10 Best SPRING BREAK Travel Destinations | Cheap & Unique

10 Best SPRING BREAK Travel Destinations | Cheap & Unique

That’s right. It’s Spring Break 2017 Let’s go. What’s up everybody? I’m Marko. I’m Alex This is Vagabrothers, your home for travel inspiration tips and tricks here on YouTube. It is that time of year again; winter is coming to a close, and we all need some vitamin D, so this video is a guide on where to go for Spring Break. We know that Spring Break is primarily a North American thing so most of the destinations are going to be in the United States. We’ll have a couple tropical ones from a little bit further afield, but before we get started let’s start Spring Break off with a shot. Cheers. Salud. Salud. Quien es El Patron? If you’re new, hit the subscribe button, turn on notifications, give this video a like, and share it with your travel buddies. Number 1 on our list is our hometown of San Diego, California. It is known as America’s Finest City. It’s got over 70 miles of beaches, so there are no shortages of places to get some sun and sand. It’s a great craft beer city, tons of nightlife. San Diego, California cannot go wrong. Some of the biggest party areas in San Diego are Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Check out an Airbnb. There are a couple of hotels there, but that’s the spot to go to party, especially South Mission Beach. If you feel extra adventurous, you could go on a day trip to TJ. Tijuana is a crazy party scene. There’s also really good food there. Check that out as well, if you have a passport. There is a spring break in Rosarito. You can check that out for yourself. I have done that. Spring Break in Rosarito was “no bueno.” I don’t recommend doing that. If you are going to visit San Diego, make sure you click and watch the video right here: Top 10 Things to do in San Diego, CA. Number 2; Big Sur Central Coast, California, a road trip down the Highway 1 is classic. I’ve done this myself from San Francisco all the way back to LA. You’ve got got so many opportunities to camp and see nature, get some good Instagram photos, and it’s just a really beautiful place. Big Sur is not your typical spring break. destination. Do not go there expecting huge parties and wild nightlife. This is definitely a mellow spring break and one where you take your significant other and go to a romantic, beautiful, natural place. Or take the homies and go on a vision quest. Number 3; on the East Coast of the United States: Miami, Florida one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, full of Latino culture. This feels like you’re traveling internationally, but if you’re into warm weather, sand, beautiful people, and great nightlife, Miami is your spot. We would recommend staying at the Free Hand Hostile. They’ve got a great bar there called the Broken Shaker. And if you want to dry out after all your partying, go to over to Wynwood, great coffee shops and the Wynwood Walls, which is a big street art area. If you want to see more about that, click here and check out the videos that we shot there. Next up: Colorado. If you’re not done with winter; if you didn’t get to ski, Colorado got tons of snow this year. It’s a really fun place to go. Denver’s only two hours from the closest ski resorts, but make your way to the Rockies if you really want to get some snowboarding in. There are tons of craft beer in Denver. Boulder’s a great place, and if your Spring Break does not coincide with Boulders, you can hit up from college parties while you’re there in Colorado. Add on fresh air, sunshine and legal ganga, and you have a pretty awesome spring break. Number 5: New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy, as it’s called. The food alone is worth the trip. I don’t know if any of you are going to get that movie reference, but those of you who have: it’s clutch. R.I.P. Chris Farley. New Orleans is one of the best value destinations in the United States with an amazing blend of French, Caribbean, and southern culture. Plus, one of the best live music scenes in the country. There’s no beach, but you’re going to hit heavy on the culture points. We live in LA. A really close destination here is Catalina Island. Catalina wine mixer. But in seriousness, it’s a great place. You can rent an Airbnb in Avalon. You can go camping in Little Harbor, which is beautiful. but make those reservations ahead of time. Or you can hike across the mountain on the Trans Catalina Trail, a three-day hike, 26 miles, and beautiful nature. Just bring some water and sunscreen. The easiest way to get there is by ferry from Long Beach or San Pedro harbors. Number 7: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is an island, a territory of the United States. No passport is required. It’s tropical. San Juan has great nightlife, and El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the United States. Not to mention, you’ll probably learn how to dance better if you go to Puerto Rico. Added bonus: Bacardi is based there, so it’s probably pretty cheap. Next up: Jamaica. Jamaica, seriously, is one of the coolest destinations in the Caribbean. We just got back from there. We’re actually releasing a vlog series from Jamaica next week , but we can that if you go, go to Portland It’s the northeastern side of the island; it’s beautiful; there’s plenty of hostels around there and just good vibes. It’s tropical, red stripes all day long, and there is no end of reggae dance parties. Number 9: Tulum and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Just south of Cancun is Tulum the ancient Mayan city , which has turned into kind of like a boho lifestyle hub. Beautiful beaches, great nightlife, cheap food, and a great alternative to Cancun. If you want to party, head to Playa del Carmen. If you want something more mellow like yoga vibes, head to Tulum. Last up: if you’re watching from Europe or you feel like going farther afield, go to Andalusia in the south of Spain. Not only is one of the most culturally distinct parts of Spain, but during March, April, and May there’s tons of events going on. Semana Santa is Easter. Takes place all over Spain, but Sevilla and Andalusia have great things going on. They also have the Feria de Abril, which is like an April -themed event. It’s really fun. A couple of years ago, a few friends and I rented a campervan and did a road trip to southern Spain during Semana Santa. It was honestly one of the coolest travel experiences I’ve ever had, and I would highly recommend it. You also have beaches nearby, so overall great destination for Europe. That’s our list of where to go this Spring Break. If you have any more recommendations, make sure you drop them down there in the comments section. If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs-up, subscribe if you haven’t already, and remember to turn on notifications. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

