$20 Sandwich Front Desk Tip Trick at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas for a Free Room Upgrade

okay you know the $20 sandwich trick
when you check-in you tip the front desk and hope that they’ll give you a room
upgrade or something that will make your stay better. let me tell you what
happened when I try this at the Cosmopolitan which is one of the newest
and nicest hotels in Las Vegas. But first let’s go back two weeks, there was an
email sent to me for the basic cosmopolitan city room. It’s their basic
room but they were only asking for $109 per night. I’ve seen these rooms around
from $400 to $600 a night so there was no question to book it. By the way, if you
want to get these lower rates just join their identity membership which is free
and I’ll post the link below. So the day comes and no matter how many times I do
this tipping trick I get a little nervous. I checked the Cosmo website in the
morning to see that everything was booked for the day I was staying. That’s
not a good sign when you want a free upgrade. Should I still do it? I’ll still
give it a shot maybe they’ll give me a coupon or at the very least they’ll try
to give me a the best location for the basic city room right? Still felt nervous, so I took a shower and did a few push-ups. I wore my happy looking shirt
and got a nice and crisp $20 bill ready and here I was at the Cosmopolitan of
Las Vegas I marched towards the Cosmo hotel lobby
with my proud $20 bill. The hotel lobby was packed there was a really long line
for each check-in counter. I first scoped out all the front desk workers and couldn’t choose the person I liked so I just lined up where the line was the shortest.
As the long way continued my hope for an upgrade kept getting smaller and smaller.
The workers were right next to each other so maybe they wouldn’t feel
comfortable giving me anything for free should I still risk $20? It’s only $20
but I’m booking a room for 109 maybe they’ll laugh at me. I have to do it,
gambling is part of Vegas, you start having these conversations in your head…. Sir I can help you next. I went into my battle mode and smiled and said hi just
checking it and handed the worker my ID credit card and the $20 bill. The worker
let’s just call him John greeted me with a smile and placed the three items on
the counter John typed on his computer screen and
then he told me he wanted to confirm that I was booked in a terror studio. By
then I was pumped up and was ready to fight back and I was about to give a
counteroffer but what? I booked the city room and what did he just say? You see
John was playing it smooth and I had to confirm like an idiot
wait I’m booked in a terrace studio? John said yes sure we have you booked in a
terrace studio for two nights. Then something inside of me went on autopilot
and I said I apologize for pressing my luck here but is it possible to get the
room with the Japanese tub. Sure, let me see what I can do. He started to type away on
his computer and even got on the phone John said he needs to get help and then
another worker let’s call him Tim came over. TIm comes over and starts typing on the computer Uh oh the $20 tip is on the counter and is
in plain view and this guy Tim is going to find out what’s going on why didn’t I
just shut up and take the terrace studio this is like that moment on TV game
shows where the contestant is too greedy and loses it all Tim looks up and tells me Mr. Yagi
we’re going to do everything we can to make sure you get this upgrade with the
best view please do not worry sir what the f, I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing did I accidentally tip hundred dollars
what is going on? I kept looking around Is anybody seeing this? John told
me they placed me in a terrace one-bedroom with fountain view then John
asked me if there’s anything else they can do for me. I giggled and said no I
think I’m totally fine John put his hand over the $20 and asked was it for me? I said it’s totally for you I don’t know what the hell happened, alright let’s go what happened? It’s as if I give him
like a thousand bucks okay. As I went into elevator and realized how high we
were it started to settle in that this really happened. So I booked the city
room for $109 let’s see what this terrace one-bedroom fountain View room
looks like oh my gosh I’ll do a full review on the room in
another video I hope you guys like this video and I’d appreciate a thumbs up I
do read and enjoy all your comments so please feel free to ask any
questions in the comment box below and thank you for watching

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