여행 브이로그 “태국 여행 중 몸관리는 이렇게해요”/Travel VLOG”How Korean Man Keeps Healthy Body During Travel”

여행 브이로그 “태국 여행 중 몸관리는 이렇게해요”/Travel VLOG”How Korean Man Keeps Healthy Body During Travel”

I woke up in the morning sunlight with good mood Despite the amount I drank, I am having just a little hangover Luxurious light from yesterday is all gone behind the sunlight I looked at outside without thinking I am heading to Pattaya today! I will be busy starting in the early morning Washing myself simply I always feel it but the electronic tooth brush is like a new world…. (squirtle squirtle) (water gun) I dressed up fast and I will go eat breakfast We still don’t know where to go even when we are going out You need to go one more floor by stairs from the lobby to eat Banyan Tree’s breakfast It’s just a breakfast but it’s really nice There was not much meat but it was a satisfying breakfast It became a bit cold but the outdoor terrace was so we ate outside It’s like having a breakfast in the nature There’s carp living in the water next to us! We ate various things to relieve hangover (just an excuse) We came to fitness center immediately after eating How should you exercise on a day after you drank? Avoid working out your muscle and doing the light aerobic exercise prevents your liver from being overworked Working out too much only decrease your physcial ability and it doesn’t help your muscle growth either So drinking is harmful for ceating muscle! I am doing work out lightly for blood circulation The machine looks unique, right? You can do press and fly freely
So it was good Just doing 1 set Every body building exercise requires the target muscle to be contracted when pulling and pushing Even when it’s being stretched, the muscle itself still needs to be tensed Shoulder press Focusing on that specific spot during workout really makes big difference Doing 1 right is better than doing 100 in sloppy way When you are working out your chest or shoulder,
while widening Keep your strength on your abs and make sure your chest look up Drinking a lot of water on a day after drinking also helps If you are on a diet, drink at least 2L of water a day! You use running machine a lot more when doing aerobic exercise, right? I will tell you my way that gives a lot of effect at the same time Step1. Put strength on your abs and keep your waist up Step2. Push the ground all the way with your heels There’s a saying that your health changes just by changing how you walk, right? When I look at members on a running machine at the fitness center from behind There are many who don’t walk good Try to keep it in mind and do good walking Finished exercise after walking about 20 min Took shower Put cream on myself and then
I’m done with preparation Those of you who said I use cream too much,
are you watching? Thank you… I am not using too much now! Heading to Pattaya from Bankok by Taxi! The hotel at Pattaya that we stayed was [email protected] The interior is very unique,
Expected for a design hotel GH; All hotels give us welcome drink and Idk what it tastes like but the color is same with the one in Banyan Tree (It’s like 98%water and 2% honey) Look at my skin gosh Room number 1004, nice! Went in to our room! [email protected] was about 90 dollars for a night It’s quite nice considering the price 2 bed that’s like a Queen size bed This is not why we bought a room with 2 beds Looked outside after opening the curtain Then went outside because we were hungry On our way to the beach What festival is this? I thought it’s more like a religious festival But people seemed to be having a lot of fun! Pattaya beach This is the scenary of Pattaya. Pattaya beach It’s really calm and big beach Water of Pattaya beach isn’t so clean
It’s not good for playing in the water Heading to eat immediately! We came to steak restaurant for the live streaming exercise! We came to Patrick Steak House which got its fame for unique taste Fondue steak was popular so we ordered this and that with it being a main (snack before the food) It’s a shrimp chip that’s a bit harder I think I still have a minor hangover JH: But you seem ok It feels like I am getting lazy (always worrying about work out) Steak, fondue steak, cheese, french fry, croquette, etc
The table was full!!! The price was considered expensive at the local place but it has its worth! Stick skewer on the meat and put it in the oil! Experiencing new world A cooking method like this is so cool to me! Take it out when the meat is done as you wish Then shake off the oil Put it in the cheese! You need to becareful because it’s really hot (Eyes growing big) (What is this taste?!) (It was because it’s hot..) They gave us 4 different sauce and they were all unique We dipped it on the sauce we prefer Coating it with cheese We made cheese french fry too! Magnificent combination, agreed? In the end We put them in the cheese The left over cheese and potato’s collaboration The cheese was salty and good! This is what a civilized person should do The table has become a disaster We came back to beach after eating and you can see the sunset Beautiful beach and sky Real sky without any filters We came to exercise after resting at the hotel Fitness center placed at the upstair of hotel! Wow~ It’s a fitness center with a size that cannot be compared with other places we have visit Finding a place for a live streaming first! Being amazed by the size considering that it’s a hotel We will come back after changing our shoes It’s an empty fitness center in the late hour So I did it with my shirt off Until the day where many people have interest in exercise and take care of their health My live streaming will continue 🙂 I will reply to questions related to 30 min exercise You can grow you muscles with squat, push-up, and pull-up But if you do it for 30 minutes while being only busy with countings It may help your endurance and diet But the efficiency for your muscle growth will decrease If you aim to grow you muscles Do 5, 10 and 15 each during 30 min Focus on the stimulation of main muscles Then even 10 set will be hard at the beginning By the time when you can handle all 30 set You will find yourself with having your muscle built up a lot! And while exercising Know your objective and train based on it.
Then you will be much more satisfied Exercise+Nutrition+Rest
These 3 makes good body Eating protein powder is your choice Look back at your eating habit and how much you exercised and eat it based on that This thing is not the main for your good body anyways

