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Friends Today we are going to Anwa Temple which is more than 1000 years old and the sculptures on it are very beautiful and marvelous although located very close to “Ajanta Caves” very few people know about this to reach this temple you have to go by Aurangabad – Ajanta road and some 20 km before Ajanta Caves in Golegaon village you can find this sign board for Anwa village from here anwa temple is about 10 km it is basically a Shiva Temple but it has a special feature that can make it one of the “Unique” temple in Maharashtra from stairs as we enter the temple we can find our self surrounded with columns again carved with beautiful sculptures enchanting our minds and hearts these columns show sculptures of gods, goddesses and classical dancers at some places we can also find the Gopika and Lord Krishna the temple has on total 50 columns including 4 each at all 4 corners making on total 16 main columns that have dome shaped ceiling the main columns have a small wall on both sides of which there stand 15 columns supporting outer wall of the ceiling that are again decorated with beautiful carvings as I told earlier, this temple has its own significance the reason of which can be found if u simply look carefully on the outer wall of “Garbhagruha” it has sculptures of Lord Vishnus energy form or Female form Avatar which are very beautiful themselves and are not commonly found elsewhere Vishnu’s Shakti Roop or female Avatar are as: Kirti, Kanti, Tushti, Pushti, Mohini, Medha, etc the beautiful sculptures of this temple can be compared to that of Warangal and the Kakatiya Dynasty pattern that much astonishing these sculptures are the written history of Anwa Temple is however not available but between 10-12 century in Deccan or Kalyani Chalukyas reign whose capital was in Basavakalyan in Karnataka the sculpture art progress was at its highest peak and by mere looking at the temple architecture and sculptures one can confidently say that Anwa Temple must be created during this same time period in Maharashtra different kings established their kingdoms and contributed to its historic and cultural richness of these there are some important rulers that I would like to mention about these were the rulers who during their reign initiated and motivated the art of carving and sculpture along with other art forms one should take note here that from 2nd century BC to 13th century AD this process was continuously going on and it was reach to its finest and this was the time when along with the other temples and caves World Heritage Sites Ajanta and Ellora Caves came into existence and Indian art became popular worldwide on the outer wall of the temple there are Pattikas which are also found on many other temples like Kirtimukha Patt, Hans(Swan) Patt and Sinh(Lion) Patt along with this, in between small columns one can find some other small sculptures too if you are making your mind to visit Ajanta Caves then do find some time to visit the historic beauty of Anwa Temple and I would like to request all my Maharashtrian friends that with the information I gave in this video that you will surely do visit this Shiva Temple and experience its vivid beauty with your own eyes friends if you like my video then please Share it give a Thumbs Up and do “”” Subscribe “”” to my channel

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