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  1. Hey, love the videos! I was wondering if you have any videos from Italy? I will be teaching English there for some time and am excited to explore some of the more hidden beauties there 🙂

  2. Great list guys. I've been to most of those already, some during Spring Break too. We've been meaning to do a road trip around Spain. I think that'd be fun. And Jamaica is one of the only Caribbean islands I haven't been to yet, so thanks for the push for me to get down there! Can't wait for those vlogs. Where are YOU headed for Spring Break? -Brian

  3. Nice tips! Playa Del Carmen or Tulum totally kick Cancun's ass. Loved vlogging down in Playa, so much to do and so beautiful.

  4. I'm traveling to San Diego for Spring break next week! Was super excited to hear the mention and find the tip video!

  5. Can't wait for spring after a cold and snowy SLC winter. Also Alex, your hair is looking nice and long! Keep the videos coming, vagabrethren.

  6. Ahh, if only I would be a student living in USA! Loved the list, makes me want to find another job and save up even more! 😇
    P.S – Barcelona is a queen, loved it! And another warm, sunny, beautiful and cheap place in Europe is Malta – best party place is St. Julians! 😏💃🏽

    Also if you want to hike and enjoy nature Tatra mountains in Zakopane and Poprad is a great alternative destination. Way cheaper then Switzerland or Austria!

  7. That's right Puerto Rico is amazing, I'm a little biased but whatever, Rincon is pretty cool and has a little pirate history. Also you can also take a ferry from Fajardo to the tiny island of Culebra, home to Flamenco beach which my family tells me is amazing.

  8. yeah, yeah, yeah, i hate to ruin the party but there's one part anybody sees. I'm talking 'bout what people do when visiting all these places, YOU GUYS must tell all ur followers to respect all the destinations. I'm from Mexico n I've been in Tulum, Playa del Carmen & Puerto Vallarta after all this Spring Brakers stuff and is a shame seeing all what people do, they really destroy the destination. If you don't know there's a thing called "responsible tourism", is about taking care about the place, without breaking rules and doing all those things that drunk people do! I'm not mad at you guys, but with destroying people! I'd like you guys to pay attention to my advice!

  9. I just wanna run off to San Diego because of all the beautiful places you guys have shown tbh! Lol but I live so far and I'm on a budget

  10. Sevilla is amazing! last year I went for Lisbon and this year Iceland… so big change 🙂 But spring break is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    ps. i love all of this places and need to explore them all ASAP.

  11. Great stuff. But obviously meant for those a little ( make that a hell of a lot) younger than me. Pity you wren't around in the 50s when I was young. But tavel was much more difficult in those days too!!

