Best Places in the World to Travel Solo: Women

Best Places in the World to Travel Solo: Women

So these are the best places to travel solo
when you’re a woman Well these are a few of my places: Burma! Absolutely amazing known as Myanmar that’s
the new name Very safe, wonderful people And Thailand, where you can live in a temple
and you won’t be speaking much English but you can help them with their English and traveling
solo puts you if you’re open into amazing situations I lived in this temple for two months and
took pictures and did movies and got to do these amazing things go around with them while
they collected food every morning which was something I had never done and it changed my life And in India another place you should go I got to photograph the Dalai Lama in the
Himalayas in Dharamsala, another wonderful place to go, highly recommend it And back to Burma, people are so friendly everyone will talk with you and being solo is actually a plus because
there’s no one else to talk to but the people that you come to visit in the new country
that you are in so you do it! And this is in Bagan And the wonderful, well, tell me your name
again, your name? My name Gutat, Gutat, he took me at 5:30 in the morning he
picked me up with the horse and buggy that’s pretty cool And took me to the holy temples in Bagan So we had a good time and I went to the top
and waited until everybody left. Oh my god! Tripods, clicking cameras, it’s all over now
and it’s beautiful, it’s absolutely gorgeous So it was worth getting up at 4:30, I only
woke up about five times I was excited Thank you So the thing is you’re interacting with people
more when you’re traveling by yourself and Myanmar is one of my top favorite countries,
I call it Burma. And Colombia, Brasil, which I don’t have showing
here, sunset in Bagan And we also try strange foods, like after
two years having a Big Mac no that was a sausage MacMuffin So that was unusual. But for real food, I would say one of my favorite
foods is momos in Nepal Made by this wonderful Tibetan friend in Kathmandu, where I stayed for a month at this guesthouse, I got to use the kitchen,
she was making momos one day and was laughing at me Because I was so interested but see here’s
the thing Again, when you’re a woman traveling alone
you’re not, you don’t intimidate people they welcome you
into the kitchen and show you how to make cool things and it’s fun! And then back to Dharamsala, India where they
have every Wednesday a Cora ceremony, right near the Dalai Lama’s house and I had been
missing it. But it’s 7AM in the morning folks! Highly recommend going to the Himalayas especially
alone as a woman, it’s not anything like being in the big cities of India so It’s fun. And back to Burma, I was in Pyinoolwin in
the mountains above Mandalay and she was putting on make-up in Myanmar at 8 o’clock in the morning, so much fun! Another engaging interaction with the culture,
it’s make-up, so they do it pretty and it was really fun, I enjoyed it, she showed me
how to do it It’s been an amazing morning here on the Big
Island. I got to swim with wild and free dolphins,
it’s been a dream of mine for my whole life. So the thing is, you want to be completely
open when you travel if it feels safe and it’s something you want to do, just dive right
in! I didn’t know when I was gonna go to the Big
Island that I would get this close to wild dolphins and here it’s happening so I moved
over there so you never know what direction will that you’ll go in if you’re open and
ready to follow your heart. We are in the top of Mauna Kea and I was told
by my son that I should keep driving to this summit but we don’t have a four wheel drive! And we started slipping backwards, he says
it was because I didn’t accelerate but I was scared. But I think this is a pretty darn good view
right here! Look at that! Above the clouds, amazing. the sun is setting here on Mauna Kea and we
have had a picnic I’m quite amazed but the spectacularness of
this and there’s a star gazing program, stay tuned! So we’ve got some of my favorite places to
visit, Hawaii, Kauai, India, Nepal, and Burma, so check it out. These are wonderful places to go and Hawaii
has changed my life, this is my new home base. Right here. So subscribe and comment below, see you in
the next video!

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  1. Are you a woman wanting to #travel solo? Here are places that make it easy. Check it out.

  2. Great video, thank you very much! I have been traveling for two years around the world …staying in strangers' home from caves in the Middle East to penthouses in South America. I LOVE TO TRAVEL ALONE! Now I want to encourage other women from the Hispanic community to do it fearlessly! Good luck in your travels my dear! Hope one day we can meet! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. oh man id love to travel the world, real authentic experiences. seeing you doing this really gives me faith that its is so possible to do. im 15 so i have a way to go but you posting this puts things in perspective for me. thank you for having the courage !!!!

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