BEST Fatal Fields Hiding Spots

BEST Fatal Fields Hiding Spots

yo what’s going on everybody
penguinzomby here back with another YouTube video and today we’re looking at
best hiding spots in fatal fields so jumping right in this first spot is
gonna be in this greenhouse right here and you can actually jump onto an
invisible kind of ledge that’s right on the on the back of this thing right here
and once you do it you’re basically floating in mid-air and they can’t see
you from the outside so it’s a great hiding spot definitely good for you know
if you’re less when I live in squads or whatever you can’t place loot down there
to bait someone they come in run up oh free shield you know they think and then
BOOM blossom in the face of the shotgun so pretty great spot definitely
recommend it now moving on this next spot is next to the windmill near the
barn and it’s right above a chests pond which is a plus so all you want to do is
break one of these roofs right here I chose to go on top of the hay bales then
jump place the floor because I want to preserve everything inside inside there
right I don’t want to break anything just you know just destroy my tracks and
anyway once you’re up here it’s a great spot for an ambush again it’s right over
at respond so if you leave the chest up there it’ll make the noise people will
be drawn to it so definitely a great spot now this next spot is in the shafts
or in the in the would you call this in the rafters of the big barn and you can
get up here by any different way I chose to go in through the back wall because
it’s a it’s a little triangular piece and we’ll be really be noticeable if you
break any of these shafts the whole roof piece comes out so I would recommend
going in through one of the four corners yeah pretty great spot definitely really
open you have great vantage points over everyone just keep in mind that to get
out of here you do have to either break one of the triangular walls or the roof
piece just something to keep in the back of your head but now this next spot
right here is over a chess pond and you can get on the rafters here or you can
go behind this little hay bale right here and ambush anyone coming in to get
this chest I know a lot of you probably have already done
but definitely had to include this spot in here cuz it’s amazing but now moving
on this next spot is pretty creative the silos right here
break they break by level so you can break the first piece second piece third
piece fourth piece and I recommend breaking the top piece and jumping down
and there is a chest bone in this one there isn’t and the other one but if you
camp in the one that has the chest bone you can basically surprise anyone who’s
coming into here the chest noise like Oh a free chest and then they open it and
then you know you blast them in the face of the shotgun so it’s it’s a pretty
great spot now this next one is in the blue house right next to the green house
we showed in the first spot again right over a chest bond which is where I love
my ambush spots to be and you can build up here you can either build a floor
right there or you can just camp on the little post up there it’s all for some
preference but definitely great spot to keep in mind
now this next spot is underneath the dock at fatal fields so definitely a
nine million IQ spot highly recommend it in hide-and-seek a lot of you’ve
probably already done already but it’s such a such a great spot that I had to
include in this video and as you can see right there we’ve got three llamas to
line up so pretty great shot but yeah just just pretty decent spot now this
next spot is behind the chests spawn underneath this little cave right here
on the river and a lot of you have probably if you played hide-and-seek
you’ve definitely already found this spot out but you can go behind the chest
spawn and so you know it gives you a little more added protection if someone
spots you but yeah so moving on this next spot is in the stables and you can
get inside the the rafters in this place just like the barn and the good part
about this spot is that there is another chest pond right below the rafters right
here and so you can camp right above this chest bond and if they come through
the door that I went through and then they hear the chest noise to come
through that door they won’t really see you up in that
corner unless I come from the other side so definitely great spot to keep in mind
now this next spot is gonna be on top of this tree right here pretty much all the
tree spots are good you can get on top of all of them if I don’t really like
the tree spots because anyone can cut them down but it is a great spot so I
thought I’d include it in this video so yeah now moving on this is our last spot
of the video guys it’s this is gonna be on the two by one log cabin kind of on
the outskirts of fatal fields this has a completely hollow roof and sometimes
there’s an ammo box that spawns up here and you can actually get up here by
breaking one of the roof pieces and jump placing a floor so you preserve
everything that’s inside doesn’t look like anyone has been in here at all
unless you go in there and actually look at the roof but yeah definitely great
spot to chill out drink a chug chug or do whatever but anyway that’s gonna be
about it for this video guys hope you liked what you saw if you did drop a
like and I’ll see you guys in my next video

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  1. Hey dude! I was wondering if you would do a shoutout Sunday series? Because that would make the community appreciate what you do even more than they do now! I love your videos, no click bait, you get straight into the point of the video which is just fantastic!

  2. Awesome spots! Finnaly I can go to the toilet without having to be scared of someone killing me!
    Oh I also can randomly spray I guess that's a plus point!

  3. I have a great idea for a video: you could make a video of you using all the ambushing spots that you have showcased in your videos on real people.

  4. I love the fact that for the majority of times he is explaining an ambush he says to blast them with with a shotgun yet in the gameplay he sprays like a headless chicken with an Assault Rifle the XD

  5. I love when you shoot your gun after the spot 😂 also I'm gonna be using these alot I don't normally camp but tbh it could be the new meta

  6. Hey guys,I have a FAZE CLAN but if you wanna tryout I have about 55 pple my username
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  7. Please more hiding spots they are getting ridden of a lot of locations the only places we have left that u did a hiding spot vid on was snobby,shifty, and your channel man

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