ASMR Voice: The Fake Fiance [M4F]

ASMR Voice: The Fake Fiance [M4F]

Wait, isn’t this that new fancy restaurant that you were talking about? I? I know you said we were going now out to eat, but I thought you meant McDonald’s or something. Why are we here? Are you gonna propose to me for the free dessert again? Wait, you’re not about to propose for real, are you? Fiinally gonna make an honest man of me, huh? We’re eating here? I’m not exactly dressed for the venue though. I did wonder when you started doing your makeup and put on your new dress for a fast-food place. I just assumed that you found one of the workers was cute. What? What?! Y-You’re not seriously telling me we’re here for your ex-boyfriends wedding reception. What the–*inhales* Okay what the hell are we doing here? He invited you to the wedding?! What is he trying to do like rub your face in the fact he left you for this girl? Well, you know I can’t stand the guy. Oh you told him you’ve moved on. Mm-hmm with who? *scoffs* Nooo! Oh you’re kidding me. You made up a new boyfriend. I know you’re my best friend but that means I’m allowed to call you out for being crazy. What is he called? Is this a profession “full-time imaginary friend”? *laughs* Hang on. Wh-h.. W-Why am I here? Are you going to tell him that your boyfriend was on a business trip or something? He won’t be happy to see me after your breakup. We had those..uh.. Words? *laughs* You haven’t told him your fake boyfriend couldn’t come. Okay so..uh.. What will you say when he asks about your new love interest? O-Oh. Hm. You want ME to be *laughs* your boyfriend? Uh, No. NO! He already thought I was in love with you when you were dating. I’m not adding fuel to that fire. No. No. No. I can’t. Don’t pull the ‘look you love me and you’re my best friend’ card because.. ..that has got me in so much trouble since we were kids. *exhales* Umm.. Fiinee. Okay. OKAY! I’ll be your prince charming, but you owe me a nice steak dinner. All right. Yeah. No no no. A NICE one. Yeah, yeah. I know.. ..i’m your favorite person. Could at least.. *inhales* ..warned me not to wear jeans. *Exhales* think that I look handsome? *chuckles* Thanks. But it’s too late to be buttering me up. You got me here under false pretences. Uh..there better be an open bar. *chuckles* What? Whaat? I’m looking for the perks. Seeing your ex-boyfriend is definitely not a perk but free foood.. ..and baaars are always a good consolation prize. If we’re gonna do this, we need to make it look real. So.. .mmm.. Hold out your hand. Please. I’m moving your ring to your wedding ring finger and we’ll talk about how romantic my proposal was last week in..uh.. ..somewhere exotic like..uh.. a way northside is.. ..somewhere– You seriously want to say Disneyworld? *laughs* Fine. I proposed at Disneyworld. In front of the castle and everybody was crying with joy. Whatever you want, Princess. *Chuckles* Let’s go. I’m gonna hold your hand and try and look like we want to be here. Fair deal? *Chuckles* Of course I’m happy to be here with you. You just.. kept me in to the craziest situations sometimes. Remember that night that you– Oh. Wait. Your ex is coming our way. Remember, we’re the perfect happy couple with Disney magic. Apparently. Oh..ho..ho..*fake laughs* Hi there. Congratulations on tying the knot. And thank you for the invite. It really means a lot to us that you wanted us here. Her.. boyfriend. She didn’t tell you. We got together few months after you..uh.. Yeah. I just realized that I was in love with her and..*smiles* ..I couldn’t let her almost get away from me again. I just.. ..adore her so much. *chuckles* *kisses* *whispers* He looks annoyed that we’re happy. I swear you are a terrible influence on me. *laughs* I’m bragging at his wedding. Sorry. I was just asking her, if we could share our news with you or.. whether it’d be inappropriate, being your wedding day and all. I just can’t wait to tell everybody that we’ve made it official! We’ve only just returned from our holiday, and I asked her to marry me. Isn’t that amazing? Yes! Like she said in Disney. It’s always been a dream for that to happen, right? No. Whatever my baby wants, I try to make it happen. She deserves to be happy. I want her to know how much I love her. *clears throat* Um..Yes.. ..sorry. Of course, you must have other guests to welcome. Sorry about that. She’s just so.. perfect. I just sometimes get lost to my thoughts when I look at her. Uh..Well, I hope you have a good night. Congrats again! We hope you have a great honeymoon. Eh..Thank