A Son Builds on His Father’s Architectural Legacy

A Son Builds on His Father’s Architectural Legacy

(mellow music) – The house was designed in the mid-40’s by my father, Pietro Belluschi. The Burkes lived here for 25 years. Dr. Burke passed away and
the widow called my father and said your favorite
house is on the market. If you’re interested,
you better get out here. My father took one look at the house and he bought it on the spot. It was always a wonderful place to come, and I never in a million years ever thought that I would own it. (mellow music) In early 2009, my brother
and I inherited the house. The house was in somewhat need of repair. One of the realtors said you know, this is a possible tear-down. And I just said absolutely not. That began a long process of
restoration of the main house, addition to the main house,
and then all the landscaping, and bring the entire indoors and outdoors together seamlessly. Being the son of an architect, I was exposed to the
profession very early. When I was four or five
I’d go to his office and see all these
beautiful colored pencils, and I did a lot of drawing. That developed into painting. One of my first jobs was
working on a church with him. I would be able to see the work that I did get constructed and be
finished, and I said aha. That’s when I got hooked on architecture. – Tony designed the tea house, which is obviously a lovely
compliment to the main house. – The tea house is 235 square
feet of usable interior space. It’s very inviting. It’s a place where I can
read, I can go take naps. The main room is a bedroom
convertible to a living room. We have visitors, we have guests. It becomes a dining room when the dining table is folded out. The third room is what
I call the kitch-bath. It’s a kitchen and it’s a bathroom. Everything to the left is kitchen. Everything to the right is a bathroom. (mellow music) The entry hall is also the clothes closet. These three rooms are
divided with Shoji screens that fold up into the wall, so it becomes all one room. – [Marti] The entrance to
the house is somewhat simple and small, and humble. Then you walk into the large expanse of the living room, dining room area. The whole house has a very warm and welcoming feeling. It’s beautiful. – [Tony] It’s all
combined, with glass walls that look out to this wonderful
vegetation and landscape. The glass goes right up to the ceiling and the ceiling goes all the way through to the outside of the house. – It’s all window, and
people are amazed by that. They’re drawn to look out the window, which is a tribute to
Pietro and his style, and his ability to sight a house. – My father understood the
connection to the outdoors and the simplicity. He never embellished anything with detail that wasn’t necessary. – The main house is almost
totally as designed, except for the kitchen. – [Tony] The old kitchen
didn’t open up to the circulation of the house, so we completely
demolished the old kitchen and started all over again. – [Marti] Tony did a masterful job because it looks as if it
should have always been there. – We added some new materials,
some of the natural woods, which really were sympathetic and in concert with the original house. – In the original kitchen,
the sink looked at a wall. The kitchen Tony designed reorients it so that there is a view
not only of the outside and Mount Hood, but there’s
also a view of the dining room, so you can be at the kitchen sink and still talk to your guests. In many mid-century modern homes, they have open shelves. I didn’t want open shelves because I didn’t want the dust, so
we closed in all the shelves and it still blends with
the style of the home. – There was a few very interesting things that came with the original design. One of them is the rotisserie built in to the side of the stove with the flue and the chimney. It’s a beautiful looking
thing because it looks like a medieval piece of architecture we keep. – [Marti] The hood is copper. It was here in 1948
with the original house. It’s never been polished and
we don’t let anyone touch it. There are pans hanging around the stove, which the original house had. Also there was a broom closet, and Tony made that into a pantry. Many people come in and
look at the new kitchen, which is now twice the
size of the old kitchen, and say we can’t tell
what’s old and what’s new. It looks like it’s been here forever. That’s exactly what we were looking to do. We have children and grandchildren, so we needed to have more
spaces to accommodate people. So we said, well, we’ll do an addition. – The addition is a media room/guest room/dressing room. It’s also my walk-in closet,
and then above that is a loft, which is an office/storage,
and it’s also the place where are twin grandchildren
can sleep when they come visit. – There used to be an outdoor trellis that you could walk underneath. We will maintain that
walkway, but it’ll be indoors. It’ll be the space between
the new and the old with a skylight over it, and
this light was so beautiful, we said okay, this is
gonna be the gallery. – [Marti] And we both love
art, so it’s a great space to display artwork and artifacts that we love. The bedroom is one of the rooms
with a woven wood ceiling, and the woven wood
ceilings are very unique. But I’ve never seen it as
elegantly done as in this house. – My father was one of
the few people we know who did two or three houses
with woven wood ceilings and it’s three or four, or
five different kinds of wood that are woven together
to create a wonderful look and acoustically wonderful
ceiling for bedrooms. (mellow music) My all-time favorite space in
the house is the courtyard, which is actually a room, because the proportions of the courtyard are like a great big rectangle surrounded by these beautiful fir trees. We have a Lee Kelly stainless
steel sculpture at the end, which kind of talks to both the tea house and to the addition in a
language all their own. It’s where architecture and art meet. It’s the most magical place. We just love it there. There was an existing stone
wall that’s out in the courtyard that was made out of Mt. Adams stone, that somehow was built before
the house was ever built. My father picked up the
Mt. Adams stone material and created the whole new fireplaces in two different locations, the north bedroom and the living room. The stone goes with the wood, which is a natural product in Oregon because of Mt. Adams. – I think it’s turned out well. It is so lovely and it is such a wonderful
experience to be here. It’s almost overwhelming. People have been so interested in what it was, what it is,
how it goes together. – This house has now become one of the major stopping
points in the northwest, and particularly with
architectural and design buffs. – To date, we’ve had almost 3000 people come through our home,
and it’s been wonderful. – It’s not that it’s iconic. It’s the notion of timelessness. There is something that’s so timeless about the simplicity and
the elegance of this house. Well, I think my father would love what we’ve done. We have created a wonderful legacy between us, and we’re gonna be here for a long time and we want to enjoy it. We want it the way it is now, and I think he would love it. (mellow music)

