10 Best Places To Visit In Croatia | 2019

10 Best Places To Visit In Croatia  | 2019

10 Best Places To Visit In Croatia 2019. Its football team might have recently placed
Croatia in the headlines but this country should be on your radar post-World Cup too. Easy to reach from the majority of European
countries, Croatia offers affordable food, drink and accommodation despite it’s rising
popularity with tourists; and it’s appeal is universal. Whether you’re looking for picturesque mountains
to hike in, unrivalled beaches to relax on or movie-worthy backdrops for your selfies
(both the Mamma Mia sequel and tv show Game of Thrones have been filmed here), Croatia
has it all. Here’s ten of the best places to visit. 1. Zagreb. The Croatian capital, Zagreb is often overlooked
for the scenic appeal of Split and Dubrovnik, but it’s got plenty of culture on offer. Its thriving street art and foodie scene makes
it the perfect city break destination. The Museum of Broken Relationships (a curated
exhibition of leftover items from real relationships) should be on your list, as should many visits
to city’s littering of affordable yet upmarket street-food joints. Many airlines offer direct flights but it’s
also a five hour train ride from Split, should you be looking to embark on a multi-destination
break. 2. Split. If you’re after scenic spots then Croatia’s
second-largest city certainly has the wow factor. Diolectian’s Palace, a beautiful UNESCO
World Heritage Site and past filming spot for TV’S Game of Thrones, transports you
straight back to roman times; whilst the views from the top of Marjan Hill’s viewing platform
need to be seen to be believed. Its beaches are famous too, Bacvice (Sandy
Split Beach) is known for its beach discos and festivals. Split is one for history lovers and nature
lovers alike. 3. Vis. Croatia’s film credentials don’t stop
at Game of Thrones, much of the recent Mamma Mia sequel was filmed in the breathtakingly
Croatian island of Vis. A tiny island, Vis is relatively untouched
(although we anticipate that will soon change!), and is a reasonable 2 hour ferry ride from
the more popular city of Split. It’s frequented for its beaches (Stinva
beach won best European beach in 2016) and vineyards. Go before the tourists descend…. 4. Dubrovnik. One of Croatia’s most popular tourist cities
is Dubrovnik. It offers everything: mindblowing history,
adventure, and unmissable landscapes. For a blast from the past, visit the majestic
city walls or Rector’s Palace, which dates back to the 14th century. Hop on the cable car or take on kayaking if
adventure is your thing, and take a short boat trip to Lokrum Island to witness the
picturesque landscapes. TV fans will also love the many Game of Thrones
walking tours on offer, which take you through iconic show locations in Dubrovnik’s old
town. 5. Istria. This peninsula lies close to the Italian border
and has recently become even more accessible to Brits as EasyJet has announced direct routes
from Southend and Liverpool. Its location means the Italian influence doesn’t
go unnoticed; it’s simply a foodies paradise, offering everything from olive oil and truffle
festivals to winery visits. It’s also home to Brijuni National Park,
but more on that Croatian gem in a moment! 6. Brac Island. An easy 50-minute ferry ride from Split lies
Brat Island, a worthy detour on your itinerary should you want to get off the beaten path. Small villages Bol (also one of Europe’s
best windsurfing destinations) and Splitska (which only has 400 inhabitants) offer a perfect
respite of tranquillity, whilst Skrip’s medieval town centre is full of history. 7. Brijuni National Park. This national park is actually a group of
Islands close to port city Pula in Istria. Depending on the month, entry costs are anywhere
from 125-210 Croatian Kuna (between £17-28 pounds), so it’s not exactly cheap; however,
it may be worth it as it offers the chance to explore roman ruins, stunning scenery and
visit animals that inhabit the island. Jurassic Park fans will love the fact you
can hire your own golf cart and view real dinosaur footprints too! 8. Plitvice Lakes. Another of Croatia’s UNESCO World Heritage
sites is National Park Plitvice Lakes. It is a 300 square kilometer area of natural
beauty; consisting of woodlands, sixteen different lakes, waterfalls, and animal inhabitants
(including deer and bears). In other words: it’s a hikers paradise. There’s a variety of hiking trails looping
around the park that vary from 2-8 hours, so there’s plenty of options depending on
how energetic you’re feeling! Many visit Plitvice Lake as a day trip from
Zagreb, but there’s tons of nearby accommodation that makes an overnight stay in the area feasible. Depending on the month and length of your
visit, tickets range from 55 Kuna to 250 Kuna (£6 to £30). 9. Rijeka. Rijeka is Croatia’s third largest city and
has recently been announced as 2020’s European Capital of Culture, and for good reason too. Not only is the city home to Croatia’s National
Theatre (which hosts many theatre and opera performance), but it’s also known for its
alternative rock scene. Zagreb airport offers a shuttle bus to Rijeka,
and Split is around a four hour car journey. 10. Bisevo. Bisevo is another gorgeous Croatian Island. The Blue Cave has sees tourists flocking to
it in the summer months, and you really can’t blame them. The ancient 24-meters long cave is located
near Mezuporat cove, what makes it so special is that the water lights up into a magical,
electric blue when the sunlight hits its limestone. Unfortunetly, this remarkable site has become
increasingly busy and the admission fees have been rising. Many boat trips from Split combine it with
a visit to Green Cave on the island of Vis, which is another stunning site.

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