10 Best Places To Live In Georgia | 2018

10 Best
Places To Live In Georgia. There are so many great places to live in
Georgia…and even more reasons why! Looking for a great school system? Suwanee
might be a great fit. Looking to develop your professional network? Atlanta is even better. Depending on your wants and needs, you’re
going to want to pick a place in Georgia that will suit you and your family in the best
way possible. If you’re planning on moving and want to
know your options here are the best places to live in Georgia and why. 1: Augusta. Augusta is a beautiful place to live in Georgia! Its low cost of living and amenities makes
it a perfect place for retirement. Augusta is also an educated location with
a great school system. Throw in some Georgia sunshine and you have
one of the best places to live! 2: Atlanta. The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, is a great
place for young go-getters and professionals. There is always an event to go to, and there
are several corporate headquarters stationed right in the city. Plus, Atlanta is one of the most diverse cities
in Georgia. 3: Savannah. Savannah is not only beautiful and full of
history, it is a popular tourist destination as well. They have several attractions, resorts, and
did I mention the beaches ? What’s not to love? 4: Johns Creek. Johns Creek is a suburb in North Fulton. They have some of the best public schools
in Georgia and this community is really beautiful. Not to mention, it’s a really safe place to
live–perfect for young families! 5: Kennesaw. This community really cares about the health
of their citizens! It was once recognized as the Georgia Recreation
and Park Association’s 2011 Agency of the Year. There are parks and great schools throughout
Kennesaw. 6: Smyrna. Smyrna is a rich and vibrant community that
offers education to its residents, both kids and adults alike. They support the Smyrna Education Foundation,
which is active in the educational advancement of Smyrna’s public schools. 7: Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs hosts a vibrant business community
and strives to keep local businesses alive and thriving. It’s a great place for young professionals
and families. The schools are great, the jobs are plentiful,
and the shopping is amazing! 8: Suwanee. Suwanee is a part of Gwinnett County which
hosts the largest and one of the best public school systems in Georgia. They have an awesome police force too! Their police earned a national accreditation
from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, meeting CALEA’s 459
professional standards. Overall, Suwanee really works hard to improve
and maintain the quality of life for their residents! 9: Alpharetta. Alpharetta is another great place to live
in close proximity to Johns Creek. They have many businesses and amenities so
its possible to travel to your job, the gym, and the shopping centers all within close
proximity to each other! Alpharetta is also known for its low crime
rates and great public schools. 10: Roswell. The city of Roswell is a charming and quaint
town. It is also the perfect town to live and work. It was named the 13th safest city in Georgia
by Safewise last year. They offer many different recreational and
educational activities throughout the year.

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