A woman keeps a stranger’s forgotten money | What Would You Do? | WWYD

A woman keeps a stranger’s forgotten money | What Would You Do? | WWYD

We’re at the Saddle Brook diner and Vince is having such a bad day he’s making everyone’s life miserable don’t you guys lose the formula for hot water can I order here, or what I don’t have all day by becoming the world’s biggest jerk, I mean is it be Really, when he stomps off this is ridiculous Tracy spots something unusual something Vince accidentally leaves behind a Bag envelope, I can’t believe it stuffed with $100 bills a moral dilemma like this just happened and it was caught on camera three kids from Aurora Colorado found a wallet with 700 dollars of cash while on their way home from the playground What they didn’t expect is that they were actually being recorded kind of like what would you do and they pass the test we found your wallet outside of your car and you just thought we’d give it back to you so I don’t know I’m gonna put it over here so Now the question is will people allow Tracy to keep the money Just because the guy who lost it is a total jerk what would you do if you saw something like this? Uh-huh Decaf tea so that’s a cup with hot water and a tea bag that says decaf I’m all right And as Vince storms out watches this man applause right it seems Vince forgot something It must be Tracy’s lucky day, well I’m gonna keep it he’s a jerk But the guy who clapped for Vince’s exit now enters as Vince’s protector Guess what moments later he is you see an envelope with money in it anybody Know had about a thousand dollars in it I’ll give you a reward if you have it Wow nobody’s nobody’s saying anything It seems like everybody’s keeping Tracy’s secret I’m thanking you honest with the show what would you do did you think of a guy I Mean, just not a nice person and loud and obnoxious yeah everything you don’t want in a human being then he comes back And you didn’t tell her anything she doesn’t deserve it he got what he deserves yes exactly we’re rolling again what is that a Cup of soup I said full salad now keep your eyes on this guy, I’m gonna take my business Somewhere else and I want it you shouldn’t do anything else but this his reaction to Tracy finding the money will change Faster than the diner’s daily special he’s gone right At first he, wants Tracy to give the money back but wait $100 to keep silent that’s the deal Tracy goes back to her table counts the lost loot and then offers even more cash to keep him quiet now he’ll take those $300 but when Vince returned sitting right in that chair You guys see an envelope of money What just like that he turns Tracy and? And you’re sure so because I’m gonna call a cop You said you did enough and now you’re not sure but Tracy wants answer Does he still want the money yeah how much do you want Yes No he doesn’t now we want answers what’s he really thinking how you guys doing right Away the first thing I said was that we should find the guy and give him his money back that would’ve been the right thing to do you know then she asked you you want some of the Money right you said yes you know Who’s gonna say no to free money you know what can I say but then you know you thought about it then I thought about It right and doing the right thing you know what I would not be taking it out which I didn’t take it we roll again and this customer takes a different approach Ridiculous he is a ticking time bomb I’m gonna take my business elsewhere because obviously you don’t get it I’d wait tables When Tracy discovers the stack of hundred dollar bills he loves a pile of cash He takes action to return The money all right let’s go let’s go get it we’re gonna go get him and now the bomb goes off He doesn’t even see me or the camera crews don’t ever ever Do that to a young lady like that I was trying to work her butt off He’s so worked up he still doesn’t notice me and the only reason. I did that is because. I’m an honest man about So this is part of the TV show what would you do he’s an actor? Don’t keep the money don’t keep what’s not yours why should you? Like $1,000 we start rolling one more time and these customers quickly form a posse everybody hands in an envelope to force Tracy to come clean Tell me you found Trent we saw it all Right I’m gonna call a cop when Vince leaves the customers let loose What are you talking about though? And you ratted her out right away absolutely Absolutely you don’t know the guy doesn’t matter it’s the right thing to do you can’t sit by yet speak up And what about Vince’s lost money, well you’ll be interested to know it’s worthless

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100 Replies to “A woman keeps a stranger’s forgotten money | What Would You Do? | WWYD”

  1. I think because of people watching this show it will make more people do the right thing even in a situation like this … like the guy being a complete dick lol 😂 😂😂everyone at the end when they seen John was what I mean like ooooo man we had a feeling 😂😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I have lots of respect for that guy who went up to that guy n told him not to ever treat that girl like that n return the money back. Respect respect all the power to ya

  2. I would recognize Tracy and I would know I'm on WWYD, so when the bald guy is mean to the waitress, I would think that's the set-up so I would have gone for him

  3. Wow the guy that Wanted a share is kinda a pussy lmao and the rest tell but i feel they tell not because theyre honest but because theyre wishing they had found it 1st

  4. I think Traci is hot lol, if I saw her in real life first I’d ask if she’s filming an episode and if she wasn’t I’d ask her out to sushi 😂😂

  5. I just feel so sad for Traci. She plays the negative characters all the time and that's how you screw your social life 😂😂😂

  6. Wtf even if he is a jerk the money is his so…THAT GUY SAYING HE DOESNT DESERVE IT THE M O N E Y IS HIS SO HE DOESNT HAVE TO DESERVE OR NOT YOU SHOULDN'T STEAL(sorry i got mad) i found many wallets at my school and i only opened cause at our school you have do have a school card to enter school so i only open the wallets to see who the owner is(the card has a photo of them)and i always give them the wallet:)

  7. I really greatly appreciate those actors who act like villains and jerks in all episodes.. They must be strong n brave to take those curses n hatred….

  8. "everything you don't want in a human being"… Funny, because stealing money is also something "you don't want in a human being".

  9. That is what you call double minded madness and he is just as sinful and wicked as the jerk that lost the money in the first place.

  10. Jerk or not, that’s his money. It’s not yours. I would give it back and hope that maybe my act of kindness would motivate him to be better. You never know.

  11. Okay even tho he's an ass , its not like its just 20$ bill
    Its literally 1000$ thats alot of money
    Obviously he worked hard for it.

  12. I found $20 dollars in Walmart on the floor and I was scared to pick it up because I thought John Quiñones would pop up

  13. That was the worst haggling ever.
    Guy – "I won't say anything if you give me $100"
    Lady – "You drive a hard bargain! Would you be willing to accept $300?"

  14. Man : I want 100
    Woman : ok
    Man : She has it i think
    Woman : did you tell on me?
    Man : no
    Woman : did you want the money?
    Man : no


  15. If I witnessed someone steal from a jerk, I wouldn't say a damn thing either. I'm blind and didn't see anything. 😂

  16. If someone was a jerk to me and then left behind money, I'd pick it up and head out to my vehicle. Then come back and finish my meal. Or pay out and leave.

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