god. They’ve gone. He doesn’t get any more interesting, does he? Come on. Let’s dance. I know you love this song. And I can see you tapping your foot. It’ll be fun. I know. You say you’re a terrible dancer, but if I put my hands here up..’s like this and.. You, put your arms around my neck. And just sway a little and uh.. *chuckles* ..I’ll do the rest. Okay? Hm. I know I’m talking a lot. *chuckles* I always do, when I get nervous. Why am I nervous? I-I- -I guess it’s the.. ..pressure? All right. All right. All right. I just feel like.. I don’t know. Didn’t realize how much I’ve wanted to say that to you for- *sighs* ..for years. Uh. To.. say that- To say that I’m.. say that I am in love with you. I don’t- I don’t want to make things awkward. How long have I felt that way about you? *inhales* God. How long have we been friends? Since we were six, right? Then.. ..since that moment we met. Every bad relationship you’ve had and every heartbreak you’ve suffered through.. ..I just wanted to tell you that.. I wouldn’t treat you like that because I.. am in love with you. But you’d always thank me for being your best friend and.. You know.. I couldn’t tell you that and.. *sighs* I’m only telling you now because I can’t keep acting like I’m not- -dying to kiss you, every time your lips pucker when you’re trying to concentrate. I can’t keep pretending I don’t want to wrap my arms around you when.. ..your back is turned. Or.. ..that I don’t lie awake at night.. wondering what it’d be like to wake up next to you and be there when you open your eyes and..uh.. at me. Ha.. Uh..*chuckles* I-w- Umh..I ca– I can get a cab home. I realize how awkward this must be for you. Can I have kept my mouth shut! Look I- I understand if you want me to leave you alone for a while, so.. You can figure how to turn me down without feeling guilty or whatever b-uh- Bu- No. You can’t mean- Uh-h- S-say-Say that-Say that again. *chuckles* B-but you never said anything. *laughs* Touche`. I guess didn’t either. But uh- I’m- I-I’m- I’m not going anywhere. I promise I won’t leave you here alone at the wedding. Oh. Y-You meant not to leave you alone to.. ..think things through. Right. Well I- Umm- Okay. I- I promise I won’t do that either. *chuckles* Well, we don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to. We could go get ice cream and talk things through. Guess there’s a lot- we’ve never said to each other. Yes. I know we only got here like- -how ever many minutes ago. Well- -um-how about we dance until the end of this song? You’re not such a bad dancer after all, sweetheart. You look- Beautiful. Tonight, by the way. I should’ve said that to you earlier. You can outshine the bride if we stayed longer, so we better be kind and uh– –go before we ruin her evening *chuckles* The ring? No. Um- Keep it on. I like seeing you keep thinking about our imaginary Disney engagement. *chuckles* Wonder if Mickey and Minnie were there. One day- One day I’ll get you- I promise. But that’s a conversation to have some other time. No. Let’s go. Hm. Look another love story stereotyped and split a sundae. *laughs* All right. Fine. We can get two, so you don’t miss out on ice cream. Jeez. This is why I’m in love with you. You think of all the little things. Say what again? I love you? *chuckles* I’ll say it you so often you’ll get tired of hearing it. I love you. More than anything. Or anybody. And I mean it baby.

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  1. 5:40 oh my god okay calm down no need to rub his face in the dirt 😂 I laughed so hard at this idk why

  2. So it’s currently 440 a.m. and it was right as she was confessing back and my wifi cut out and I yelled NO WHAT THE HECK and now I’m praying my parents don’t come busting down my door 🙃

  3. "remember, we're the perfect happy couple with disney magic… apparently"

    i can image the eye-roll when he says "apparently" lmaooo

  4. Oooh Buenos Aires 🔥 I remember that it's a city? In Argentina or am I wrong? Iz*one introduced it to me 😊

  5. Me; starts tapping foot to music in video even though I'm at my brother's wedding

    Cardlin; c'mon let's dance, I see you tapping your foot…

    Me; ó-ò what

  6. The song plus your words made me cry like a fucking baby. God, this was beautiful, one of your best audios and my favorite 💓

  7. Cardlin : “And I mean it baby…..”



  8. That was actually beautiful….😭😍 And the song😍😍😍 I really wanna know what song was playing in the background while we danced to it ❤️

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