10 McDonald’s Foods You Need to Try While Traveling The World

10 McDonald’s Foods You Need to Try While Traveling The World

McDonald’s where you can get booze while traveling the world odds are you’ll find yourself at a McDonald’s at least once during your travels and if you do you won’t have to resort to ordering the same old meal you order from the Mik d’s in your hometown instead you can eat local with one of these ten McDonald’s foods you need to try while traveling the world I miss shamrock shakes pineapple Oreo McFlurry must safety words pineapples you really can’t go wrong with a McFlurry since the desert is so popular it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has tried to expand their market by experimenting with new flavors Columbia is home to one of the more out there versions of the McFlurry the pineapple Oreo McFlurry now Oreo McFlurry czar well-established as one of the most popular flavors McDonald’s offers right alongside M&M and score the choice to throw pineapple into the mix was well it was a bold move on its own a pineapple McFlurry would probably be a solid dessert the fruit would pair nicely with the ice cream you won’t get some ice cream but the combo of pineapple and Oreos seems like a bit much while the pineapple Oreo McFlurry definitely seems a bit strange at first glance reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive the frozen dessert has been making pretty major waves in Latin America lately so don’t pass up a chance to try this one out give her a chance shrimp beef burger this shrimp was lodged under one of your gums surf-and-turf anyone although this isn’t quite your traditional steak and lobster meal in a surprising twist korean mcdonalds have decided to put out a burger that contains not only a beef patty but a shrimp patty as well it’s definitely a good way to get your protein fix for the day so bodybuilders get in line the addition of shrimp to the menu has been a pretty common trend at McDonald’s worldwide but the choice to mix it with beef is far less common it’s also mildly questionable the burgers other ingredients are pretty normal they include lettuce onion tomato spicy onion sauce and a corn wheat bun the shrimp patty has a crispy exterior has shrimp baby and McDonald’s beef patties never disappoint while the combination is odd it may very well be worth trying this is especially true because the unique food items Korea McDonald’s comes up with tend to be amazing unfortunately the shrimp beef burger was originally released for a limited time only so getting your hands on it might be a bit trickier than originally anticipated I ordered that shrimp two hours ago apricot Sunday apricots this is another fresh take on a classic dessert don’t be fooled by its appearance this ice cream may look like just another caramel sundae but it’s actually topped with apricot sauce along with tiny chunks of the fruit it’s probably safe to say that this food item won’t be everybody’s cup of tea apricots aren’t necessarily the most beloved fruit out there in the case of apricot it’s a little bit more of a complicated journey and there are a lot of people who would probably recoil at the thought of this sundae on the other hand there are likely plenty of people out there who would jump at the chance to try it when it comes to sundaes there really isn’t all that much variety it’s nice to see McDonald’s thinking outside the box with this one this dessert was first released in Turkey and only for the summer months whether or not they decide to bring it back for subsequent summers probably depends on its initial reception so fingers crossed that we’ll be able to try it out one day today was our last bacon macaroni and cheese toastie more mac and cheese this dish takes the trifecta of foods that are bad for your health but good for your heart and combines them into one glorious sandwich it’s essentially grilled cheese meets macaroni and cheese meets bacon it’s actually kind of reminiscent of a college students kitchen all that’s really missing is some instant ramen the macaroni and cheese is mixed with bacon bits and served between two slices of perfectly toasted bread you said go-to bread a lot of macaroni recipes incorporate bacon so the fact that they’re paired in this food item makes sense it was the idea to put it all in a sandwich that was the real risky play here there’s a good chance that the risk paid off because the finished product looks like the ultimate comfort food honestly there’s probably not a kid or adult let’s be real out there who wouldn’t love it the bacon macaroni and cheese toastie is available only at McDonald’s in China it’s such an Americanized dish that you might not want to try it when exploring a country with such delicious cultural foods but it’s understandable if you don’t want to pass up the chance to try it since it can’t be found anywhere else anyway wakka moly burger wok this one is for all you Millennials out there while it’s not as fancy as avocado toast this mcdonald’s mexico burger will still allow you to get in your daily avocado inside the guacamole burger you will find two patties covered in melted cheese lettuce salsa pico de gallo sauce and of course a hearty serving of guac it’s really the menu item McDonald’s has been missing all along because it has avocado in it and is therefore a high-class burger it comes with a lime wedge on the side for those of you who prefer your burger with a side of fries this singular wedge might come as a bit of a letdown it’s presumably there for you to squeeze extra lime juice into your guac if you find it to be lacking in flavor but no one’s stopping you from using it as a chaser if you decide to pair your burgers with tequila since avocado isn’t exactly cheap this burger will cost slightly more than some of the other food items at McDonald’s however if there’s one thing Millennials don’t have trouble spending money on its avocado so that shouldn’t be a problem the guacamole burger actually got so popular that McDonald’s locations outside of Mexico particularly in the United States began serving it as well this has proof that while most of the items on this list started out being sold in only one country if they get popular enough there’s hope for them to one day be added to menus in McDonald’s locations in other parts of the world welcome to the real world bacon roll so butter your bacon there’s something to be said for keeping things simple but the bacon roll takes it to the extreme if you find yourself in a McDonald’s in the United Kingdom and take notice of an item on the menu called the bacon roll you may think that the name is lacking and description what other ingredients does this breakfast sandwich contain is it bacon and eggs what a great way to start the day bacon and a hash brown some cheese perhaps alas bacon roll was no misnomer this sandwich is composed of several slices of bacon stacked inside of a roll there’s a bit of sauce thrown in there too to keep things from getting too dry but at its core this is a bacon sandwich there are probably several self-proclaimed carnivores out there who would devour this in an instant