menu with some really big tacos. Fish taco! I love this shell. – [Atiya] It’s like a hard taco. – [Andrew] Yeah, it’s
like a hard taco shell. Very crunchy and juicy. – [Andrew] Got a little bit of a kick. – [Atiya] Very big. Good size portion. I feel, almost, like I
could be okay with this one. Okay, you sick of tacos yet? Not yet. Good, cause we’re just
getting started, let’s go! Let’s take a trip east of Los Angeles, where you’ll find a
plethora of taco joints, starting with Colonia Tacos Guisados, which has a ton of different taco options. First of all, love that
this taco has rice. Shrimp, duck, fish, cauliflower. – [Atiya] Which one are
you gonna have first? – [Andrew] I don’t know! They all look so good. I’m gonna try– Which one do you like the most? I mean, I love rice. Asian, it’s not a day without rice. (laughs) Save that for last. Okay, I’ll try duck. Cheers to you.
Cheers, cheers. Cheers to you, here we go. Nothing’s falling out so, it’s cleaner. I would say too, the ratio of filling to
tortilla is pretty good, in that, it’s not
overflowing with filling. So it’s not really messy. Look, it’s still clean. – [Andrew] Taco Nazo has a
few locations in the east, and their claim to fame
is their fish taco. Let’s give it a try. [Drive Through Worker] Hi
welcome, can I help you? Hi, can we get two fish tacos? [Drive Through Worker] Two
fish tacos with everything? Yes. Andrew, are you ready
to eat some fish tacos? So ready. Fish tacos are my favorite and this place is world famous. – [Atiya] World famous
since 1978, very important. Since ’78. Maybe before that fish didn’t exist. Yeah, you know what? I should invent a taco and be the guy who invented, just, any random thing in a tortilla. I could invent a chocolate taco. – [Both] A choco! Patent that, patent that, 2017. Look at that. We got tacos on a platter. 10 points for presentation. We got an entire hot pepper. I was just gonna say, can we acknowledge this huge pepper? It’s an entire fish! I can’t even, it won’t wrap. Oh my god, this is perfect! The sauce, it’s not a mayo. What is it? I don’t know what it is.
Tarter? I think it is a mayo actually. I love the double tortilla thing going on. Double tortilla, we’ve got shredded lettuce, there’s just perfect combination of different textures going on. I would not dispute the claim
of world’s best fish taco. Oh my god, it’s so good. Alright, I’ll let you keep eating. We gotta get to our
next location, let’s go! In the east side you’ll
find Mariscos Jalisco, and iconic, classic Mexican food truck, that offers some great
authentic sea food options. Love that they gave us so
many limes for one taco. Wow! We got a tilapia. We got some avocado, essential. Shredded lettuce, onions, tomato. It smells amazing. Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go. That is good! Tacos here are legit. Bit of a wait, but we got them fresh, loaded. I love it. Made it to Petty Cash and we brought some friends! Hey guys! Petty Cash Taqueria is a great spot to meet up with a group of friends. They’ve got drinks, tacos, and make sure you don’t skip on dessert. One, two, three! Choreographed biting. Alright, we need to
take a break from tacos so we got two desserts. We got a tres leches cake and bunuelos. The sun may be setting but our taco adventure continues. Alright, we’re downtown. Time to find a night taco spot. If you’re looking for
a date spot downtown, Chicas Tacos is like
something out of a movie. But their tacos, probably, aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. Okay, this taco looks like a Caesar salad. I’m excited!
Taco time, taco time, taco time! The chef is looking at us, first of all, and he’s nodding his head in approval. (laughter) I was a little skeptical, really, about the Caesar salad
thing but, nailed it! Deep fried fish can be little bit heavy, a little bit oily. The Caesar salad makes it a complete meal. Another great date spot is
Sky’s Gourmet Tacos in mid-city. They’ve got an incredibly extensive menu, with some great seafood options. We got our tacos, but hot tip, there’s a neat little area back here. Cheers! – [Atiya] I’m happy with this one. – [Andrew] It’s kinda got
like a Cajun-type of taste. It does, it does. It has a lot of seasonings at the bottom. I’m not sure if it’s a jerk seasoning or something like that. The lobster in here, super juicy. It’s like all over my face. Normally, when you try to get a lobster or premium type of meat, they skimp on it, right? These are big, juicy pieces. I’m impressed. Our last spot is Leo’s Tacos Truck, known for it’s al pastor taco, featuring spit-grilled meat. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. These are some of the most
affordable tacos we could find. Hi, can I have one taco? Alright, let’s give it a try. (large engine rumbling) (laughs) That was my stomach! I love schawarma. Al pastor is the best
of schawarma in a taco. It’s crispy and it’s a dollar 25! It’s so good. So there you have it! Just a few of our favorite spots for tacos in Los Angeles. I’m sure you’ve got your favorites, so let us know in the comments below. Follow gunnarolla on Youtube and Facebook for more food and travel videos. See ya next time! A la prochaine.

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