5 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Santa Cruz Boardwalk (+Secret to WIN TOYS)!

hey everyone we wanted to bring you to
one of our favorite places, Santa Cruz Boardwalk it takes us about an hour to
drive there but it’s always so fun and so worth it so here’s 5 reasons why you have to visit Santa Cruz Boardwalk plus we’ll show you the one game we
recommend to play if you wanna win a toy number 5 because admission is free
and you basically pay for what you want to do. I prefer it this way instead of
paying for a ticket at Disneyland which when we went to go visit Disneyland, I
didn’t think it was worth it. It’s just such a fun place to visit. You could spend the
whole day there and not be bored number four the rides!
you can ride them one by one like we do or you can get a season pass where you can
get unlimited rides all year long number three it’s the best place to win
toys. The Boardwalk has so many fun games and every time we go Bruce tries to win
me a toy and he usually does. Look at all these toys that he’s won so we played so
many different types of games and we’ve learned that most of the games have some
type of trick and it’s really hard to win a prize so this is the one game
that we found is the easiest for you to win a toy so if you want to try to win a
toy for your kid or to impress your date you have to go to…. skeeball! so here are the rules of the game – you get ten balls and so you just want to get 200. So don’t try
to go for, you know, the really high scores or try to go for the bullseye because
it’s really hard. Just try to like throw normally and like roll the ball up the
ramp, you don’t have to be super accurate but it’s pretty easy to just roll the
ball up and try to get 200 See – like Bruce didn’t even get the bullseye all the time but he can get a small and you can stop when you get a small
because they’re already so cute, look, you know these are the – this is the bucket
for the smalls, so if you win two smalls then you can exchange them for a medium
then you can exchange two mediums for a large and that’s how you can get bigger
and bigger toys. And then so he was just really consistent in winning every
single time and sometimes we get a better score than just winning a small and then both mediums for large so just we just get a large? [Yeah] is it the middle shelf? [Yeah] Ok so we ended up getting this, which was too cute Me love it and look at how many toys we’ve won from skeeball number two free movies at the beach so Santa Cruz Boardwalk will have
free movies on the beach and look at all these people camped out! So you get to
sit by the beach and then you get to watch a free movie and the boardwalk is
just still popping at night the number one reason you have to go to
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk – the food! the food is so good there, you guys, some of
our favorite things are there where we’re just like oh my gosh I’m craving
that let’s go so we’ll drive to Santa Cruz Boardwalk
because we want to eat the fried tater twist the turkey leg which is the best
turkey leg I’ve ever had, it’s better than the one in Disneyland and the one
at Great America wasn’t that great funnel cake with ice cream is so good, the
chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream is so good the fried sampler is so good where
it’s fried shrimp and fried fish and garlic fries they have Dole Pineapple
Whip there, the same one at the Hawaii Diamond Head Hike Bruce really loves
this Cajun boil that you can get at the turkey leg place the roasted corn people
will wait in line for this roasted corn which actually shuts down because
they’ll run out of corn and then they have to cook it for 20 minutes. You know
it’s good when people just are waiting in line for this corn to be done yeah that’s good, thank you and then this crepe is really good, the
fried artichokes are super good we tried we tried this giant donut hahaha it’s such a fun place to take your
family so you definitely have to go hope you guys enjoyed visiting the Boardwalk
with us, see you guys next time!

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