2020 Unity Murphy Bed

Hey Dean from Leisure Travel Vans, we’re in the beautiful Hecla, Manitoba in beautiful Lake Winnipeg! And this is the 10th
anniversary of the Unity models believe it or not, I’m still 39. How does that work? Though not only are our 10th
anniversary of the Unity models Mercedes-Benz has got a brand
new totally redesigned chassis for our brand new Unity MB. Let’s talk about the Unity MB. If you’re looking for a small motorhome, 25’1″ long , 10’7″ high, 7’10” wide. You want expandability,
you want livability, Unity MB is the one for you! Great exterior storage,
fantastic interior storage. It’s got everything. If you need a big bed, how
about 68″ wide, and 76″ long. If you need a big bathroom, huge standup three piece bathroom. I can’t wait to show ya. Come on inside lets have a look. The brand new 2020 Unity MB. How is this for one beautiful motorhome? The 2020 Unity MB, look
how gorgeous this is. The brand-new Earth Ultraleather, beautiful Maple wood, the Glamour Package, the White Glamour Package up top, and the brand-new Stone
Corian countertops. I love how the Mercedes-Benz driver’s and passenger’s seats turn and swivel, so I have access into the motorhome and lets have a look at
this beautiful motorhome. Redesigned the front
cabinet area cabinets. A push-button right
there opens up this area. Optional safe is located here,
have our warranty pouch here, lots of storage area on both sides. Over on my right side
here I have our optional 200 watt and 400 watt
solar controller panel, so you know exactly how
much power is coming in through the solar panels. So, our solar panels up on our
roof will be trickle charging our brand new AGM batteries,
which are standard on all 2020 Unity and Serenity models. Storage area up here, we’ve
got our little optional table that goes in between our
driver and passenger seats. I really like this little feature here. It just slides right in there, you can sit in the morning. You can have your cup of coffee and you can work on your
laptop, whatever you want to do. A nice little area if
somebody was still sleeping I’ve got a little area I
can kickback and relax. It’s absolutely beautiful. Great little hanging closet area. Down here a place for your shoes. Up above, more storage area. A place here to hang your jackets when you come into the motorhome. A fire extinguisher. You’re gonna like this
feature with the murphy bed, little safety feature, we
have a little step cover. You can walk around the bed totally, you won’t fall into the step. Well that’s a nice little
safety feature to have. We have a battery disconnect switch to turn off all of our power. Okay, above the door area
we have our service center where everything is
right here our optional four point leveling jacks
hydraulic one touch button. So you turn on your emergency brake, hit the button, make
sure the engine is off, jacks automatically level, or we also have stabilizer jacks. So you have two options when it comes to leveling of the coach: stabilizer jacks or the four point
automatic leveling jacks. This is our switch for our slide-out, and always make sure you’re
looking at the slide-out when you’re bringing it in and out. Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot
water heater control right here. Right here we’ve got
our tank monitor system, so I can see what’s
going on with my battery. My battery’s getting a little bit low, my fresh water tanks
empty, my gray is empty, my black is empty, and
my propane is empty. Over here, this is brand
new for 2020 model year when you order the optional
3.6 kilowatt propane generator, we have ‘auto-gen start’. So when you order the
propane generator only you automatically get ‘auto-gen start’. And you can set that for the temperature, so if I’ve got some pets in the motorhome I can turn on the air conditioner. When the temperature gets
above a certain level, generator will come on,
turn on the air conditioner, cool the motorhome down. It will also come on if
I get low on voltage. It’ll come on and bring
up my battery power. So, very important that
you understand this, so when you order the optional 3.6 kilowatt propane generator, you get auto-gen start. If you order the 3.2
kilowatt diesel generator, you do not get that option. Last but not least brand new
on the 2020 Unity models, we’ve got a 2,000 watt inverter, we talk about a little bit earlier. So, 2,000 watt inverter. We’re up from 1,000 watt inverter
to a 2,000 watt inverter. We’ve gone to AGM batteries, which are right underneath my feet here. And we’ve inverted the microwave plug, so you can run your microwave
off the 2,000 watt inverter, and your service centers right here, it’s easy to access and simple to use. So we’ve got our
