3 Little Pig Travel to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Mexico | First Family Trip | All-inclusive Resort

Hi guys! It was our first family trip out of the country with all the 3 pigs. Jessie was so excited because she was going to celebrate her birthday there. Before the trip, we had done a lot of research. We prepared a lot of dollar bills to tip throughout the trip.
We booked a van through the USA Express to the Hotel. The overall service was excellent! The staff even made balloon animals for the kids. We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. It was a very large resort hotel with easy access to the beaches. We booked it because it was an all-inclusive, family-and-kids-friendly hotel. We booked a 2-storey pyramid suite for us, and a double-bed room for the grandmas. But, the pyramid suite was overbooked. We got upgraded to a corner suite. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint us. This was the view we could see from our room. The kids loved the hot tub very much.
On the other hand, the grandmas’ were assigned to one king size bed. So we requested to change room. They solved the problems quickly and the grandmas were assigned to a much bigger dolphin- view room. After dinner, we went to see a show. The shows are different every day. They have magic show, dancing show, fire show, etc. that you would never got bored. They also provides many classes for adults and kids to join, such as bicycle tour, dance lessons, scuba diving demo, etc. After the show, we went to Pasteles, which was kids’ paradise. Our 3 little pigs went crazy in there. After a good rest from day 1, we finally could enjoy the beautiful beach. The sand was so fine and white. The crystal clear water was so beautiful. And we were so lucky that the weather was excellent during our trip. The hotel provides sufficient beach chairs and towels for guests to use. You can drink unlimited cocktails and drinks. You can also go grab a taco at Habaneros, or quesadillas from the food truck whenever you are hungry. Dad: Is it fun?
Jessie: Yea! Very fun! Dad: What’s today?
Jessie: Today’s my happy…! Dad: Happy Birthday, right?
Jessie: Yes yes! We went there in February, so the water was still a tad bit cold. But you would be fine after you get used to it. The hotel also provide snorkeling masks for free. Dad: the water so cold?
Jessie: yea After being under the sun for too long, we went to one of their pools with shade. The three little pigs enjoyed swimming in the pool as well because the water was not so cold. Beside the pool, there was a large chess board they could play with. This was our favourite restaurant in the hotel. It’s called Chevy’s. It serves classic American food. We usually went there after going to the pool. The kids loved the food, especially their chocolate milkshake. Jessie: Say cheeeeese. We told the hotel that 12th was Jessie’s 4 year old birthday. We were so surprised. They decorated our room with full of colorful balloons. Jessie was so happy. We planned to go to the Italian restaurant, Lorenzo’s. Unforturnately, it was closed for some reason. So we changed our plan. We went to Moongate instead. The reviews of this restaurant were not so good because of the food, but the service was excellent. It didn’t disappoint us. Everything was expected. People went there mainly because they want to see the entertaining teppanyaki show. *Happy birthday song* On Day 3, we continued to have fun at the beach. MommyMia: Woo, so cold. Remember to bring all the beach toys and all those swimming neccessaries. It’s quite expensive to buy at the hotel. This is the hotel’s KidZ Club. Kids could enjoy playing water slides, throwing water balloons, doing some arts and crafts, etc. They could spend all day here. At night, we went to Habaneros for dinner. We ordered some cocktails, a spicy seafood soup, some tacos,etc. The dishes were okay. We would recommend that you go there at day time because the lunch menu was much better. Here comes to day 4, which was Valentine’s day. My husband booked a 1 hour snorkeling tour for us at the hotel. The snorkeling area was a 5-10 minute boat ride away. The waves were a bit rough, so it took quite a bit of energy to follow the tour guide. Remember to take a motion sickness medicine before if you need to. The water was extremely clear. We could see the bottom very clearly. But, there weren’t as many fishes and corals as we expected. So we were kind of disappointed. For dinner, we went to the adults-only French cuisine, which was highly recommended by many travellers. Since it was Valentine’s day, we went early to get a table. We waited for an hour for our table. We went to the Beer Lab to play some pool while we was waiting. This is the beer lab I talked about. After we picked the kids back from the grandmas, the grandmas went to the Moongate by themselves to enjoy the teppanyaki show. This comes to the end of our wonderful trip. We enjoyed the stay and will definitely be coming back. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, give us a Like, Comments, and Subsrcibe. Bye!

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