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  1. What a beautiful home! You are so blessed to live in such a unbelievable home! Great work and a job done very good!

  2. What a lovely homage to your father by updating a home that meant so much to him but keeping so well in the original design flow. I can't believe a realtor suggested it was a tear down, even if it needed some work. This home is just breathtakingly beautiful. I could only dream.

  3. I keep replaying the kitchbath scene like some Onion video… "everything to the right is a bathroom." "It's a kitchbath." "everything to the right is a bathroom." "It's a kitchbath." the rest of the video is a blur…

  4. Nice main house. The guest house "kitchbath" is not practical. The sanitary and smell factors make it a terrible choice. I love the view!

  5. "where art and architecture meet." this is the first i've heard of this concept, yet it make so much sense. it is the natural flow of these two arts.

  6. tHe kitchbath is big enough to be seperated into two with a wall and to have a full bathroom amd a small kiychwn no need to smash them together. or just dont make a kitchen there it is attatched to the house why would they need a kitchen there.

  7. they say timeless, but it looks very dated, particularly the finishes, and the fireplace, dated, not in a good way.

  8. Love to see such restorations. The property has great views and they really had a good base design from the 1940's to work with.

  9. wow. i love this home esp the walk in closet and the art gallery area. gorgeous!!!! …and to everyone ripping on the kitchbath…I highly doubt a ton of cooking or pooping really goes on in that space. it was probably done simply because it could be. and they seem like the type of people that are very, very clean and would be sure to keep things very sanitary. so chill. it would be no different than how close the bathroom is to the kitchen in a small apartment, tiny house or an RV. think about it.

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    but otherwise, it's a beautiful property, indoors and out.

  12. Breathtakingly beautiful. In this crazy loud world we live in today this quiet and simple architecture would be the perfect antidote. Well done, perfect blending while respecting the old. 👌🏼❤️

  13. I am so happy to have found this channel. Not merely for the fact I adore browsing videos of unique homes, also for being introduced to some unique people as well. This couple live in splendor and have renovated and added to this masterpiece, they are humbly grateful with poise and that is as rare as the home! Wonderful

  14. That "kitchbath" though… I didn't see any cooking facilities there or did I just miss that? I can't imagine someone cooking dinner just after someone else used the 🚽 so maybe that kitchbath is not meant for cooking? Who can shine a light on this? Otherwise I really love this house. It's a true piece off timeless architecture. What a great job they have done!

  15. Iconic home. The kitchen-bath in guesthouse is a bit unconventional. The toilet and shower could have been placed in a separate room adjacent to kitchen rather than having a toilet in kitchen. Very unsanitary!

  16. I was in awe of this beautiful place and the story behind it . What just incredible talent and knowledge so very interesting ! I couldn't imagine waking up in this beauty

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  21. This house design is truly timeless. Kudos to the designers, especially his dad. His church design was also good.

  22. Timeless piece of art some rare details mixed with bold inspirations
    Ample natural light energizes the interiors and the picture windows exhibit almost 360 life size art gallery
    Hope the legacy flourishes

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