beautiful lit handle here. You can see you can control it right here. So it runs the outside lights, it also runs the inside light, all of that in Ultraleather. Our battery disconnect power. This is our T.V. popup switch right here. This turns on your LED lights, and you can dim them, turn them off. Over here we’ve got our step for turning our step off and on. “Camping Mode/Non-Camping Mode” Here we’ve got our LED lights
that are in our upper cabinets beautiful little rope lighting. And this is our outside storage light and our service center, so
when you see this light is on that means that you have
your outside light on in your main storage compartment, and in your service center. This is a great option
on the Unity MB for 2020, the Leisure Lounge Plus Chairs. We have three different
colors of Ultraleather, which is a fantastic material. We have: Earth, Mountain, and Fog. Absolutely fabulous,
great product for pets, mildew resistant, easy to clean. And the Leisure Lounge Plus
Chairs are spectacular. Look at this, power
recliners, built in arm rests. We’re gonna turn these
around and make them into a dining room area, and look
at this, dual arm rests. And a brand new 40 inch Smart LED T.V. How beautiful is that? And my favorite program is
on from the Discovery Chanel. And if you look up above the T.V., brand new for 2020, a built in sound bar and on the Murphy Bed model
we’ve added a subwoofer as well. So you can kickback and relax, and enjoy a full movie experience that’s like being at the IMAX
inside your 25 foot motorhome. How great is that? So we have a built in USB
plug on the far right chair, built in USB plugs over here, plus a place here for
magazines or your iPad, stores right inside the chairs. They’re super comfortable to sit in it’s absolutely fantastic. And you’re really gonna
love this little feature, a little built in coffee
table that pops up, have a drink, watch
T.V. and that IMAX feel. So if you’re sitting in the front driver or passenger seat you can swivel the T.V. Or it has a dual viewing area where I can drop the T.V. down low, still
have some light coming in, I can watch the T.V. down low. And another little great feature is if you happen to drop
anything in the T.V. area, you can simply drop this down and grab whatever you
happened to drop in there. And in this compartment
here, standard for 2020, is a Smart Blu-ray player. We also have our breaker boxes and our fuse boxes for
running the motorhome. And we also store this little contraption. This is a secondary slide-out lock that you can put in the slide-out walk when you’re traveling down the road. I love the big picture frame window, look at beautiful Lake Winnipeg, awning style, which means
that the windows can open up. So if it’s pouring rain
outside I can still get lots of fresh air into the motorhome. And I love this brand new design, we’ve gone to hidden blinds,
we have our daytime blind. And look at this, we’ve got
built in locks for the blinds so that you can have the windows open and the winds not gonna move
the blinds, so that’s daytime, and then we also have our
privacy shades as well. And I love this little privacy
shade in front of the door. I love the beautiful
under cabinet lighting. Open it up here, we’ve got some beautiful cabinet areas up in here. And this is where we have our optional Winegard Satellite Dish that does: Dish, Direct, or Bell, and
it wires in right here. All these plugs are inverted so you don’t have to have your generator running. Over on this side we’ve got our standard Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi booster,
T.V. antenna, and radio antenna. Plus the Winegard 2.0 can also do 4G, you can do a pay-for service, or you can put your own SIM card into the Wi-Fi booster on the roof as well. So let’s talk about this fantastic roof. Almost five inches thick
in the center core, it’s ducted air
conditioning front to back. Really important, 15,000
BTU air conditioner with a heat pump that’ll
run off of your optional diesel generator or your
optional propane generator or when you’re plugged
into 30 amp shore power. So big air conditioner
to keep you nice and cool on those hot summer days. Box tubular aluminum frame, vacuum bonded between seven and 20
pounds per square inch, this is a one piece roof, no seams. You can see here, we’ve got our beautiful opening skylight for lots of fresh air. Beautiful screen, no bugs can come in and of course privacy on
those hot sunny days as well. So beautiful fiberglass flex roof, one piece, ducted air conditioning. Little fact, we’re over
80 degrees Fahrenheit, and we don’t have the air conditioner on and it’s quite comfortable. That is how good the insulation
is on a Unity motorhome. So work our way down, LED
