25 Travel Tips (Hacks) for the Airplane

25 Travel Tips (Hacks) for the Airplane

hey there here are 25 travel tips and
hacks for flying in an airplane if you have not flown in a long time or you are
an avid traveler or commute to work these 25 travel hacks will help you
while you are on the airplane be sure to stick around to the end to find two
travel gadgets that I found that are phenomenal for airplane travel when you
travel this first tip for the airplane is to download the airline’s app onto
your phone for helpful tips before you even get to the airport many airlines
have a free onboard entertainment system that you can only get to if you have the
airline’s app and one of the airlines we were on last year even tells you where
the plane you’re flying is coming from and it tells you what seats are open and
which seats you could move your seat to very helpful tips on the airlines
another travel tip is to take all of your items from your personal bag out
right when you get on the airplane and put them in the back seat or the seat
back pocket of the airplane and that way in the middle of the flight you’re not
like smashing your face against the airplane seat trying to get to your
personal item bag to find that one journal or pin or book that you meant to
get out before the airplane took off per FAA rules with each airline you are
usually allowed one personal item and one large carry-on and the carry-on can
be a suitcase it can be a duffel bag with certain airline requirements for
the size and dimensions and for some countries you have to follow the weight
limit rules per airline but these two bags can be allowed on the airplane some
gate agents are going to be very strict with saying you can only have these two
bags you may not have a crossbody on or a shopping bag in addition to these two
and the reason for their strict attitude not Reard attitude but strict
performance is that because of this plan that the airline has with the FAA they
will get a large fine if the FAA sees that this airline is not obeying this
plan and they’re allowing people more bags what kind of thing that’s why
they’re so strict now I do not know what the right rule is with the new fanny
packs that people are wearing or the belt bag as they’re now called or a
crossbody it just it is a little subjective to each gate agent but if
they say something just stuff it down in your personal item
bag until you get there or until you get on the airplane and then put it away
when you’re getting off the airplane if they say something another airplane tip
is to make sure you bring headphones for the old kind of jacks for the airplanes
entertainment system as well as the new kind of Jack that goes with your phone
if you’re going to be using your phone to watch the entertainment system or
listen to a podcast or something another travel tip for the airplane is to make
sure that your phone is on airplane mode take it from me and another subscriber
that your phone could be dead in just an hour or so and that’s why I always carry
a power bank and it plugs into your phone and charges your phone I have
recently bought this one like in January because this one is only a little bit
larger than my single charge one and it will charge your phone to full tons like
really good for going across a pond but another airplane tip is when you use
this plug and plug in your phone to the seat below you like some airlines have
if you sit in a special section you can plug in a phone and they have outlets
sometimes that outlet is really loose like it’s almost been stripped and so
your plug to charge your phone or your power bank it will not stay in that
outlet underneath the seat in front of you so what we suggest for a travel hack
is to use blue tape because it can be unstuck and stuck again and again and
reused that you use that to secure that plug into the outlet as well as when
you’re in a hotel room that’s a great pack and you just pack that easily in
your bag another travel tip for the airplane is to know that the row of
seats in front of the exit rows does not recline most of the time because the
back of your seat is part of the exit row
I think the 737s now that are flying so much around the United States they are
uncomfortable they have you slumped in a slopped position in the upright seat
position and so sore on my back so I like to recline
it to be like have good posture another travel tip is to know that the airplane
seats near the lavatories are going to be busier and that just means you’re
gonna have more traffic people are gonna be looking at your computer or your
phone or what you’re writing but what else are they going to look at right a
travel tip for the airplane especially if you have not flown in a long time is
to know that all electronics can be used while you’re parked at the gate and in
the boarding area when you’re on the airplane they all can be used but when
that boarding door closes all laptops have to be put away you can still use
your phone but pay attention to your Airlines app when I get on board on some
planes I log on to their Wi-Fi okay and that gives me access to their
entertainment system once I get up in the air after like the ten thousand feet
beep goes off I think that’s how it works
but know that sometimes you have to connect to their Wi-Fi at the gate and
then turn the airplane mode on in order to access their app while you’re up in
the air or to access their entertainment system and it might be you have to do
the airplane mode first and then get on the Wi-Fi later if it’s free now I have
heard that a lot of the 737 planes are having some trouble with their Wi-Fi
working up in the air so you’re not always guaranteed that you’ll have that
onboard entertainment so have a podcast you can listen to have a journal there
have a book online or a real book for an alternative one of my favorite travel
tips is to download your boarding pass to get through security onto your phone
and take a screenshot of it so that it’s in your photos section of your phone but
here’s my tip know that the original gate that’s on your boarding pass or in
your email from the night before could be changed that day whether or not
they’ve had to move planes around so refresh that app before you get to the
airport or just look at the TV monitors when you get inside the airport to make
sure where your gate is going to be parked at by the way if you are
enjoying this travel tips pylori video give me a little ring Ling Ling on the
Bell down below another travel tip is to make sure on the airplane you open
coffee creamers away from you because they spit and the same goes for salad
dressing cups open them away from you because of the pressurization once you
get in the air pressurization once you get in the air it’s gonna it could get
stains on your clothes when you cover up with a blanket it may be common sense
but just know to have your seat belt on the outside of it if you’re planning on
taking a nap because if the seat belt sign comes on you don’t want them to
have to wake you to say is your seat belt buckled they need to see that seat
belt is buckled so keep it on top of your blanket or your jacket my personal
tip is to not go barefooted or just wear socks walking through the
airplane and into the lavatory there is urine there’s leftover throw-up there
are splatters of whatever in the carpet on the carpet as well as especially in
