Are Home DNA Kits Really Accurate? Jeff Rossen Investigates With Identical Triplet Sisters | TODAY

Are Home DNA Kits Really Accurate? Jeff Rossen Investigates With Identical Triplet Sisters | TODAY

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100 Replies to “Are Home DNA Kits Really Accurate? Jeff Rossen Investigates With Identical Triplet Sisters | TODAY”

  1. For the life of me, I cannot think of a single reason why I would want my dna tested. Also another show did this same thing not too long ago and the results were anything but accurate.

  2. No thanks. Government and pharma are using these records people send. You're basically paying a company for other people to have access to your DNA.

  3. To everybody: the colloquial use of the term “identical” when referencing multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), it doesn’t mean that they all look exactly alike. The term is a replacement for “homozygous,” which means that all of the individuals derived from a single zygote. During the few cell stages of development, one or more of the cells experience a slight genetic change, enough for those cells to be rejected by the rest, but still perfectly viable. The cells, after being sloughed off of the zygote, re-implant onto the uterine wall and develop into new individuals. Near, but not exact clones. Depending on the proximity of the re-implantation, they may or may not share the same amnion. In the days before genetics, single or multiple amnions defined “identical” vs “fraternal” multiples. Now it’s determined by genetics. A near match is homozygous, and a roughly 50-80% match is heterozygous, and are essentially just regular siblings who happen to share the same uterus. That the mainstream news media still uses identical vs fraternal, shows their ignorance and stupidity. The women in their report were homozygous triplets. They are genetically more diverse than Dolly the sheep was from the sheep that provided the cells that Dolly was cloned from. But in all but the most detailed genetic tests, they will show a 100% match. If you did a complete genome map of each of those triplets (using advanced DNA sequencing), you would find the differences.

  4. Seemed more like a commercial for these 3 products and as far as I know “British” isn’t even a test result. It’s either Celtic or English not British.

  5. How can triplet be identical! Only twins or quadruplets, sixtuplets etc can be identical ! The egg can split in two but not in three! In the case of triplets there are two identical and one fraternal

  6. Anyone dumb enough to give DNA to strangers AND pay for it needs a different kind of testing altogether !! You have no idea who these people are or who they work for. For all you know, it's a covert government agency building a DNA database covertly and you are paying for it !! Wakey wakey !!

  7. They actually wouldn’t be the same because each persons dna can take more or less of a certain dna. We are all completely unique especially in our dna. No two persons are alike! That is our God!

  8. The comment section was all I needed to know that this was a publicity ploy and I won't bother looking at this scam. Next video please.

  9. That's not exactly true….they are not truly identical. There will always be slight differences

  10. Quick question? The one that is pregnant does it need with her DNA code ? Like her body has to accept it to now create the babys? I was just wondering?

  11. I took three different tests. They were all drastically different from eachother. With one claiming im part nigerian and Melanesian and the other claiming im part Siberian all while differing on the percentage amounts drastically. Can somebody explain?

  12. All marketing big corporation brainwashing scam If anybody doesn’t believe this is a big set up you really are the perfect American citizen

  13. DNA test worldwide by science has already proven every man woman and child on this planet is related!!!

  14. All that was was a commercial advertisment for dna test companys. Who cares if they matched identical…that part was easy. What I want to see is the percentage breakdown for each country. Yes they are part middle eastern but what % are each one.

  15. I took one of those tests once. Turns out I’m 4% pepperoni. I knew I should have brushed my teeth before using the swab!

  16. Dishonest! Those test have in fact been debunked! The Today Show must have been paid to lie… or they are up to they typical dishonesty. Either way, this is just another good reason NOT to trust anything said on the Today Show.

  17. Well, I adopted is my wife's BIO daughter. She sent in her "Spit" into AncestryDNA. It came back to her saying "RB is your biological father. His children are your 1/2 siblings.

    RB's family isn't happy about the "Family Secret" getting out but "RB's" Signature is on the adoption papers.

    AncestryDNA testing. The worst thing that ever happened to family secrets in the whole wide world.

    So much for accuracy.

  18. No, they do not share the exact DNA – women retain bits of DNA from men they're had relations with & children they've carried in their wombs

  19. I sent four mine and my granddaughter was on the first page and my nephew was on the second person and then it goes down 1,500 people that were my relatives. Show my new and some I didn't know so it is accurate.

