Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, and the Bling Ring: Profiles by VICE

Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, and the Bling Ring: Profiles by VICE



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Know Your Rights – Chapter 5 – Vacation Time

Know Your Rights – Chapter 5 – Vacation Time

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100 Replies to “Alexis Neiers on Drugs, Prison, and the Bling Ring: Profiles by VICE”

  1. That fucking accent. Eurgh. It’s so irritating. Upward inflection. Also, she thinks she knows her drugs but lists them mixing brand names in with slang and then categories. Moron.

  2. glad she’s doing better. i remember my mom following this case soooo much and just telling my 6 year old self how y’all were stealing shit from celebrities and I was just sipping my chocolate milk like “hmmmm bitch what?”

  3. First time I've ever see or heard of a heroin addict who uses IV and also smokes it. I am 2 years clean but i know for a FACT that once you go to the needle smoking is totally useless. Not trying to be cool it's just really surprising to me.

  4. This dude saying he just used and she is cool with him touching the baby’s head…. if I saw this shit as the dad and her man…. I’d beat the addict out that mofo

  5. Fuck you

    I like to bake

    Never understand how Americans seem to go straight for the pin??
    I've used heroin for close ten years and one shot up two or three times and do not see the fixation with it!?
    Drugs do not,make you free, you get a habit and your a prisoner.

  6. I never even heard of this chick. Her drug use & abuse is definitely not an isolated incident. This just seems like it could have been an interview with virtually anyone, considering how not well known this chick is. Just my personal opinion.

  7. watching her talk about how good the drugs she was taking felt is scary like … she's been clean for three years and idk its just scary. and i'm worried abt her relapsing which is kind of irrational but she has a kid and ?? it's sad that all this started when was like in middle school. that's really fucking awful

  8. Help him get off drugs, proceeds to discuss their favourite drug of choice. she’s just keen on Kevin’s D still.

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  10. Omg Spencer's Recover Center Is a fucking JOKE. I went to the one in Laguna Beach, and one of the ones in Florida. And it was HORRIBLE. They don't give a rats ass about recovery. They only care about money. I'm still close friends with a lot of the people from the one I went to in Florida, and we all agree that Spencer's is absolute shit. It honestly needs to be fucking shut down. I've heard nothing but horror stories of people doing drugs from the other one in Flordia I didn't go too. From people who had gotten moved from one to another. It was common for people to move from one to another, just like I did. Because you can pretty easily get drugs at all of Spencers rehab centers. and when you test dirty. They just move you. I wouldn't reccomend this place to ANYONE. Your only going to get sober there if you TRULY want too. It's more of a place to dry out, because they don't teach you shit for recovery skills.

  11. Binge-watch all episodes of Pretty Wild right here:

  12. Wow I had no idea the pain she was dealing with inside. The way the reality show portrayed her and her sister Tess was as if they were just these dumb, privileged girls in LA. It’s sooo great to see her on out in the other side of the dark and scary tunnel of addiction. She looks great! Tess also looks great (not shown in video but on instagram)

  13. It’s crazy coz when you’re young, you try so hard to be cool, fit in, not-give-a-fuck, have fun, (like this is the peak/prime of your life) that you get lost in all this shit and next thing you know you’re a loser who can’t hold down a job and can’t get out of the shitty cycle of drug abuse that you’re in. When the party stops, you don’t know how to become a decent member of society..

    Also, E! totally pimped these girls out man. They were 17 and taking their tops off for massages in front of cameras..

  14. Their dynamic really touched my soul man, if you’ve ever had drug buddies and stopped using but they didn’t it’s so rough. That love doesn’t go away, you they are in there and you can empathize with everything they are feeling on such a deep level. But it’s so hard to straddle that line between loving and enabling.

  15. You have to get away from ppl in your past , especially an ex boyfriend.. Wow are you serious ? And your beta husband is ok with that?.. Not buying this crap. Stop lying, you still hang out with sum of those ppl bc you still do wat they do. Your self righteous just like any drug addict. If you get out the mud but keep visiting the mud. Your still getting muddy. Period.

  16. Were those bling ring people well off, like what I mean, they weren't homeless or living on the streets at the time?

  17. This is so touching. Criminalizing addicts/alcoholics for their actions is not the solution for a sustainable life. However, having one recovering addict/alcoholic share their experience, strength, and hope to another in the throes of their disease… That's what lasts.

  18. I remember how useless her mother was. She was living in a false reality and left her daughters to fend for themselves.
    She came a loooooooonnnnnng way, praises to her.

  19. Do you hear this girl? Smoking 20-25 oxy a day! She did not realize you can’t get high off them. Hence why your smoking 20-25 of them!

  20. I'm so late to this video but it's nice to hear from her after she just kind of disappeared after the show got cancelled.

  21. Kevin seems so human. The addicts I know (myself included) just lost their personality during deep addiction, he still seems positive and happy even though the situation. He has a lot of charisma, I truly wish him well and hope hes still sober. Alexis, I relate so much to your story and listening to your story has given me the strength again in my current low point. Lots of love to you both 💗

  22. Since when the fuck is crack cheap!? Its $20 a fuckin hit anywhere I've ever been. Well I mean a $20 piece is pretty much one hit. People think those 80s are a joke too. But someone with no tolerance eats one and they're essentially comatose

  23. Yes let's hang out with my ex boyfriend who's still using. Obviously ur not over him. And such a great way to increase your relapse chances

  24. I think she needs to stay away from her x and focus on her baby and own husband, cuz ur only one hit away from a relapse. She seems like she wants to get back with him once he is clean. But maybe im reading too.much into it.

  25. I thought this was amazing. Its real. Addiction is a bad bitch. Its life or death. I love seeing people get help and getting better

  26. I respect her so much. Her strength and maturity about her past. Now seeing that she has a husband that loves her and a beautiful baby. And she helped her ex boyfriend that supplied her. Wow she is truly an amazing person.


  28. Holy shit I had found myself wondering what happened to these girls a few times. Never wouldve guess she was using crack and heroin. Shame..

  29. Also.. I need to say for those of you that dont know anything about this life.. no one wakes up one day and says, hey I want to be an addict, I want to be a POS homeless person. It is always a series of unfortunate events and a few bad decisions. It can happen to anyone… it happened to me (I never did heroin but it's the same as opiate pills) and I HATED drug users and pills for my entire life. I grew up around addiction and saw what it did so I despised those who did it. It all started so very innocent and next thing I knew I was getting very sick without a pill every few hours. I was very self aware but the sickness kept me on them. Luckily me being so self aware, I knew if I didnt stop I'd maybe move to heroin or start doing bad things to get money for them. So I was able to get treatment and havent taken any in almost 10 years. But.. my point is, dont assume this can never be you and dont treat those in this situation like they're not human. TRUST ME they dont want to be doing it, theyd much prefer to have a home, a family, a normal life. It's just extremely hard to crawl out of that life if you dont have anyone willing to help you. Wish him the best. I know this is old.. hope hes ok now.

  30. Great she found fame despite making good enough choices not to end up on MTV's. Teen Mom.

  31. Drug dealers will destroy your life drug User Friends will destroy your life Drug use will destroy your life Drugs will destroy you

  32. In the movie, Andrea Neiers' mother is an absolute airhead, homeschooling them the book, "The Secret". I have a feeling the movie was correct.

    Also, Oxycontin is not a "really bad drug". It's a very helpful drug for people with chronic pain (which I have, although oxy wasn't a good match for me, as it made me feel drugged at one point, and tired). However, people without chronic pain, PHYSICAL pain I mean, not mental pain, shouldn't ever touch it.

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