the bathroom a summer airline travel tip is to know that summer means
thunderstorms which equal delays especially if you’re flying in the
afternoon Chicago can have a thunderstorm in the early morning hours
everywhere else they can have thunderstorms any time of day as well so
be prepared for delays we try to always give ourselves at least a two hour
connection time if we are having to connect through a different airport
especially in the summer for weather I used to have a pop socket on the back of
my phone but now I use this little stretchy thing because I feel like it’s
more secure on an airplane though I need to prop my phone up and I found a gadget
that you might like it is the thinness and the weight of a credit card so it
fits right there in my travel wallet and what you do is you pop up the end here
it’s like a little metal plastic thing and then you pull this part up and it
fits through the slot at the beginning at the front of this metal card and then
you can put your phone right here you just lift up these little two plastic
things right here easy peasy and it really works and then when you’re done
you just unfold it snap that into place and put it right back in your travel
wallet my friend all so had one that attaches to your phone
and holds like credit card and stuff like that and it is very secure they
never lost a card in years but what she likes is that the back props up just
snaps out and it’s an immediate phone prop and then you just slap it down to
make it secure again or flush with your phone again only both of these below in
the description box for you on one of my to travel hack videos I talked about
this travel hack to also hold your phone up you just use a sandwich baggie and
poke a hole in it where the tray top hook would go through it just hangs like
that on the seat back now here is a travel tip you may not have thought of
I’m a big fan of carrying my backpack because I want to be hands-free where I
can just take my suitcase and then have my phone or just have that hand free and
not have to worry about keeping my purse balanced on my shoulder and stuff like
that and being stressed while I travel but I have recently gotten this
weekender type bag because it slips on the arms or the handles of my carry-on
suitcase and so I can still go through with just as much storage I can still go
through the airport hands-free but know this for the tip know that if they do
not have room on the airplane overhead bins that you cannot take that suitcase
on board with you they will check it at the gate for free in the belly of the
airplane and then it’s going to go to baggage claim when you land at your
destination so know that you may have to lift and carry this through the airport
to get to baggage claim when you’re there and I had the only reason I
thought about this is because I had a subscriber say that she had this
happened to her and she was she did not have the strength or the ability to
carry that bag the whole way so that’s just something to think about if you get
your seat number or where you are supposed to be lining up at the boarding
area the good news is if you’re at the back of the line is that you will most
likely have an aisle seat but the bad news is they will most likely not have
any more room for your carry-on suitcase and will have to check it and it’ll go
to baggage claim or if you’re making a connection flight it will come
to the next airplane so my tip is know that you might be separated from your
bag and if it gets lost make sure you’ve taken all your essentials like your
medicine your IDs all that and put that in your personal item before you get
separated from it even if you are traveling in 95-degree whether the
airplane and the airport could be freezing cold and I just always dress in
capris I learned the hard way when a more a skirt one time on the airplane a
long time ago and sandals ready for summer vacation and I froze on the
airplane but I also just pack I roll up a little hoodie and put it in the bottom
of my backpack or my travel bag a diet coke really does take triple the amount
of time as it does to fill a cup of a regular soda because something about the
diet cokes bubbles they take a long time to dissipate up there in the air
pressure of an airplane another travel tip has to do with flight attendants
don’t you love it when you get a fun and a friendly flight attendant they can
make or break your trip remember that they are there for our safety before the
airplane takes off and especially before we land they have so many checklists
that they need to do for our safety to secure everything so that is not the
time when I would hit the flight attendant call button to say could I
have a little more water or can you tell me where my gate is going to be coming
from usually they announce that anyway but remember that they are busy they’re
not ignoring you but they’ve got to get that stuff done before they land and
right before they take off also know that flight attendants are
required to say the fasten seat belt sign is on please stay seated you know
and if you choose to disobey that rule and their announcement you are putting
yourself in danger as well as the safety of the passengers who are obeying the
rules so let’s be respectful and just follow the rules and wait just five
minutes until something is cleared and we can try to get up then okay here is
one of the trial gadgets that I was talking about I recently bought myself a
foot ham it’s great for long-haul flight I tried
it out when I went to Florida the other day and I will tell you this strap is
super strong so you’re not gonna put all your weight on the hammock and like it
give away while you’re flying and another subscriber or a personal
Instagram travel tips by Lorie suggested or said that she was worried that every
time I put my weight on the foot hammock that it was gonna pull on the seat back
of the person who my foot hammock was attached to but actually it doesn’t pull
on them at all I tried it out and I can vouch for it this goes over the tray
table and hang solo it’s like at the strongest part of where the tray table
is attached to the seat that it really it does not do it at all but that’s a
fun little gadget I have another video of travel gifts for women that you can
look at for other fun gadgets all right the second gadget that I have to talk
about I do not have it yet but I’m working on getting it to try it out it’s
called stair spare tray spare table a ir is in the middle this
travel gadget would be great if you know you are going to be sitting in the
window seat it bits down in the window like an old timey cup holder used to be
move we’ve rolled our windows down like that and then the table comes out hey
Nathan hi say hey to everybody the tray comes out it’s like the width of my hand
and you can fit a drink on there a pin and it has a grip section that would
hold your phone so you have maximized all the space or you have all this extra
space on your tray table now I just think that is so cool I have not heard
back from the company I’m trying to get it for free so I can try it out for
y’all but I will keep you in the loop anyway I hope these tips have helped you
know what to expect before you get on an airplane and help you know how to be a
smarter traveler thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie youtube channel

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