lights throughout the motorhome, they’re all dim-able as well, and we have a nice little option, we have our fantastic
fans with rain sensor which means you can set the temperature if it starts to rain
will automatically close. And if you’re doing dry camping this will keep your motorhome
nice and cool, look at this, look how powerful these fans are. So standard on the Murphy
Bed is our Leisure Lounge. Optional is our Leisure Lounge Plus, and you’re gonna love these chairs. When I want to have dinner they
simply turn face each other. Our little coffee table
becomes our main support table. Look at this, that is very smart. And I’ve got dinner for two. Nice big table area. Super strong, nothings
gonna fall off of it. Look how versatile this area is, dining room area, and you
can put the arm rests up and you’ve got a nice little
computer work station. So turning at a 45 degree angle, makes it very easy to get in and out of and great for watching my popup T.V. So you get dinner and an IMAX movie. So at night time after
watching my favorite movie we can now go into a bedroom area. Look how simple this is,
drop that table down. We’re just gonna move these
cushions over to here. So this will make it into
a beautiful 76″ X 68″ bed. Look how simple that is,
fitted sheet comes with it, you can leave your sheets
on here, even your pillows. And look at this, a big
beautiful bedroom area. You can fully walk around the bed, so it’s an actual island
bed, look at this. I’m walking all the way around
the bed, the bed is down. And look how big it is. Wow! Look at the size of this! I’m 6’1″, almost 6’2″, I can’t even touch the
other side of the bed. Plus built in head rests. I’ve got a window, an awning style window I can open up for some
ventilation at night. I have some reading lights built right in. Privacy shades, now
this is a bedroom area. So, from a dining room area,
from a beautiful lazy boy area when you order the Leisure
Lounge Plus Chairs, to a bedroom area all
in 25’1″ of motorhome. It’s unbelievable, the 2020 Unity MB. When the bed is down I’ve got
inverted plug here, USB plugs. If you have a sleep apnea
machine you can plug into there, run it off the batteries at night. So you’re just gonna absolutely love how versatile this bed area is. And I think I just love the fact that I can get out on this side, walk around, go to the bathroom at night,
or I can get on the other side, not gonna disturb my partner. Got a step cover that goes
down, so I’ve got lots of room, I don’t have to worry about
stepping into the step well. Plus if I want to watch T.V. in bed, I can still do that. If you want to be really
stealth with the Unity MB you can actually bring the bed in, so we always have the slide-out out, bring it out a little bit, open this door, and then you can bring the slide-out in. So if you happen to stop at a rest-stop where you’re not allowed
to have the slide-out out or a Wal-Mart, you’re driving
you want to have a little nap, loot at this, I can
bring the slide-out in, leave the bed down, and I can have a little nap, a little siesta. Nice, I think I might have one
right now, this is beautiful. So nice little siesta, slide-outs in, nobody knows that I have my bed down. I just want to show you how
simple the bed goes back up. Put your pillows up back against there, make sure there’s nobody else in the bed, or they’re gonna be very angry. You can just lock everything in place leave our blankets on there. Up the bed goes, look at that. Super simple. Put your two locks in place. And put your cushions
back, and look at that, we’re back to the Leisure
Lounge Plus Chairs. Simple and fast. So we’re now in the galley area, look at the brand new
Stone color for 2020. We also have Antarctica White, so two choices of solid
Corian countertops, the Prestige Collection. We got our beautiful picture
window awning style opening up. Day-time, privacy shades at night. Done this all in Ultraleather now. Your valances looks fantastic. Up above here of course we have our European hidden hinges, the curved door. This is our optional Glamour
Package with the white. We also have a second
optional Glamour Package called Shadow Gray, absolutely fantastic. Nice big, look how deep these go. A full size plate will fit in there. Another shelf up here for your cups. So great use of space there. And look at this, beautiful
deep stainless steel sink. Chrome faucet over here, we’ve
got a little garbage can area a lot of people will use
this, fill it full of ice use it as an ice cooler. Inverted plug right there. Stainless steel back splash. Lots of room, two burner
spark ignition stove, and our accessory channel built right in you can see you can put
accessories on there. Counter extension, very smart
