Amazing Markets in Mexico

Amazing Markets in Mexico

hola and welcome to slowpoke travel this
video today is just going to be me walking around a busy market in Mexico
this is actually the mercado independencia in Morelia which is
central Mexico we’ve been in Morelia for almost a month
now and we’ve been in Mexico for just over two months
we’ve been staying about two blocks away from this market so we go here quite a
lot it’s just a great place to people watch it’s a great place to absorb the
sights and sounds from Mexico I do want to forewarn you we’re circling
around the market here but once we get inside they do have quite a few butcher
stalls where they’re processing meat so there are some very vivid imagery beef
pork chicken seafood being processed so if you’re not interested in seeing those
images then I would definitely click off this video because it gets very vivid
inside and I think it’s important if you’re somebody that eats meat it should
be aware in the United States shopping at grocery stores where everything is
it’s kind of done out of sight and everything’s packaged and it’s lined up
very neatly and sealed self-contained it’s it’s very it’s a
very clean process but here in Mexico in the public markets you know it can be in
your face the food preparation which is good because I mean there is that
connection between where your food comes from and where it’s going so I
appreciate that it’s just natural I think it’s kind of unnatural the way we
do it in the United States even though it’s a very efficient but I think there
is a disconnect so I mean if you’re eating meat thing I don’t know I think
it’s I think it’s healthy to be aware of of the process that being said it’s not
a pretty sight and that and the juxtaposition here where they’re
processing the meat and boom where they’re preparing the meat to serve I
mean it’s just right in your face so it’s a little on up at appetizing for me
you know it’s like when I go to a restaurant I don’t want to sit next to
the bathroom I mean that’s part of the process too right see in the last part
but still I like my eating part to be a little separate from the beginning in
the end the dining should be in the middle and I shouldn’t have to see
what’s going on periphery but here at this particular
market it’s kind of hard to escape those images this is a panaderia bakery but you know
everything every time you turn a corner in Mexico today bakery which is
fantastic and a terrible thing you know I’ve
probably gained 10 pounds since we’ve been here when we ask a question if somebody
watching this video has shopped at a market in Mexico public market do you
haggle because we don’t haggle I don’t know how to haggle I’m just used to
paying you know you ask what the price is and that’s the price right I mean if
it’s not crazy I just pay it and nobody’s tried to give me a crazy price
or anything crazy to me but whatever the price is I just paid I don’t know how to
haggle it’s not I don’t know you know how to do it what I don’t know so should
I be haggling it seems like a lot we don’t buy anything that expensive anyway
what am I gonna do what am i I’m gonna try think not ten paces off something it
just seems like a lot of effort for what I already think is a good price so
anyway I don’t know does does that kind of make me look silly
I don’t haggle and I don’t see anybody haggling you know I’ve heard that you’re
supposed to haggle but on the way out sure that maybe I read it somewhere but
English should I be hanging I’m not gonna haggle I’m not gonna haggle I mean
that sounds like work I don’t wanna work these things right here are whatever
they call them ruin it boy down I haven’t had me but I probably will have
one because it looks like it has a lot of cow now once we start to get into the
Newt section here I can’t not think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre I mean this
looked to me this looks like set-dressing from Harley and I shouldn’t
think of it like that cuz this is just this is just food now there was a public
marketing Guadalajara that we loved to eat at I mean they had a terrific food
court in there some of the best food that we had in Mexico that we’ve had so
far we hated the public market but we haven’t eaten any of the food here at
the mercado independencia because of the proximity between where they’re
processing the food and where they’re serving food it’s just so close I mean I
want to have a local boy yo with a cross you know but I don’t want to look over
and then you know be in the middle of my chicken dinner and see a bucket of
chicken feet you know sitting next to me you know because I mean I’m aware where
my food comes from but I don’t need to be sitting right next to where all the
action is going on you know I like my I like my food prep and my in my dining
area is separate but here it’s kind of hard to get away from there and then god
I guess I’ll call it the alone he is omnipresent but it’s fascinating and it
is invigorating and it is a sensory overload rush of humanity and commerce and the
smells it is a vivid experience and one of the best things to do in Mexico so
definitely don’t hang out at the mall and forever21 and the food court at the
gallery or whatever the heck with the multiplex cinema you know go to a local
public market every opportunity we can because it is a pleasure it’s also a
sensory overland I mean we’ll go to the market and we’ll walk around for an hour
inside the market and we’re exhausted just from the onslaught of sensory input now this market here is only maybe a
half a mile away from the the giant center square and this hotel and tourist
area but we haven’t seen a lot of Gringo’s in Morelia you know just a
handful like I said we’ve been here for a month but we haven’t seen them that
many dreamers enemy haven’t heard much English and I don’t know that we’ve seen
a single gringo at the medicago independency and I like that because it
makes me feel like I’m having a more authentic experience you know I don’t
want to go to Mexico land at Epcot Center I want to I want to experience a
different place I don’t want I’m you know I try not to get hella bad video
look at them waiting hello when you’re going through the market
here you know on one side they’re processing the meat and on the other
side you can sit down at a stool you know and in order to that same you
cooked which is great I mean it doesn’t get any any fresher than that right but
still boy I wish I wish that the I wish there was a little bit of a disconnect
just a little bit I mean I’ve worked in restaurants my whole life really ever
since I was he’s 30 years but still you know when I’m I’m not gonna come out and
do my food prep right next to your table we’re having such a great time in Mexico
everybody’s been so friendly or at least we feel welcome we don’t we haven’t it
really have anybody give us the stink eye it’s just been such a pleasant
experience and hopefully it will continue for a while longer if you want to check out more of our
Mexico bids have a link down below to Mexico playlist go over slowpoke travel
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for more videos like this or even better than this that’s what its like being in
the market in Morelia Christmas Eve