  20. Mine was to and what it did it showed my family coming over from Europe, which I know cuz I've already did and did my genealogy. Then it showed my family and Massachusetts, Conn., Ohio, Iowa and Colorado just like I have. Two strands went into California which are my first cousins. Is very accurate from there.

  21. These DNA kits are a crock of bull and the results are never accurate. They will con you into believing something that is not true.

  22. Do you care. Didn't think so. Know Why? Because you just paid someone in the Shadow Government $80.00 to give them your DNA Profile, I wonder what decisions are being made with the results? Some kind of Nightmare Genetic Cleansing Agenda? New World Order 1984 has just taken 35 years longer to implement than predicted. There is still time, but not much.

  23. The fact that they did not go on the websites of the three companies, and compared ancestry percentages between the triplets makes me feel skeptical.

  24. I did the dna test and it came back that I’m related to Jeffrey Dahmer so now I have mailman on the grill in the yard and I’m seasoning my neighbor using a recipe by Gordon Ramsay

  25. This is just cataloging humans…enjoy giving up the last thing that separates you from another. Paid promotion propaganda! America, communism, Watch people. Watch. Read the signs.

  26. The math simply doesn't hold up. Even if the triplets are not exact duplicates, they have billions of strands of DNA, so if 99.6% of their DNA is identical, the odds are they would need to run thousands of tests to find just one result that differs from the others. They got significantly different results on all three tests. If those results were honest they achieved odds more unlikely than one person winning the powerball lottery three times in a row. 
    CBC Marketplace sent the DNA of twins to 5 different companies. A much better and unbiased study than a Today show advertorial.

  27. They actually aren't suppose to be the same. I hate how he says that. Everyones dna is different, even identical twins. My mom and her twin took a dna test and got allmost same results. But not exact.

  28. I'm happy for them.

    Not so happy for me. I tested my DNA through Ancestry DNA. The first results from almost 3 years ago were great, quite accurate when compared to my family tree. However, an update came along later on. Instead of being 85% Scandinavian, 11% Irish/Welsh/Scottish, 3% English, 1% Iberian (the same as my family tree indicates and what I know to be true about my ancestors) —- I became 46% Swedish and 54% Norwegian. Nothing of my European heritage. I emailed AncestryDNA and asked about this discrepancy. They said this adjustment was made up of new information they had acquired through research of some such thing. They had the audacity to say that perhaps some members of my family were the results of an affair or perhaps that what is written down in my family tree is in error somehow. Perhaps one or two, but this is ridiculous. In the DNA matches with other people, I somehow acquired a 1st or 2nd cousin. I knew he wasn't a 1st cousin. I was definitely sure he was not a 2nd cousin. I contacted him and asked if he had any Scandinavian roots or family from the British Isles. No, he did not.

    I am very angry and ticked off at AncestryDNA. This has been an absolutely expensive waste of my time and money.

  29. By the time the tubes arrive at the laboratory, there would be so many germs in it that the test results would show the ancestry of the germs instead!

  30. 23 and me is a waste of money. You get Wikipedia-quality information about your ethnic group. Nothing remotely personal. It’s a scam.

  31. Ancestry DNA was the most accurate according to what I knew about my family. It also assigned me to the correct communities: East Central Louisiana Acadians and Louisiana Creole’s and African Americans. There are also many other cool tools on that site. 23 and me was confusing and very vague. Heritage DNA didn’t make sense about my family and compared to Ancestry DNA. If you’re going to choose one, I recommend AncestryDNA.

  32. Could a grandfather, the father of a female who had a child, determine if he is the grandfather of said grand child? What if the daughter is missing and deceased? Was he actually the father of the deceased female? Maybe these tests are accurate for other reasons. Please help me explain why these test can determine ancestry, but one generation can not determine grand parentage.

  33. go to theres a special this month on aug until..? for 69.00 dollars

  34. If your wife has a twin sister, and you sleep with her, is it really cheating since genetically they are the same person?

  35. and yet other source says otherwise Consumer protection groups are warning residents across Western Australia
    that packages containing DNA testing kits are part of an international mail scam. and this i believe it's all a scam

  36. Myheritage is the worst test I've ever taken, well and myfamilytree. Both don't have enough samples, cluster ethnicities too much and either skip any unidentified DNA or puts in a group of unidentified. Unidentified is much better. I'd say ancestry picks ups Jewish DNA better and 23 and me is better at something but I forgot what. I wanna do one more test some time. I hope my comment helps those who are trying to get DNA tested.

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