An Honest Vlogmas Update // VLOGMAS #9

Santa: Hello! Well I can see that you’ve been very good this year. I’ll be sure to have something special for you in your stocking. Ho ho ho! Jack: okay I agree he’s creepy
Santa: Merry Christmas! (rock version of “Deck the Halls” plays) Good morning I’m Jackson Bird and it is
day 9 of vlogmas and this as usual is Katie Riley!
– what up
– wassup We are headed to Michael’s. I
actually didn’t tell you why I’m going yet. – Yeah, why are we going to Michael’s? So over the years when I do holiday
cards I usually like come up with a design and I sketch it myself like in
Photoshop and then I print them all out on these like blank cards that I get and
then I write them all and then I send them in. It’s this huge thing and I
haven’t had time this year and I haven’t come up with a good design – Have you been busy or something this year?
– I’ve been like kind of busy. Not as busy as last year but last year I just didn’t do holiday cards and
I couldn’t let that happen again. So I had an idea of how I could do it a
little bit better because last year we did go buy the blank cards so I have a
bunch of blank cards and I didn’t want those to go to waste
– Did we do that last year? – We did! So I have
them and I was like so I don’t want to just buy like sets of pre-made ones
because I have these blank ones but I don’t have the energy to like sketch out a design –
– Are we buying stamps?! – We’re buying stamps!
– Oh yeah. – I came up with the idea – and it’s – what’s so great I was like okay I think Michaels
will have some so I went on their website – this is not a sponsored video
but like it should be at this point and they had a bunch of Christmas ones well
they had a couple of like Christmasy or seasonal designs and they were the exact
right size night for the cards that we got so I ordered them online and they’re
in stock in the store so I’m gonna go pick them up now. That’s how this sounds like a sponsored video – I know, it really does, but and honestly like Michael’s, if you want to sponsor Jackson Bird, we spend a lot of money at Michael’s. – What’s funny is I am NOT at all a typical like DIY vlogger so it would not be a great sponsorhip, but in my life – I spend a lot of money Michaels yeah
– Yeah, you’re a DIY human although I am gonna need your input on one thing, maybe
– Okay, ink? – No, I pre-ordered the ink too. I got black green and red because – – No, like metallics?
– I didn’t even know that was an option – Oh yeah
– but so I have the brown cardboard cards – Oh so like a silver ink would look really nice
– so I did want to maybe buy some extra stuff on top of what I already
ordered so this is great. No the other thing is the stamp I got says like tis
the season and has a holly berry on it and like that’s still Christmas-y and so
like people who don’t celebrate Christmas – I don’t know if I should try
to find… maybe I’ll get some pre-made cards for them that are more generic
– I think we I think we can get creative – Do you have anything you need to get?
– no, but I just like to be at Michael’s, but I did decorate my Christmas tree yesterday and it could always use more sticks
– Always use more sticks. Also I should
mention just in case I forget to vlog again: I’m getting a haircut right after
this so say goodbye to this long hair This is the before
– Nice. It’s especially swooshy right now. – yeah I know cause
we’re in a wind tunnel This is what we needed at the holiday party last night – This is really cute.
– learn Yiddish with the Mensch on the Bench how do you make it talk?
– I feel like it’s probably like a… – the hand?
– Nope, I don’t know. – Huh, maybe it’s cuz we’re not Jewish.
– That might be – they can tell. Hedgehod. Sloth. All the traditional holiday animals.
– Flamingo – Oh yeah gotta have the holiday flamingall, flamingo Katie has solved my issue. So this is the
stamp that I got. I read it wrong it says the most wonderful time of year not ’tis the
season or whatever I said and since it’s a stamp I’ll just not put the ink on the
little holly bit and then I got this star that Katie doesn’t understand why I like it but I like it.
– I mean, it’s just not my style, but it’s your style – – it’s not my style
– it’s not my Christmas card so… – it’s just like I think it looks… like holiday ish
– it’s festive – Yeah it’s festive! That’s the word I’m looking for. Cool. Solved. Should
we just look at fun stuff now?
– Yes, absolutely – Oh wait, also maybe metallic ink? I don’t know
let’s check out the ink. – INNNK!
– Yeah, like that one. – Ohhhh!
– I think you need silver. – Yeah, like that won’t show up. That’s cool. Wait – what about this like glittery blue? – that’s very pretty
– yeah – you could do a really nice green text and then a really pretty silver star. – this is why you want me to get silver. You friggin’ Slytherin. Soy sauce ornament. Boombox. Poop.
– Oh I want this taco ornament. – Ohh taco. Wowww! Look, cookie ornament!
– This amount of cookies would be gone so quickly in either of our households.
