10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia. Slovenia is a scenic country with a fantastic
location in the heart of Europe. The nation is surrounded by the Eastern Alps,
the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, making it accessible from a range
of European locations. Planning a trip to Slovenia is an opportunity
to see a variety of destinations that include vibrant cities, charming villages, snow-capped
mountains and scenic beaches. On your next getaway, aim to see as many of
the best places to visit in Slovenia as your schedule will allow. 10: Maribor. After Ljubljana, Maribor is the largest city
in Slovenia. It is located close to the Austrian border,
and it is built up along the banks of the Drava River. Maribor is known for its wine growing industry
that surrounds the city as well as its endless outdoor recreation opportunities. In Maribor, you can see the Stara trta, or
the oldest vine in the world, which dates back for more than 450 years. Keep the wine tour going with a trip to the
popular Old Vine House and the enormous Vinag Wine Cellar. Don’t miss the major squares in Maribor,
which include Slomškov Square, Main Square and Castle Square, all of which offer plenty
of charm and historic architecture. 9: Koper. As one of the oldest coastal towns in Slovenia,
and a major port, Koper is an integral part of the country’s infrastructure. This is yet another coastal spot that was
once part of the Venetian Empire, and it formally went by the name Caprea. Later, it became part of Yugoslavia. Today, Koper is a lesser-known destination
that nevertheless offers several enjoyable attractions. You can tour Tito Square, the heart of the
city, explore the refurbished Praetorian Palace or climb the bell tower of Campanile for spectacular
views of the city below. There is a free public access beach by the
Koper Marina that is ideal for swimming or just enjoying a picnic in the sunshine. 8: Kranjska Gora. Popular for winter sports enthusiasts is the
destination of Kranjska Gora, located in the northwest of Slovenia. During the winter, Kranjska Gora is busy with
visitors who ski and snowboard in the resort of Vitranc, taking advantage of the frequent
snowfall and the steep trails. Summer is just as appealing, however, thanks
to challenging hikes and the opportunity to rent mountain bikes in the area. Even if you’re not into outdoor sports,
Kranjska Gora is a scenic spot to unwind, relax in upscale hotels and dine at world-class
restaurants appealing to travelers from around the globe. 7: Celje. One of the oldest cities in all of Slovenia
is Celje, a small city perched on the banks of the Savinja River. The biggest attraction in the city is the
enormous castle, which was erected in the 14th century and now looks down over the city
from its hilltop location. The best way to spend a day in Celje is to
walk through Old Celje, the historic downtown where buildings date back to medieval times
and you can stroll along cobblestone roads, dine at traditional eateries and admire the
traditional architecture throughout the city. 6: Ptuj. On the banks of the Drava River is the city
of Ptuj, a destination in Eastern Slovenia with an impressive collection of historic
architecture. Ptuj is widely regarded as one of the oldest
cities in the nation, and it has been important in the local culture since the Stone Age. Today, some of the biggest attractions include
the Orpheus Monument that dates back to Roman times, the collection of art and artifacts
in the Ptuj Grad, or castle, the Town Hall that was constructed in 1907 and the 13th
century Dominican Monastery that is now housed in the city’s largest museum. Also of note in Ptuj are the thermal springs
perfect for relaxation and the annual carnival event called Kurentovanje. 5: Piran. On the tip of Southwestern Slovenia, and on
the coast of the Adriatic Sea, is the resort hotspot called Piran. The destination is reminiscent of Italy, which
makes sense since it was actually part of the Venetian Empire for more than five centuries. Piran is small in size, but it is quaint,
historic and scenic. History buffs might want to explore landmarks
like the main square called Tartinijev trg, the oldest building in the city called the
Venetian House and the Church of St. George. You can also walk right on top of the city
walls or hop off one of the piers for a refreshing swim in the Adriatic. 4: Postojna. Postojna is a relatively small town in Southwest
Slovenia, but it is a must-see destination for travelers drawn to unique attractions
and natural scenery. Postojna is known for its extensive cave system,
which boasts a staggering 20 km (13 miles) of chambers, hallways and galleries, some
of which have ceilings nearly 50 meters (150 feet) high. There is even a train tour that takes you
through parts of the cave system, and then you can walk through some of the more interesting
sections of the underground environment. North of Postojna is a medieval castle that
is built into the side of a cave, creating a spectacular display of engineering that
you have to see to believe. 3: Triglav National Park. If you want to get outdoors and explore some
of the amazing natural scenery in Slovenia, then Triglav National Park is the ideal spot
to visit. Most of the park is made up of the Julian
Alps, with highlights in the region including the towering peak of Mount Triglav itself
as well as the calm waters of Lake Bohinj. For spectacular views, you can attempt to
hike Mount Triglav, or you can take the easy route and ride on the Vogel Cable Car Ride. The adventurous can also cross the Vintgar
Gorge on a wooden footbridge from the 19th century or climb a steep staircase to see
the rushing waters of the Savica Waterfall. Rafting on the Soca River is also a popular
activity. 2: Lake Bled. Serving as a gateway to the Triglav National
park is Lake Bled, a scenic body of water surrounded by the Julian Alps. The emerald green lake isn’t large, and
it is possible to walk the perimeter in a single afternoon. What makes the destination so appealing is
the small island in the middle of the lake, which is home to a 17th century church. You might also want to ride horses on the
shores of the lake, rent a rowboat to explore the water or climb 15 minutes to reach Bled
Castle, which dates back to the 17th century and boasts magnificent views over the lake
below. 1: Ljubljana. One of the best places to visit in Slovenia
is its capital, Ljubljana. Although Ljubljana is much smaller than most
European capitals, it has a unique charm that makes it worth a visit. A major attraction in the city is Tromostovje,
also known as the Triple Bridge, where three picturesque bridges span the river right next
to one another. You can also spot castles and medieval squares
in the Old Town, see the original Roman city walls or relax in the popular Tivoli Park. As the capital, Ljubljana is also home to
fantastic art and architecture museums, an impressive zoo, the Slovenian Philharmonic
and the Slovene National Theater.

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