Backpacking in Mexico – Ep 5 Tulum – Punta Allen – Italiano – English subs

This is our new horse! Check also below the car! We are going to Punta Allen! On the ‘highway’ Into the natural reserve Sian Ka’an As my assistant says… Sian Ka’an natural reserve here we go! …plin plin plin plin… plin plin plin… A beatiful road Just two and half hours like this. To reach our destination And maybe there will be nowhere to sleep Since we made no reservation Poor us But maybe we will see sea lions! And here i can see the see …plin plin plin.. Logbook update We are still on the road 87456 potholes passed we are kind of halfway we have seen a falcon, a pink unidentified object two weird birds one of which was beautiful we are hungry Still unknown if we can get a place to sleep The street is like that we also passed a bridge.. poor us… Still in the car one hour after… no, is half an hour!.. ok.. half an hour later… we saw an iguana.. And also we had to evacuate the vehicle due to a giant bee Now the situation is dangerous… Let’s go.. It took 3 hours But i think and hope we made it to Punta Allen ..or maybe not.. but maybe yes… đŸ™‚ Here we are! All this effort.. To see that dog on the street! There are a zillion patholes on the road.. This is Punta Allen! Look like a crowded city Let’s go to find a room This is how the story ends.. We found a place.. and humble house on the beach This is our beach Not bad i would say There is quite a lot of wind Look at there! That bird counts a point for me (is about a game we both are playing…) This is Serena eating And this is the house Which costs 100 Dollars (US dollars!!) per night And looking around it looks like a fair price It has a nice bed Rum and Cola is on the way:) our oven… the bathrooom Doh, is not an oven..i mean fridge! đŸ™‚ and now Rum and Cola and then we go fishing!

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