for all the chefs out there. And look underneath here,
lots of storage area here. We also have our subwoofer, which is brand new on the MB there. Full drawer extension glide, solid wood, look how they come all the way out. Full water filtration on
all Unity models, very nice. But I love, listen to the sound of that. Locking in place. Two new features over on
the other side this year. We have our convection microwave, it’s a microwave and an oven. But here’s the big news, it’s
now plugged in to the inverter so, we have a 2,000 watt inverter so you can now run the
microwave, heat something up, warm up some coffee, warm up
some soup off of the inverter you no longer have to
turn on your generator to warm something up, so brand new feature for the 2020 on the Unity MB. And our brand new Dometic
fridge for 2020 model year. Three-way fridge, so gas/propane, electric 1/10 power and 12 volt power. So you never have to
worry about only having one source of power,
plus it opens both ways! Look at this. So, dual swing fridge and freezer. So if you’re on the left
side or the right side I can easily open up the fridge. This is absolutely genius! Thank you Dometic, this
is one beautiful fridge. And what Unity MB wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful large pull-out pantry. And as you know, the Jenny
Craig things not workin’. So now I’m just going to fast. So, most people never invite
you into their bathroom, come on in to the Unity
Murphy Bed bathroom because this is a real bathroom. Residential three piece
bathroom, standup shower. Look at this, hello! Once again, I’m probably
6’2″, 6’3″ with the shoes on. Can’t even touch the top. Beautiful skylight, look
how much room there is in the Unity MB bathroom. Nice handrail for getting in and out. Got a beautiful shower
head, you got a water flow right here you can conserve water. And lots of room, place
here for your soap, shampoos, LED lights inside the bathroom. And beautiful frosted curved glass. Look how much room you have! What a beautiful big shower area. Also in our bathroom area, look at this, big beautiful hanging
closet, place down here for more storage, but
look at the size of this! And if you need more space
you can remove this shelf out and you have one huge hanging closet. Nice big pull out drawers, once
again solid wood all lined. A great storage area. Underneath here we’ve got our furnace, we’ve got our optional surge protector. So all your electronics and your furnace are back located underneath there. And you’ve got your
furnace duct right there. Appearances aren’t everything, you’re gonna absolutely love this, a place to put your towels, how great? Towels, robes, look how big this area is. I love the little sink
area, solid surface sink. Solid surface countertops,
the new Stone color. GFI plug, accessory rail,
down below more storage area, full water filtration easy access, easy access to your water pump. Everything is very easy,
accessible, solid Maple doors. And look at this,
beautiful medicine cabinet, so lots of area in here, and of course, all European hidden hinges
and all mirrored as well. I also like this little feature, we’ve added a water pump
in the bathroom area so if you forget to turn
on your main water pump when you’re dry camping, simple switch, and my water pump is on at night. And you can see we’ve got
our Leisure logo gear on and you can buy Leisure logo
items off of our website. We have our own Leisure
store, so check that out. I love the full dressing mirror as you can see that’s why I’m gonna fast for the next 21 days. And above when you order the fan upgrade, you get the rain sensor fans
in the bathroom as well. You have another storage
area here, a place here for hanging your towels, and our China toilet, and it comes with a washer built right in. This is not a bidet but some
people have used it as one but that waters a little chilly. What a beautiful motorhome
and of course I’m sitting in the brand new Mercedes-Benz chassis all redesigned for 2020 model year. Very exciting. And look how the chairs turn and swivel. I even have extensions on
the Mercedes-Benz chair here that I can extend out for my legs. With a 34″ inseam very very comfortable. So we order all of our
Mercedes-Benz chassis for our Unity models with some great upgraded safety features such as: active breaking assist,
active lane keeping assist, rain sensors, distronic
active cruise control, front airbags in the
front windshield pillars and airbags in the driver
and passenger seat, wet wiper windshield washer, the new MBUX multi-media system with 10.25″ touchscreen monitor, intelligent navigation voice
activated, traffic sign assist, plus free Mercedes Pro