  12. South Padre Island, Texas is always a lot of fun just don't cross over to Mexico, it's too dangerous these days.

  13. Awesome video! Can't wait to see the series on Jamaica. I just started uploading my videos from Jamaica so it will be awesome to see what places yall went so I can plan my next adventure!

  14. Mark question, why no to spring break in Rosarito???? And also loved the idea of Colorado sounds like my kind of spring break!!!

  15. Can't wait to do Big Sur in our Airstream! I've heard nothing but great things. Awesome video you two.

  16. Lol. My spring break is right now. XD Hopefully next year I can make it somewhere (fingers crossed for Peru).

  17. Hey guys! Amazing video as always. I recommend you to go to the Dominican Republic. There's tons of eco-tourism going on here.

  18. I've been to San Diego just for a vacation I like it there. I've been wanting to go to big sur for vacation every time I hear about big sur or see a picture it makes me want to go even more.Catalina island is my number one place I want to visit for vacation I've been to one in Michigan very similar to Catalina island but I've been to that one so many times I actually am tired of it and a difference is the one in Michigan has horses.

  19. why do you guys think that only guys are watching you guys . i dont like drinking beer where are the wine cocktail places ?

  20. spring break is a thing in saudi arabia. its the best time for travel in gulf countries. its like europe in the summer

  21. I have a video request! My fiancé and I are getting married September 3rd and we are postponing our honeymoon, but would love some suggestions on where we could take a 3 or 4 day trip right after the wedding that wouldn't destroy our bank account…and also where we wouldn't leave feeling unfulfilled or wishing we had more time there!

  22. A great place at the mexican pacific coast is Sayulita, it's a pretty cool and cheap destination for spring break and surf! if you like Playa del Carmen, you'll fall in love with Sayulita for sure!

  23. Loved it! Going to Sevilla around easter this year and I'm very excited! 🙂
    Other great places in Europe is Lisbon and Madeira – very beautiful in the spring, and Madeira is just unbelievable with lots of hiking trails and beautiful nature!

  24. Hey guys / I'm from England and wanting to do the big sur drive… What's the weather like now mid California ?

  25. For europeans you forgot Algarve in Portugal 😛
    It is THE destination of the year when it comes to beaches and night life.

  26. Due to the good rain recently, I last heard some parts of highway 1 are closed bc of mudslides. Hopefully they open up in time for travelers! I would love to go to Tulum. 🌞🌺

  27. WOW!!! So happy you guys included my home, Puerto Rico! I had to pause the video just to comment. Thank you !

  28. Unfortunately part of highway one in big sur just past bixby bridge has collapsed from a landslide.

  29. Northern Spain in a month, can't wait, wohoo! 😀 I think I'm gonna re-watch your Basque country series!

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  31. Puerto Rico is pretty amazing! Bioluminescent bays, 16th century citadel, El Yunque, beautiful beaches all over the island, great food, cheap beer, and the locals are kinda fun 😉
    Spring Break is always happening in PR, so came and enjoy our little island!

  32. me voy a mudarme a granada en el otoño, me encanta españa pero granada y andalucía son más especial a mi, no olvidad que con cervezas recibéis tapas gratis!

  33. awesome video guys! I'll actually be traveling to two of the locations you listed! Can't wait for the vlogging to begin!

  34. Im am from Denmark and Im going on a roadtrip in California in the springbreak, could you recomment some places to visit there:-)

  35. I've been to San Diego about 7 times within the last few years and I cannot believe how much it has changed with each visit! I love it, but there are too many people moving there!

  36. You guys give me so different travel goals. Like Jamaica, festivals in Andalucia, really inspiring.

  37. Thanks so much for the recommendations. This confirmed my decision to visit Andalusia. Palawan being the best place to travel in Philippines is accurate. I went to El Nido Palawan once and went back in 5 months! 😂 I'm definitely going back.

  38. You forgot South Padre island in south Texas. It's one of the greatest spring break locations if you're into partying and amazing concerts

  39. Consider exploring Costa Rica the Royale Way this Spring Break with Jaco Royale. Checkout the Costa Rica Spring Break Video: https://youtu.be/vmMTrtr7xYM

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