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  1. You know, you would make a lot more money than YouTube if you star in porn. Gay porn. Straight porn only pays well for the female stars.

  2. Thailand keeps getting better and better by the second! ❤ by the way, I laughed so hard at your expression eating the steak 😂

  3. 정말 즐거우셨겠어요 ㅎㅎ 전에 똠양꿍 먹는 표정이랑 퐁듀 스테이크 먹는 표정이 너무 달라서 웃겨요 ㅋㅋㅋ 😂😂😂

  4. 제자리뛰기 (아침산책때 강아지랑)
    앉아서일서기 등 기본자세 습관들이느라 힘들었는데 이제는 편해지네요 ㅎ

  5. Another excellent video and some great advice. Loving the food you eat, looks amazing 😁😁😁💙💙💙🦘🦘🦘

  6. 6분 25초 난 콜레스테롤 때문에 참는데… 앙 먹고 싶잔아… 눈 꾹 감으면서도 보게 되네…ㅋㅋ

  7. Fico tão feliz, tão feliz quando chega um vídeo seu, os vídeos são lindos, você é lindo, tudo lindo❤️💚💜🧡💛

  8. 길환님 5일차 운동초보입니다 30분씩하는 운동 계속 따라하고 있는데 푸쉬업자세,스쿼트자세 모르겠어요 그리고 1분에 저는 푸쉬업10개 스쿼트 10개 풀업 3개씩하는데 갯수채우기말고 그 부위에 자극주면서 천천히하면 시간이 오바됩니다 그럴경우에 어떻게할까요? 그리고 자세좀 알려주세요 ㅠㅠ

  9. Неплохой пляж, красивый закат ну и конечно ты на этом фоне.

  10. Beautiful Sunrise in the beginning and Sunset at the end. Loved the beach view and the food looked pretty good. Especially the fries with the cream cheese looking stuff. 😋
    I see you found a really nice Gym to get a work out in. Lastly, the look on your face at the end of the Vlog was priceless.😏

  11. No viajes más a ver si te vas a coger el coronavirus que hay por allí muchos besos guapetón 😷😷🤪🤪🤪💞💞💞💞💞💞

  12. 시암@시암 이 그 앞의 도로에 식당과 맛사지, 카페, 쇼행사장들이 몰려 있어서 좋아요.
    파타야 비치 앞 호텔은 바다가 보이지만, 바닷가 해변에는 식당과 맛사지가 적어서 불편 합니다.
    PS: 파타야 비치 앞 호텔에서 2달 있었습니다. 태클은 사양 합니다.

  13. I'm living vicariously through you right now because you are going to places that I most likely won't get to.😉 The views from your hotel rooms were beautiful and the food looked amazing. I would love to try cooking meat in a fondue pot; that looked like fun. I think you actually looked pretty good for having a hangover. Luckily I don't get those unless I'm doing shots. 😏 Glad you're having a great time. Enjoy and have fun; that's what it's all about.❤

  14. 나는 타이이고 나는 항상 당신을 따라왔다. 내 나라를 방문하게되어 기쁘다.

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