for the first three years. It’s very easy to use, we can actually voice command anything we want. Hey Mercedes? How can I help you? Find me a McDonald’s. I should say, “Find me a Jenny Craig.” Please select an entry. Okay so its very simple
that you can do that, or, hey Mercedes, turn on my
seat warmer passenger side. I’m switching on the seat heating on the front passenger seat. That will never get old. You can hook up your phone. It does Apple CarPlay, Android
Auto, and has Sirius Radio. You can see all of your text messages. Voice activate reply back to them. We can see what’s going
on with our vehicle. This is really cool, we no longer have to put
a key in an ignition. Just fire it up, we can see what our miles per gallon
are, what our horsepower, it’ll also tell you the
torque when you’re driving. When you go to consumption,
you can see what your miles per gallon are. Another great feature you
have, “profile setting” so you can set it up
for different profiles, different people that’ll be driving. When you put your name
in there you can set how you want your seat set
and how far up or back. Go to the second profile, it’ll automatically set
it up for that person. Nice big cubby hole here for storage, lots of drink holders big drink holders, think a big Super Gulp would fit in there, that would be exciting. Of course our heating
control system right here you can set the temperature. So we got three USB-C charging plugs, a 12 volt charging plug,
and certain iPhones and Androids with wireless charging capabilities can charge up here as well. And over here, more storage
another drink holder. Great storage up above here. So let’s talk about this new
Mercedes-Benz steering wheel. All redesigned leather
wrapped, it feels incredible. The shifter for the transmission, once again, seven speed transmission. You also can shift it
manually here, up or down, on this side down, this side up. And all the controls are right here. I can scroll through all
the different settings on the chassis to see exactly
what it’s doing, fuel economy. And then on this side it
controls the right hand side, look at this over here, it
controls everything that’s going on on this side, right
through the steering wheel. Well if you love the inside
of the Unity MB it’s timeless, 10 years of building
this beautiful motorhome. It is the perfect small motorhome, you’re gonna absolutely love the outside. Let’s talk about the beautiful
curved exterior wall. Beautiful curved wall, frame-less glass sexy style windows, they
open up awning style. We’ve got our power awning and it’s got a wind sensor built into it. Let me show you how simple that is to use. So you can see we’ve got our
beautiful box style awning it’s just over 12′ in
length, it comes out 7′, built in LED lights and
it’s all wind sensored. So you have a wind sensor on/off switch, turn that on, now my wind
sensor awning is active. Touch the button, it
automatically comes out. What a beautiful awning. Very very smart, nice big awning area. So if I want the awning to go in, I can simply press the button
it would automatically go in. But if I’m busy doing something and a big gust of wind happens to come you can see that it automatically closes. So what a great safety feature we have on our beautiful box style awning. We always talk about how
beautiful the body is cause it integrates into the
brand new Mercedes-Benz chassis but let’s talk about the
paint, full body paint. We paint every single coach,
we’re about seven working days in our paint shop to paint one motorhome. Each color is painted three
times and two coats of clear. And underneath this, this is a
Vetrolite fiberglass material boxed aluminum framing, two
pound density polystyrene and it’s vacuum pressed in a mold between seven and 20
pounds per square inch. That’s how we create the beautiful curve. And so for 2020 we have
eight exterior colors. I’m gonna try this, we have Glacier, we’ve got White Suede,
we’ve got Euro Sport, Graphite, Silver, we have Bordeaux, we have Denim, and we have Champagne. So new for 2020, we’ve got
Dry Cell AGM batteries, they slide up underneath the step here. Very easy to access, no longer do you have to
do any maintenance on them. Over here in our first storage compartment a beautiful fiberglass curved door, look at this, built in hinges. A 2,000 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. So brand new for 2020, galvanized sheet metal
storage compartments, spray foam all underneath
so that it’s quieter when you’re going down the road, it also prevents any damage. You can see how they’re all lined. Lots of storage area, look at this, double struts so the door doesn’t hit ya on the back of the head. I mean this is how all
motorhomes should be built but this is how we build
