25 Things to do in Berlin, Germany Travel Guide

25 Things to do in Berlin, Germany Travel Guide

We had heard Berlin was a city bursting with
art and music and we were very excited to spend some time there. Here is our list of
the 25 best things to do in Berlin. The East Side Gallery is the longest remaining
strip of the of the former dividing wall between East and West Berlin. Today the 1.3 kilometer
long wall stands as a memorial to freedom and it is covered in art and graffiti. Right now we’re visiting Brandenburg Gate.
This gate dates back to the 18th Century. It used to be one of the old gates leading
in to the city. Now after the wall came down in 1989 this became a symbol of unity between
East and West Germany. It is an important site to visit. And just behind the gate is the Hotel Adlon.
This is where Michael Jackson infamously dangled the baby. We’re here at Tiergarten, one of the biggest
parks in the city. It is a nice quiet green escape from the city center. We’re loving
just walking around. This park actually used to be the King’s hunting grounds because it
was full of wild deer and other animals. MauerPark is a hipster hangout. Every Sunday
people flock to this park and spend the day barbecuing, listening to music, enjoying a
few beers, and simply having a good time. There’s a popular flea market where you can
pick up old vinyls and clothes, and if you head over to the Bear Pit you can catch some
karaoke and musical performances. If you want to spot some cool street art,
then head over to Friedrichshain. This neighborhood is home to a lot of old warehouses turned
cafes and art galleries, and they exude a very cool vibe. You can’t come to Berlin and not eat a Currywurst!
This is the city’s most popular fast food snack. The sausage is served with a ketchup
and curry powder concoction. It’s delicious! Up next we’re at the Reichstag building which
has a pretty cool glass dome on top. This dome is actually open to visitors and it offers
360 degree views of the city but the only thing is that you need to sign up well in
advance. Today we’re visiting Tempelhof, a re-purposed
airport here in Berlin. This is the first time, I must say, that I’ve ever walked on
a runway. What is so cool about this park is that it has been re-purposed and now people
are enjoying all kinds of leisure activities. There is a dog park, there is people inline
skating, riding bicycles, jogging, walking and having picnics. This is such as awesome
place just to come and hangout. If you enjoy museums and art galleries you’ll
want to visit Berlin’s Museum Island. They actually have five different museums here
and if you get a daily pass for 18 Euros you get access to all five. We are now visiting the Holocaust Memorial
in Berlin. It is also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The artist’s
idea when he was creating this was to create a sense of confusion and uneasiness when we
walk through the memorial, yet it is very orderly at the same time and that is supposed
to mimic the Nazi regime. We’re going to be showing you this area. Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace
in Berlin and the only surviving royal residence in the city. It was home to Queen Sophia Charlotte
and the interior is quite grand. Once you’ve browsed through the many halls and ballrooms,
you should head out the beautiful gardens out back. Checkpoint Charlie was one of the crossing
points between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Today you can get your
passport stamped with the stamps of the former sectors. Located near Alexanderplatz, The Berlin TV
Tower offers a great lookout over the city. Chocolate! Ritter Sport is a chocolate brand
that is sold all over Germany, and while in Berlin we couldn’t resist sampling a few of
the different varieties. Berlin Cathedral is located on Museum Island
and it’s one of the most beautiful churches in the city. You wouldn’t be able to tell
by looking at it today, but the dome was severely damaged during the Second World War. If Currywurst is to your liking, you’ll want
to check out this quirky museum devoted to Berlin’s favorite sausage. One of the coolest
things about this museum is that they have a giant sofa shaped like a Currywurst. Renting a bike is a great way to get around
the city. Most places will rent out bikes at 10 Euros per day. For a leisurely afternoon, hop on a boat and
enjoy a tour down the River Spree. Of course, you cannot come to Berlin and not
eat a Wurst or a sausage. I’ve just ordered myself one from the street. They have lots
of local stands and this was only one Euro and thirty five cents. Big bite! That is so
good and I got it with mustard, which is even tastier. The Friedrichshain flea market takes place
every Sunday and it’s a great place for people watching and a little browsing. You’ll find
all sorts of items for sale, ranging from old musical instruments to antique dishware.
This market draws big crowds. The Germans sure know how to enjoy a hearty
breakfast, and we recommend you try it too. Breakfast usually offers a wide sampling of
loafs and bread rolls, accompanied with various deli cuts and cheese. We couldn’t resist visiting yet another cat
cafe while we were in Berlin. Unlike the cafes we have previously visited in Asia, this one
was quite small and only had 2 cats, but if you’re a cat lover you might just enjoy Pee
Pees Katzen Cafe. While in Berlin we enjoyed a hearty meal of
Schnitzel. This thin strip of meat is coated in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, before being
deep-fried. You can order it with a side of mashed potatoes or German noodles known as
Spaetzle. It’s quite easy to get around Berlin using
the U-bahn and S-bahn system. You can get almost anywhere, plus it’s really affordable. In Berlin, there is a big Turkish population
and that means there is awesome Turkish street food. Right here, I’ve got a donair in front
of me. It only costs 3.50 Euro and this thing is a massive behemoth. I can’t wait to take
the first bite. Oh yeah, amazing. And that’s Berlin for you! A city that has
risen from the ashes of the war, which is now bursting with art, music, and life. Have you been to Berlin? We’d love to hear
your favourite things about the city in the comments below. For more travel and food videos, hit subscribe!