– Lemon. I want this Santa
– Get it. It’s 50% off. – everything is 50% off. hat’s how they get you. Katie has found the sticks
– I would like to point out, for all the haters, that most of these are empty because sticks are such a popular decor item – Alright
– that they’re practically sold out. – But Katie, butt is legs? – Ooh! I… I think this is making the case that – well I – you know I was gonna say
that this makes the case that butt is in fact legs because we’ve got some good
thigh. Maybe maybe it’s actually making the case that thigh is butt
– thigh is butt. I feel like thigh is butt but that’s part of what makes me think butt
is legs. That looks very jungle-y
– It does look very jungle-y and not particularly Christmas-y. – Wow! that feels
like it’s from Whoville Hi, nutcrackers. But first … I just want to try on this hat. Oh my god, wait it fits. Are these kid’s hats? oh man this hats pretty cool.
– no. – It’s kind of like Marty McFly but like as if
I’m you know doing my own spin on it in a very Gryffindor way – Katie wait! all right fresh cut it’s still kind of playing with the style but I mean it’s
shorter. That’s mostly what I wanted Shorter and doable, kind of can go up again. This is my first time going to a different barber and
kind of like it, kind of digging it so far. We’ll see how it holds up over the next couple of day. It was funny at the end
he was using a like texture powder thing I usually use like wax or glue or
whatever and so he was showing me how to do it and he was showing me how to
sprinkle it on. He was like you know just kind of like your head’s a waffle. (laughs) I
didn’t want to tell him how accurate that was of what he said but it was
pretty funny. So after I got a haircut I tried catching up on a lot of things
that I had to do including attempting to catch up on vlogmas and then as I was
getting ready to go do my laundry and I was like on the floor separating it I
fell asleep. On the floor. For like a half-hour, 45 minutes. So that helped me
realize how tired I was. Yeah I have really just been burning the candle at
both ends and that is why there hasn’t been a vlogmas video up in a couple of
days more than a couple actually at this point. I’m not quitting vlogmas yet but I
think I do need to take a slight step back. I need to not push myself so hard
to feel like I need to have one up every single day as much as I
would like to. I’ve just I’ve got other things in my life that have to come
first and there are just not enough hours in the day and if the only thing I
had to do was vlogmas I would be happy about that. Like I would be very happy
about that. Unfortunately in the life of a
freelancer you have to kind of often make decisions based on what is bringing
in the most money, what are prior large commitments and things like that and
unfortunately vlogmas is at the bottom of that list right now. Wish it weren’t. I
wish that weren’t the reality but it is That’s why Vlogmas hasn’t been up in a
couple of days. I have been shooting still for the most part and I’m going to
continue doing that. As you’re watching this I’m now on the road going to Boston
and all the Yule balls and it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I really want to
make almost a daily videos of that – I would love to make daily videos of that
whole trip because it’s gonna be so much fun but we will see if that can happen. One thing is that captions might start going up a little bit after the video
does instead of with the video release That has been a big thing that has made
it hard to get the videos up right when I want them to because my workflow for
those presently – it’s a lot better than it used to be. YouTube’s Auto captioner
is actually pretty good these days so instead of me having to caption the
entire video or send it to a third party which has a 24 hour turnaround now I
just have to wait about 30 to 60 minutes for YouTube’s Auto captions to populate
and then I just go and spend like a half-hour to 45 minutes fixing them
myself But, do that math – that’s still almost
two hours after the video is ready before I can make it live and with a
normal video that’s not a problem but with trying to do every single day of
vlogmas videos sometimes I’m not releasing the video until late at night
and then people miss it and then it doesn’t perform that well and I hate
that I have to care about that but again freelancer life that is a consideration. So especially as I’m on the road and won’t always have access to reliable
Wi-Fi which I need to do the captioning sometimes the captions might not be
going up until a couple hours after the video is live I will still have captions
up within 24 hours of any video going up so captions not going up upon release
but still within 24 hours and maybe not doing videos every single day if I feel
like it’s too much on my plate. But still trying to finish out vlogmas for
the whole month Those are the changes that have to
happen and I don’t like being here. I like completing things. I missed a couple
days last year and even looking back on that I felt terrible. I was like why
couldn’t I have just pushed myself and gotten those videos out? but you know
what you don’t always have to push yourself and it’s good to take breaks
where you can and prioritize things in your life and even though vlogmas makes
me very very happy and I love doing it, I love sharing this with all of you. I have
to be realistic and know that it’s actually unfortunately not the best use
of my time but yeah so there’s your vlogmas updates.
I hope it’s not too disappointing to anyone. It’s quite disappointing to me so
hopefully it’s not as disappointing to you as it is to me. Thank you all for
sticking with me ,all of you who actually watch vlogmas. You’re a very small
portion of my overall subscriber base and I love all of you for it so thank
you very much. I genuinely mean it when I say it thank you for watching and I will
see you maybe not tomorrow but soon

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