a Leisure Travel Van. Power step, outside lit handle. Talked about the frame-less glass. LED light, we have our LED lights, so you got a couple lights on the outside. As we work our way down,
110 electrical plug. Right here we’ve got our
anchor for our brand new optional outside table
which stores in there, I’m gonna show that to you in a second. Got our beautiful outside fridge vents. And we have our 16,000
BTU furnace vent here. Over on this side, we have
our optional generator. So when you order the LP
Generator, which this one is, 3.6 kilowatt, you get auto-gen start. Or you can order the 3.2
kilowatt diesel generator so depending how you RV, depends on what type of a generator that you order. I also want to show you
this underneath here we’ve got our quick
connect barbecue connection so you can carry a
little barbecue with you and you can plug it in off the
main 15 gallon propane tank. And more storage, so you
can never have enough interior and or exterior storage. And look at this, this is
our main storage compartment, look how beautiful that is, so we’re doing a little RVing right now,
so we’re a little full. 30 amp shore power connection. Here’s our outside table, I’m gonna show you how
that works right now but look at how much stuff I
can fit into this storage area. It’s absolutely massive! Beautiful folding table, look at this. Great little option to have. Locks in place, you can
just quickly unsnap it. It locks right into the motorhome anchors, so when you order the option
the locks are built right in. So very simple, two
legs, drop the legs down, locks in place into the
motorhome like this. So for all of our dry
campers that don’t have their own picnic table,
like we are right now, what a great optional
table for all Unity models for 2020, what a great simple design, it just folds back up
and locks back in place. Okay work our way to the
back to the motorhome, our full fiberglass rear
mast, two piece mast, rear separate bumper if somebody were to happen to damage your rear bumper, you can just replace the bumper. Full mast, you can see how
beautifully it’s designed all the curves in the design. Integrated backup camera, LED light. As you can see we have a
beautiful little bike rack carrier that we’re bringing with us this time to do a little bicycling. And you see we’ve got our
built in receiver hitch. Seven pin connector for a tow vehicle, you can tow up to 5,000 pounds on the Mercedes-Benz chassis, 15,250 is the GCWR. Okay let’s work our
outside service center, we’ve got our optional macerator pump. So, what’s great about
this, it’s all connected you can pump uphill if you want, you can pump into a smaller
one inch dump station. Some people even hook up
a garden hose to this, and they’ll dump it into
their bathroom toilet when they get home from RVing. So always dump the black
tank first then the gray. Even if you order the
optional macerator pump you still always get the
manual three inch system for dumping your tanks. So over here is the switch
for turning it off and on, it works on 12 volt. We also have our propane
connection fill right here, so that’s up to 15 gallons of propane. We have our black water flush here. As we work our way down, we’ve
got our propane on/off switch so that if you’re going on
ferry’s or certain tunnels you have to turn off your propane, or when you’re filling the propane tank make sure that you do turn
it off, it’s a remote fill. Outside water pump, real smart, so if you want to use your outside shower you forgot to turn it on, you can just turn on the water pump here. As we work our way down,
we come up through here, up into here we can fill
up our fresh water tanks, so we have our city water
fill, and our portable water. So that fills up right here. Don’t panic if you over fill it, there’s an over fill
on the fresh water tank it’ll spill onto the ground. Outside shower is absolutely fabulous if you have little pets
for washing their feet, or kids, grandkids, or for
guys out in this area here where they’re out doing a lot of fishing they can clean the fish outside,
that’s real smart to do. Over here we’ve got our satellite connect, and we also have our cable connect. So if you have a portable satellite dish you can plug it into here
and watch satellite T.V. We also have our winterizing
bypass valve there as well. So everything is quite simple. We also have a great little
feature for our dry campers, we’ve got a water pick up system, so you can take a jug of water and fill it back into
your main city water tank. Also this is more
designed for winterization you can actually put this in RV antifreeze and you can suck it
through the system as well, so dual usage of a water
pick up system right there. On the drivers side of course we have our optional Alcoa aluminum rims. So we go with six aluminum