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  1. LOL, in Stockholm there is like Turkish food everywhere. Especialy in the hood. Some turkish food is, Falafel and Kebab

  2. Holaa! Nos sirvió mucho tu video! Mi novio y yo compramos de forma repetida por equivocación las tarjetas de Berlín Welcome card para 6 días, así que tenemos 2 nuevas, por si hay alguien interesado. Buen viaje!

  3. Crimes committed in Romania by the communists Liviu Dragnea, Viorica Dancila, Carmen Dan and Gabriela Firea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVEU7IawuHg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIMITR7GEKg

  4. I see from your channel information the you`re from Canada. They do sell Ritter Sport in the U.S. Templehof was the U.S. Air Force. Remember The American, British, and French Armies, and the American and British Air Forces had a presence in Berlin for 49 years. I was there in 1979-1980, 2/6th Infantry McNair Barracks U.S. Army. During the Cold War Allied personal were not allowed to ride the S-Bahn it was controlled by the East German railroad, and we couldn`t ride the U-Bahn lines that went under the wall through the east. And when the Berlin wall was up and in operation it was a sight to be seen.

  5. The places you are visiting are old rundown buildings and a local park. And you are eating sausage chips and ketchup of a paper plate…..not exactly the best of berlin

  6. I haven't been to like 85 percent of the places these guys mentioned…and if this is all that Berlin was … I would never have gone…I would say I definitely wouldn't go to any place called the "curry worst" museum …and definitely would not go to a fucking cat cafe..

  7. I live in Berlin and i can tell you a few good things to do in the summer.. Go chill on a park, take a picnic and chill, I like the small one on boxhagner square, its small and in my neighbourhood, get beer, we love a good beer! There is a great artisan Beer place in Wedding and the beer is like 8.5%! Try falafal, we have amazing falafal here! Go raving, we love our techno and we love a good rave! Get strawberrys from the little strawberry vans! Get home made ice cream in friedrichshain, it literally gets a que all the way up the street! Dont go to tourist trap night clubs, here are my fave local clubs, Berghain of course ( on a Sunday) , Arena, Tresor (Saturday is usually my fave night) about blank, sisyphos ( super fun to go whilst tripping) Kitkat ( Gegan and same bitches are my fave parties there) Go shopping in friedrichshain, it has amazing little boutiques also kreutzburg does too. Hire a bike for a day and explore, Prenzlauerberg has some pretty parks. Go to some cocktails bars, Fairy tale bar is Alice in wonderland themed and soooo cute, deffo recomend. Minimal bar is my fave local, its chill and has good music and a ping pong table.. Club divissionaire is also a nice chill bar.. Excuse my spellings of things, it is so bad but if you google it, it will correct it, I just cba. Go to a spa, Vabali or liquidrome.. Those are just a few of the things I do in my spare time! Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for the info, but the combination of the music and your voices is too soothing (especially Samuel's). Hard to focus on this video…