but there are also many people out there who enjoy getting some nutrients with their meal it’s also kind of a strange meal to go order from a restaurant you could easily whip this up at home and far less time than it would take you to get to your local McDonald’s since it’s so easy to DIY you don’t have to miss out on this one well I don’t have money I spread it all like bacon bubble gum squash McFlurry sounds like mechanic’s gum unlike the spinach and Parmesan Nuggets this food item doesn’t actually contain any vegetables so there’s no butternut or spaghetti squash to be found in this drink no instead of being comparable to everyone’s favorite gourd the bubblegum squash McFlurry is actually far more reminiscent of the Starbucks unicorn Frappuccino in this variation of the McFlurry the vanilla soft serve is mixed with a blue bubblegum flavored syrup and topped with soft pink and white mini marshmallows it didn’t put my marshmallow in every other country is jealous because it can only be purchased in Australia and New Zealand someone needs to start a petition to make the Bubblegum squash McFlurry available internationally because it really feels like we’re missing out on something great here with the various shades of pink white and blue this McFlurry looks like the perfect springtime treat the only downside to this dessert is that you would probably need to have a pretty strong sweet tooth and order to enjoy it between the syrup and the marshmallows it’s on a whole other level of sugary if you prefer your desserts a little tart or don’t generally enjoy the experience of being able to actively feel cavities forming as you eat this probably isn’t one for you but if you live for the sugar rush it sounds like the bubble gum squash McFlurry would be right up your alley I’m done with this gum now she chopped purple temptation favorite colors purple this Peruvian desert feels extremely out of place on the McDonald’s menu when you think of McDonald’s desserts it’s usually ice cream be at a McFlurry or a sundae that comes to mind the chicha purple temptation is a little different because its main ingredient isn’t cream it’s blue corn while the grain gives the dessert a stunning purple hue it’s certainly a little unconventional to be fair corn is quite sweet so you can see how it could be incorporated into a dessert but that doesn’t make it any less unexpected this food item has quite an interesting history as it was inspired by the traditional Peruvian drink chicha Morada this drink was prepared by boiling blue corn with pineapple peels and then spicing it with cloves and cinnamon roll of de cinnamon once it’s cooled the drink is strained and sugar and chopped fruit are added if you’re ever in Peru it could be worth making a special trip to Mick Dee’s just to pick up a couple of these considering the fact that the drink it’s based on is so popular chances are that chicha purple temptation will turn out to be pretty great even if you’re hesitant to try a dessert with corn in it and make Lobster I thought Lobster upset your stomach the McLobster is at its core a glorified lobster roll the massive hot dog bun is stuffed with Atlantic lobster shredded lettuce and a special lobster sauce it’s available at McDonald’s locations in Atlantic Canada and New England in the US prime Lobster territory during the summer months prime Lobster season it’s an unusual item for McDonald’s to be carrying when you go to mcdee it’s usually with the goal of getting your hands on some burgers and fries lobster is typically reserved for fancy nights out people chickens on Lobster however this sandwich was introduced in 1993 and has gained surprising popularity since then so McDonald’s must be doing something right unfortunately in 2017 this food item which was once going strong hit a bit of a roadblock that year lobster prices skyrocketed and it was no longer worth it for the fast food franchise to add it to their menu many people look forward to the annual return of the McLobster so needless to say this came as quite the disappointment sadly since then the McLobster has been an elusive meal we can only hope that someday preferably in the near future mcdonald’s brings it back when it’s the lobster squad spinach and parmesan Nuggets I noticed looks desperate but I got this can of spinach spinach and Parmesan Nuggets joins the ranks of the McLobster and the chicha purple temptation in the category of sounds amazing but what’s it doing on the McDonald’s menu this twist on the classic chicken nugget doesn’t actually contain any chicken or any meat at all beneath the delightfully crispy layer of breading you’ll find as the name would imply spinach and Parmesan cheese they call it a nugget but it really has more in common with a deep-fried cheese stick which isn’t something to complain about taking your first bite can be a bit jarring as the spinach has turned the cheese completely green this food item wouldn’t be out of place at a st. Patrick’s Day party if you can get past the green cheese you’re in for an incredibly savory experience you really can’t go wrong with breaded cheese and the spinach adds a little extra flavor that makes these nuggets truly delicious Plus these nuggets might actually get your kids to eat spinach which is a win in itself this food item was sold at McDonald’s locations in Italy as part of a limited-time promotional sale although it still seems like too much of a delicacy for McDonald’s to be serving but hey if it tastes good who are we to question it I have a few questions to ask you would that be okay treat your self to more and tap that screen for our next great video checking us out for the first time then take a second to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad

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  1. Ugh now I want to get on a airplane and eat all the around the world McDonald items.
    also I hate pineapple >:(
    If you wanna also eat all these items plz like this is just a test if you want to try it

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  3. I can't eat seafood because I'm allergic to it, but everything else on this list sounds delicious! Great video! 😎👍

  4. Im in Western Australia and we haven't had the bubblegum macflurry in quiet awhile currently we have m&m, oreo and apple pie. Not saying it isnt avalible in other parts of oz but not mine, sorry

  5. 7:59 me: i want dat
    8:06 me: wait meh live in Australia * runs to mcdonalds *
    5 mins later me: * happy noises *

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  7. You forgot to specify that British bacon is not the same as American bacon.  British bacon is "back bacon" and more like ham or Canadian bacon and not smoked.  American bacon is "belly bacon" and smoked and has a lot more fat.

  8. Most Americans are such banal and boring eaters that I don't know if some of these would be profitable enough for McDonalds to bother trying in the US.

  9. love to watch this. and I noticed something; in 9:03 , that is gabbi Garcia
    , Philippines' top celebrity endorsers. kudos to @BabbleTop .

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