rims, we have duals on the back, so we have four aluminum rims on the back. We have the Dura-Bright finish from Alcoa on the four outside tires, aluminum on the inside. The great thing about the aluminum rims is they’re a little bit
lighter, they’re easy to clean, they’re very attractive, they
dispense heat from the brakes and they also can check your
inner and outer tire pressures they have built in valve extensions. So great little option to have is the Alcoa aluminum rim option. Another great standard
feature on the Unity MB is the Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus hot water heater, this comes out of Germany, it’s the best instant hot water
heater on the market place, and it’s standard on all Unity models. The reason that is so good, when you have it on comfort plus, this one liter of hot
water stays nice and hot, so when you turn on your hot water faucet in your kitchen or your
bathroom, or your bathroom sink, or the shower, the hot water is instant. As it uses that one liter of hot water the heat exchanges continuously get hot and you have consistent
unlimited hot water. So, Truma AquaGo Comfort
Plus Hot Water Heater, standard on all Unity models. Here’s your 30 amp shore power connection very simple to plug into shore power. And of course we have our
beautiful slide-out box, curved, just like the main body, and we go with a dual track system top and bottom on both sides. Vacuum bonded, steel frame floor, vacuum bonded walls all aluminum framed. Roof aluminum framed as well. And it goes in and out with
two 12 volt electric motors. And you can see how many
screws here that hold the slide-out box together. Nobody builds a slide-out box
like we build a slide-out box. If you look above we’ve got a beautiful slide-out topper awning that
prevents any bird droppings, or needles, pine needles from
going into your motorhome. So you don’t have to worry
about cleaning the roof. Down on this side, I love this feature, our storage compartments
come out with the slide-out. So, really nice easy access. I don’t have to go
underneath the motorhome to access whatever’s in
my slide-out storage area. Once again, all spray foam, we spray foam underneath our wheel-well so it’s nice and quiet when you’re going down the road, doesn’t cause any damage. We also spray foam underneath our tanks: gray water, black water, fresh water tank, once again, so these stones
don’t ever damage the tanks. It’s also quieter when
you’re going down the road. Strutted so that it’s not gonna fall and hit you in the head. Galvanized sheet metal, super strong. It’s a transformer, you can expand it out, you can bring it back
in, nobody even knows you have a slide-out, you
can leave the bed down. Never have to put the slide-out
out if you don’t want too. And look at this, look
how it seals right in. The slide-out box and the curved wall all come together nice and tight. We’ve got our beautiful
integrated fiberglass layers. We still have our beautiful locking diesel gas gap, locks in place. Steps for getting in and
out of the motorhome, very nice all done in fiberglass. And then have a look at the brand new Mercedes-Benz design,
look how beautiful it is. This is absolutely gorgeous. This is the new designed
Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis. You can see how they’ve
redesigned the front headlights, they redesigned the
body, the chrome grill. Made a little bigger step here for me to get up to clean the windshield, I really appreciate that, cause look I can put two feet in there now. Before I could only put one. So what a beautiful design, it’s how everything is
integrated into the body. We have the 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel. Brand new seven speed transmission, so we’re gonna get a
little better fuel economy out of the Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis. 2020 Unity Murphy Bed,
10 years of refinement. If you’re looking for a small motorhome, 25’1″ long, 7’10” wide, 10’7″ high. You can take it anywhere and I want you enjoying this in this motorhome. ‘Cause it’s got all the
features you could want, big bed, big bathroom, big T.V., big storage in a small motorhome. It’s cool to be small but to live large! Hey Dean from Leisure Travel Vans thank you for watching. Please make sure that you
subscribe to our YouTube Channel. And if you want to be first
to see all the new models and all the surprises that we have, make sure you subscribe. Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. Go see your local Leisure
Travel Van dealer, take one of these babies out, better yet buy one and go and enjoy this! Because this is what it’s about. Dean from Leisure Travel Vans.

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