  9. I’m going to Berlin in a week I booked a tour going too
    checkpoint Charlie
    Bradenburg gate
    Reistach building
    The murdered Jew memorial
    Berlin Wall well the remaining bit

    In free time I’m going to
    Alexanderplatz tv tower
    And museum island

  10. I love Berlin. It's my favourite European capital city, and I'll be there in February 2019 to shoot a 4-day vlog. I can't wait. German beer, German bratwurst, Hertha Berlin…

  11. You forgot very important things!!:

    Queen Nefertiti exhibit in the Neues Museum. Gorgeous.
    The Pergamon Museum with Mesoptamian artifacts. Unbelievable
    Hitler's Bunker
    Gestapo headquarters
    Wannsee Conference villa
    Olympic Stadium

  12. Japanese love Germany. Germany is the most beautiful country in the world. And Germany is the wonderful country in the world.

  13. I'm going to Berlin in June. Last time I was there it was East and west. Shows u how long. Where is a good street food markets this days?

  14. I heard that Berlin is a big Vegan city. The deep-fried foods with animal fats slathered in sauces doesn't interest me. Maybe the veggies revolution occurred after this vid. I'd like to hear about healthy eateries in Germany. TY.🇩🇪

  15. The currywurst is a tragedy…formerly the eisbein was the main food in East-Berlin, smoked and boiled pork knuckle with krauterbutter and potatoes on a giant american style plate.

  16. i feel like the only people that are super ecstatic about visiting Berlin are white Americans from rural America that go batshit crazy here. reckon south Germany is where it's at

  17. Just in case it helps someone else, don't get your passport stamped. You invalidate your passport by doing this!!

  18. Berlin Berlin so good they named it twice!! And guess what?? I've been…. twice…but it won't stop there!Berlin has a something about it not most cities have and there's nothing better than new growth after a interesting history.Europe owes its existence to London and its cousin Berlin.You walk around Berlin and think if…. oh and Potsdam ..is a must if in the Bear city.

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  20. Get in contact with us if you come back to Berlin and we'll show you 20 better things to do here 🙂 www.fototourberlin.com

  21. 1) East Side Gallery
    2) Brandenburg Gate
    3) Tiergarten
    4) Mauer Park
    5) Friedrichshain
    6) Eat Currywurst
    7) Reichstag
    8) Tempelhof
    9) Museimsinsel / museum island
    10) Holocaust Memorial
    11) Charlottenburg Palace
    12) Checkpoint Charlie
    13) Berlin TV Tower
    14) Eat Ritter Sport
    15) Berlin Cathedral
    16) Currywurst Museum
    17) Ride A Bike
    18) Boat Tour
    19) Eat German Street Food
    20) Friedrichshain Flohmarkt
    21) Eat A German Breakfast
    22) Visit A Cat Cafe
    23) Eat Schnitzel
    24) Take U-Bahn and S-Bahn
    25) Eat Turkish Food

  22. All that stuff was boring. I hate berlin. Go to Thailand. Much better. Or if in Europe, go to Spain. Much better.

  23. ACHTUNG! Be wary of people targeting tourists.. they will be asking you if you speak English and to sign a piece of paper for some "notable" cause BUT as soon as you gave your signature asks you for money! THEY ARE SCAMMERS! simply ignore them or tell them NO, F#&k OFF!

  24. Hey guys, i havent been in Berlin for like 10 years but back in 2010 you didnt really need to buy a ticket for the S-bahn and U-bahn when it got a bit late because the chances of ticket control coming were basically none. is it the same today?

  25. Have been in Berlin around 2010, great, have been in Berlin in 2018, migrants everywhere, spitting and blowing their noses everywhere, streets, metro, no bother, higher police presence due to the sweet migrants that roam the streets in packs, feeling very very safe (Irony) thank you Merkel for turning Germany in a African/Middle Eastern Country, it will be amazing in 30 years under Shari'a

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