A Letter To My Future Husband…

A Letter To My Future Husband…

One thing that Ryan always does to me, is that he always says that he loves me more. But what Ryan doesn’t know is that
when I was 14 years old, I wrote a letter to my future husband. So even though I love you now,
I loved you then. So, I’m going to read it to you all tonight. I feel like I owe you two a thank you because somewhere along the way you had
to groom a daughter that made pretty quick work of what I would consider
possibly the most eligible bachelor in Las Vegas history Peanut, this weekend I’m
sure you will hear a hundred times “Oh I thought I’d never see the day..” but then
you walked into my life. I f I were to mold my exact choice in a wife and the
mother of my children it would be you a couple people have asked me if it’s
really true that Ryan and I met on a hundred dollar bet. (friend) Well there he was
right across from us I bet her $100 that she wouldn’t go up and ask for his
number, well to my surprise she did And I have not been paid either. So a lot of you have been at Sierra’s concerts with me. and she’s a country singer so most of
the songs are about lying husbands and cheating boyfriends and every time I’m
sitting there is this song about you the song about you well for all you people
this song’s about me the next time you hear it it will be sung by Sierra Black
that will continue to be her performing name but tonight one time only it’s sung
by Sierra Growney so as I was writing a song the letter
fell out of my book. It says I don’t know anything about you who you are your
story or why your path crossed mine. But I do know I’m so lucky. I’ve been waiting for you all of my life. I’m sure thatyou’re more than I could have ever
dreamed of but I bet you’re tall and super handsome
I wonder if you’re wearing a cowboy hat at our wedding. You’re probably the
perfect missing piece to my puzzle. I can’t wait to marry you and I love you
so much love Sierra something… this is in fact a fairytale wedding I
mean I was so moved when I saw you today I could barely speak. So awesome. And then
you know going up to the altar and seeing Ryan there and and then I kissed
you and we’d hit heads… and what the hell is that right? You guys all know me I
kiss you on the lips if I love you I’ve never seen my sister laugh like she does
when she’s with you and thank you for being there to let Sierra be who she
always wanted to be I’m sitting in my bed writing this, if
you’re reading it, I guess it’s close to our wedding day. And I’ll bet every girl
wishes they were me on this very day. The moment I walk down the aisle will be
great, but my favorite will be back down the aisle as your wife. So always
remember that I not only loved you when I met you but I’ve loved you my whole
life I want you to dance like nobody’s
looking, and I want you to pray like you know God is listening. As today you go
from my Boushie to his Peanut. Sierra I remember and I never actually gave you
that hundred. So here it is

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  2. As I about to turn 45 next week I reflect on the fact that I have never been married or even engaged I still have hope that my true love is out there and I am ready to meet you ❣️

  3. this is the most beautiful video i've ever seen, to think that I was going to get married at one point but it didn't happen, I see how beautiful it is now and I know someday someone will actually marry me.

  4. You ladies are over here writing letters and we are over here like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB4Nby2Ai-g

    all it takes is one moody argument and boom the government walks in, takes EVERYTHING, including your family heirlooms since you don't have a reciept and gives it to her while whipping you to pay more than you make or suffer unconstitutional jailtime. Refer to link above.

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  6. Woooww and omg this is such a fairy tale story!!😍🙏💖so beautiful and amazing lots of love!💖

  7. I wrote something like this for a class project back in high school and to this day I still have it. I found it accidentally a few weeks ago and was about to read it but my boyfriend hid it from me insisting we dont read it until we get married lol

  8. dude your videos are sick.
    my dream is to do what you are doing now.i am dealing with some financial issues but i managed to buy my first camera.watching your works is such an inspiration to me.


  9. Dear future husband,

    I’m so excited to meet you in God’s perfect time.Im praying for you every day.I miss you❤️

    Your future wife,

  10. My future wife I am so lost right now cause of the way my life has been with out you and yet I don't know if I have you on my mind .honestly I want to become the man that you want to marry and establish a foundation and stability. Together .I am working on myself .as well it hasn't been easy still I try to better my life honestly

  11. Amazing! I on the other hand am only focusing on me, making sure that I'll be someone that someone else would want to live with for the rest of their lives 😊

  12. Dear future wife, well the first time I married you, I was young and selfish and bipolar. The second time will be a lot better, because I got an accident and it changed my mind.Because I broke my skull in two places, I broke my neck and my back and my ribs also, that doesn’t matter, riding a dirt bike.Now I’m happy to be alive I enjoy every day and I love life and I’m thankful, also by the way, I got a much better job, some strange reason, I have more confidence which doesn’t make sense, because I’m still just a simple guy. I got my Health back I’m 52 years old and I can squat 400 pounds, this is just a year and a half later, Which I know seems impossible after such a horrific accident, But again I am thankful to be alive and well, and I’m writing songs and I wanna sing them to the world.I wrote a song on April 8, which would’ve been our 24th wedding anniversary about us getting back together, On the 12th it’ll be two years next month that we’ve been divorced. I am hoping that I can come home soon, I love you dearly and you know I never make promises, but this time, I promise, I promise to love you right, forever. Love me.

  13. I cried when the dad saw his daughter in the wedding dress. My parents are getting old and I want them to see me in my wedding dress.

  14. I have watched tons of wedding videos in preparation for shooting my first wedding and this is definitely the best one I have seen. Outstanding work.

  15. Hi👋
    Please help me win my dream wedding by liking my story

  16. WOW!!! I can't even imagine how much time was put in to make this cinematic film. With preproduction, on location shots, editing. I'm curious how my videographers were used to capture these moments. I purchased your LUT packs and I'm ready to start making excellent videos with my new Mavic 2 Pro. Thanks man!

  17. I’m multilingual and don’t want to marry anyone from my own culture from personal reasons. I now want to write a letter but don’t know in which language actually 😂 it would piss me off if I wrote it in a language my husband doesn’t speak!!

  18. What a load of horse shit, we’ve all been there but as we all see fairytales are bollocks and then the real shit comes through, good luck to you people currently going through you’re own fairytale, hope it works out true for you both but remember us who have lost ours

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