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19 Replies to “Amazing Markets in Mexico”

  1. the closest i've ever come to a market like that was in hawaii…it was a GREAT experience at the local and asian markets there…it sounds like you may need to invest in some horse blinders if you do ever get the hankerin' to eat there…me…i wouldn't have a problem with it…my pet pig was with us one day and on our table the next…LOL!!! LOVE THE VID!!! 😀 <3

  2. I agree that we should know where the food comes from. I’m always fascinated by the stories my mom tells of how she and her siblings grew up and were involved in butchering the hogs and chickens on the farm. To me they were so young but they were responsible for that. My aunt tells how she used to ring the chickens necks or they had some other ways of doing it. Of course milking the cows was automatically their job BEFORE SCHOOL at 4am and none of them ever got sick from drinking 😱😱😱 raw unpasteurized milk!
    😆I drink raw milk now because of that. They’re all 80+ and still drive and get around well and are as healthy as you can be at that age.

  3. My mom says this reminds her of shopping at public markets in England in the 1970's…I was just a tiny tike back then, but I remember the strong fish smell. Do they still have markets like that in England? Markets like this must have been common back in the day in the USA, but now you have to go to an International grocery in the USA to find a distant equivalent to this experience…it seems like grocery stores are 40% food and 60% packaging in the US. And there are definitely those polished options here in Mexico, chain grocery stores and Walmarts; it's hard to beat the convenience of shopping those locales, but it's not nearly as interesting as a public market.

  4. hey Buck, It doesn't look like people noticed you filming, what camera were you using and how did you shoot?

  5. I remember going to a straw market in the Bahamas. The further in I ventured the more I began to worry about where the exits are. I'd hate to be trapped in one if a fire broke out.

  6. I help my daughter with taking care of her chickens, ducks, quail. rabbits, and turkey and also after she kills them, and I help her. Fresh liver is way better and the other parts also. My son-in-law and granddaughter hunt for deer also. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great video, definitely a lot to see!!
    I thought it was interesting to see them process meats right in the open marketplace.
    Must be hard to pass up all that incredible food and the sweet treats too.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Gotta' show this vid to my mum sometime! She's originally from Mexico so it'd be cool what she can tell me about these markets!

  9. That market looks like you COULD, if you wanted to, eat very healthy, then again . . . LOL Great video, loved the entire experience!

  10. This reminds me of the old Pensaukin Mart in NJ. The Berlin Farmer's Market is a distant second. Then there is Ninth and Christian in Philly. This place is amazing.

  11. I have shopped at Markets in Mexico .I don't Haggle .I don't really think you can haggle at Markets ,they have set prices .I think Haggle more less with street vendors who sell Miscellaneous things .Not food vendors . The only place I have haggled in Mexico is at the US/Mex border waiting to cross .

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