Hey guys, welcome to my channel Guess where I am I’m in Moscow. This video will be about top 5 things you don’t know about Russia but you totally should know them if you want to come here or if you’re planning your trip just random facts you wouldn’t find on wikipedia or other sources when you googling like places to see in Moscow. or thing to do in Moscow. This is going to be my view of the city and the country in general So let’s start. Okay guys Here’s my fact. Everything is in Russian. You should learn Russian before coming here because all the signs in the ungerground are in Russian, all the names of the stations are in Russian And if you can’t read in Russian you should find somebody who speaks English and help you and not all Russian speak English actually, not many Russian speak English at all. Here is some exhibition in front of the main church in Russia. And it’s all in Russian. All in Russian. Behind me is the exchange rate of Russian ruble. They give you around 65 rubles for dollar. And 72 rubles for euro. The prices in Russia are really low. So if you take an Uber and it drives for like 20 minutes they would charge you 5 dollars. Maybe less. If you go to a restaurant we just went to a fancy restaurant, we had lunch we had sushi we had fish we had bread and drinks and it was less than 20 dollars for 2 people Russia is really nice in terms of food especially quality – price balance really good in terms of transport Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper for you to take an Uber than to take metro for example because 1 ride on moscow metro is little less than 1 $ So save your time and drive with comfort around Moscow. Be aware of traffic in Moscow too many cars I use google to navigate around Moscow. it shows you how crazy the traffic is everyone is so nervous they use horns all the time and also sometimes we have russian’s official coming and they’d close every single street and people will be standing and waiting for their security and these guys to come through. So just be aware and We crossed in red. You can hear.. I don’t know if it somebody’s coming or something’s happening. Don’t really take an Uber during the day especiallu from 5 to 7 wouldn’t be the best idea and in the morning. But 11 am and then till 5 pm should be fine. It’s 5 pm now and you see it’s getting really busy. Another fact that you’d probably known but haven’t realised the scale of it Moscow has around 11 million inhabitants. which means there are 11 million people in one city and if you’re from a small town you’d be overwhelmed with amount of people around here I feel a little scary sometimes because so many people in the underground you won’t be able to sit down in the train you have to squuize and find a place. Today is Saturday so it’s not that busy. But you should be aware a lot of people. Look at all the people So many people everywhere especially in a rash hour All of those guys who’ve just finished work heading back home so be aware of them. And everything is under construction ’cause they’re renevating the centre and hope that won’t renovate it for 70 years! And the thing I said about nice girls. Sometimes central Moscow looks really weird we’re really close to the centre and the houses are not that impressive and looks like they’re not taken care of And you can see all of different styles of architecture You can see modern houses, soviet houses and it looks a little weird because in bigger cities you see some style or the style that is used to decorate the buildings but here they’re all very different an appartment in such a house costs 1 million $ because it’s very central but the houses are not really nice.



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Know Your Rights – Chapter 5 – Vacation Time

Know Your Rights – Chapter 5 – Vacation Time

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  1. Last time I was in Moscow I hired a taxi to go to the embassy and 2 hours later we had moved 10 metres. I got out and walked to the embassy. Better off taking the underground, if you can understand where to go. Also saw a black mercedes driving along the footpath at an estimated 100km/h. Crazy place.

  2. You totally should speak Russian before you come here……….what kind of speak is that? Learn how to speak English.

  3. I swear going under that under pass looks just like downtown Houston Texas .l wander where they found their engineers?

  4. I am looking for a job in Russia I am an operator of jcb backhoe loader machine… Will u pls help me in finding a job there

  5. A real shit hole.. 50 miles outside Moskow people live in poverty plenty of Russian Whores with hungary holes

  6. You..are definitely are Absolutely Breathtaking!..much better looking than any woman I saw on your video..which I enjoyed very much..great job..thank you!

  7. Last time I was in Moscow hired a taxi to go from the hotel 5km to an embassy and 2 hours later we were still just outside the hotel gates. Got out and walked the 5km. It was quicker. Underground rail is quicker, but again all signs in Russian. On the same day saw a Mercedes doing an estimated 100km/h driving down the footpark. Scary stuff.

  8. Obviously it is an old video.I went to Moscow in 2010 and I never had a problem with not being able to communicate. A lot of young people speak a little bit of English (internet) and they also learn at the universities.So to me this is a really stupid video that is actually scaring off people to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  9. Thet have wide pedestrian area.. Good. I also i agree when you say nice girls everywhere. Are u russian too?

  10. Russia, is great. Woman are lovely and they dress nice, they are not snobs and it is important for you to try and learn Russian

  11. Oh my god!!! I just came back from Russia !! Why didn’t I watch this earlier . But tbh I could relate to many of these things !!

  12. Hello , thanks for sharing this video. I learned a lot about your culture especially your language. Have a good day 😊😊😊

  13. Imanige it : When you got Arrest in Russia And They said u carry drugs and Lock up on you jail And Don't want any talk with you

  14. My lovely country in the world. How can I describe you Russians? I am Ethiopian and love deserves to you. May God one day allow me to see Russia?

  15. I love your Russian videos. I’m born in Russia as well. I was born in Tambov, but I was adopted and now live in the USA.

  16. I used to use the text book trick in school to save my self from certain observable humiliation sometimes. From some of the ladies I saw including the host in this video, I would probally carry a big Russian language text book as a blinder around Moscow for the same reason I did in school.

  17. I studied Russian for three years, twenty years ago, but I was a very bad student. I thing I return to study Russian in the future and I know what youtube channel I will watch.

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