BALI TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 Fun Things To Do!

BALI TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 Fun Things To Do!

Hey there travel bugs, this video will explore 10 fun things to do in the beautiful Bali Indonesia. We’ll be traveling mostly around central to south of Bali, hitting up areas such as Kuta, Ubud, Uluwatu, and more. Before we start, I’m daily vlogging my trip to Bali and you can watch the series by going to “Travel to Bali” playlist on my channel. You can see more of what the day-to-day living is like on this beautiful island. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe for more fun, adventurous travel videos around the world. Let’s begin! Many tourists tend to flock to the Kuta region of Bali. My advice is to to get out of there as soon as you arrive but not before doing this worthwhile activity. Bali Sea Turtle Society is an organization that protects sea turtles. In addition to data recording and rescue, they relocate sea turtle eggs to a protected hatchery, away from harm. Ever few days baby sea turtles are hatched and they open it up to volunteers to release them into the ocean. “They wouldn’t survive without your help!” “Save the nature! Save the planet! Save the baby turtle!” “Ok, let’s spread to the world: love, peace, and harmony!” “Are you ready?!?” You can find the release information on their Facebook. It’s free, donations are welcomed and on a first come first serve basis. Truly such a heartwarming experience to watch your baby sea turtle return home. Heading to Ubud, one of my favorite regions in Bali, known for its rice paddies and tranquil vibes. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and have a delicious meal at the same time, take a cooking class! I went to the Jambangan Cooking Class that took you to a local market to learn about local produce and spices. “You have oyster mushroom soup…but no magic mushroom.” Then we head to the kitchen and whipped up some delicious Balinese dishes such as gado gado. Even used traditional cooking methods. If you want to kick it up a notch and get into the wild, head over to Ubud Monkey Forest. A truly breathtaking scenery…and hilarious experience when you meet Bali’s wild monkeys. Watch them eat, climb on people’s heads, and get a little feisty. “OH! Oh it’s biting me! Ah, ah, ah!” My favorite experience being in Bali was heading to the Balinese temple Tirta Empul. You can actually get an authentic Balinese experience performing purification ritual at the holy water pools. There’s a right way to do this so be sure to watch the vlog on Tirta Empul. Afterwards you’ll feel refreshed, cleansed, and rejuvenated. Of all the things to do in Bali, I really recommend this one. Bali is all about going to beaches but there are so many flocked with people, umbrellas, and vendors, it is much more fun to get out there explore and find more secretive ones. We headed somewhere near Padang Padang Beach, to find a super secluded spot. It’s a trek to get down to but worth it. You’ll be greeted with a shipwreck, soft sand. It’s perfect for a day out tanning and swimming without any people around. Another way is to hangout at a resort, you don’t have to stay there. This one is called Lo Joya. We just bought lunch and had a few juices and it got us access to their private beach. We had this entire area with caves and rock formations all to ourselves. it was heavenly! Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s best sea temples situated by the cliffs. I love the waves crashing against the cliffs and the magnitude of this temple. It’s the perfect place to catch the sunset. One thing to watch out though, if you thought the Monkey Forest monkeys were naughty, the monkeys here at Uluwatu are even naughtiest. “Oh my, oh my, oh my goodness!” Hold on to your shiny things. What makes Uluwatu Temple extra special is the Kecak Fire Dance performance held at night. This Balinese dance tells a love story and is performed against a perfect seaside backdrop. Prepare to laugh and be in awe. Ok so this is one of those Bali activities I thought looked kind of fun and might be lame but turned out ridiculously awesome. Bali Seawalker is an activity that lets you walk underwater with swarms of fishes. No certification required and safe. I recommend this activity for beginners, people who haven’t really snorkelled yet. After this I couldn’t wait to learn about snorkeling and get back in the water with fishes. Speaking of fishes, if you want to head straight into snorkeling, Gili Islands is where it’s at. Although not part of Bali, but part of Indonesia, it was recommended to us multiple times by travelers and locals alike. I explain more about each island in the vlogs but I feel like the best place to snorkel was at Gili Air. You can easily rent snorkeling gear or take a three island snorkeling trip for only eight dollars. Of course for many, many people surfing is even why they are in Bali! The regions you want to head to for surfing are Canggu or Uluwatu. While I’m not a surfer, I met a lot of people who swears by the waves and beaches in Uluwatu. I mean, look at that. Renting an affordable villa with your friends and relaxing, enjoying the beauty that is Bali. If you’re coming with a group of friends, or even with your lover, Bali is the perfect place and maybe one of the few places you can rent an incredible place for cheap. Seriously, this was only thirty dollars per person per night. Crazy, right? While you can book them on Airbnb, some people have also just showed up and looked around the area. But if you prefer the hostel route, that’s alright too! Be sure to rent a scooter and drive through Bali’s lush sceneries. For beginners, just practice a lot and on roads with not a lot of people. “I’m gonna dieeeeeeee!” Alright you, I hope you got some good ideas of all the things you can do here in Bali. I cannot wait for you to see this iconic Indonesian paradise. Be sure to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already! i’ll see you next time!

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  15. Great video except i really think you should point out that you definitely need to be an experienced licenced moped or motorbike rider with an international licence and need to wear a helmet otherwise it's a pretty good bet you will be picked up by local police. It's too dangerous for the inexperienced rider . But heaps of fun when following these rules.

  16. Saw you did a cooking class – glad you enjoyed! I live in Ubud now. I just moved here 2 months ago and am loving it so far. I am an amateur chef traveling the globe trying the best cooking classes / schools to learn cuisines from different cultures. I have taken a ton of classes here and I think the best, for fellow tourists out there, is Bali Farm Cooking School. Why I love it: it's outside of Ubud (transport included) so you get into real, lush, green nature and start your class out by picking vegetables and herbs straight out of the garden. It's all directly farm to table with 6 different courses to prepare. The food is incredible and staff super helpful. Would HIGHLY recommend. Cheers!

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