Курорты ЛНР: Девушки, пляжи, цены. Как отдыхают простые люди.

Курорты ЛНР: Девушки, пляжи, цены. Как отдыхают простые люди.

Hello! Now I am at the bus station in Lugansk. From here I plan to get to the local resort. At least that’s what the locals recommended it to me. You can get to it by bus, the fare is $ 0.4, travel time is 1 hour. But before setting off, I would like to talk about intercity transport links in Lugansk. Something it reminded me of Africa. Once I was in Uganda and moved from one city to another. There you need to arrive at the bus station at the appointed time, on which the departure of the bus is planned. But this does not mean at all that the bus will leave at this time. The bus will only leave when it is completely full of passengers. At that time, I waited for the departure of the bus for 14 hours. One woman wrote in her report on a trip to Africa that she had been waiting for the bus to leave for 24 hours. In Lugansk, of course, not everything is so bad. But when you wait for your bus and the dispatcher announces its departure, and it wasn’t even on the platform, it’s not nice to become. When the next bus arrives and you try to board it with your ticket, the driver refuses to take you. . We have to go to the dispatcher to solve this issue. I arrived at the recreation center Crimea. This recreation center used to be called Miami. Now it was named in the spirit of this time, Crimea. This recreation center is located on the Uspensky reservoir. Not far from the recreation center Crimea, is the former Soviet sanatorium “Sail”. You cannot go there by car, as there are concrete fences. Now let’s see what is there. I was told that this sanatorium was heavily shelled. After the shelling, he stopped working. I could not see this sanatorium, as it is guarded by the military. I do not know why this object is being guarded. If someone knows, let him write in the comments. Now let’s go back to Crimea again. Admission is paid $ 1.4. Now let’s see what they offer for this money. At the same time, I saw people relaxing on little free beaches. This is the entrance, we see a volleyball court. We also see arbors. Now we find out what is here. Let’s go see what is in the cafe. Now I will tell you about the prices in this cafe. The price of soup starts at $ 2 for a salad and side dish from $ 0.8. A chicken wing costs $ 0.9. You can have a good lunch here for $ 4.5. Now let’s compare these prices with the prices of the Sedovo resort, it is located in the DPR on the Sea of Azov. I have a video about Sedovo on my channel. . Also, I’ll probably make a link to it in the final screensavers This lunch in the dining room in Sedovo costs $ 2.2. This is a soup of spaghetti, meatballs with potatoes and salad. The salad consists of tomatoes, cheese, garlic, herbs and mayonnaise. But here we must understand that in Sedovo it is a dining room, and in this case it is a bar. Now I’ll talk about alcohol prices. The minimum price for a bottle of cognac is $ 11.9. The minimum price for a bottle of vodka is $ 4.4. A half liter of beer will cost $ 1. Strong alcohol in Sedovo bars costs about 20% less. But here it must be borne in mind that in the DNR stores, strong alcohol is cheaper by 20-30%. Now let’s see what beach is here. The beach is not big, but there are not many people here. These are arbors that can be rented. Renting such an arbor will cost $ 7.5. You can take your own food and alcohol there. Now I will show arbors worth $ 15, there are products and alcohol from the bar, you can’t bring your products. Here you can also rent a bungalow, a day costs $ 30. This is a children’s town. These gazebos, rent of which costs $ 15, you also can’t bring your own products, you can order them at the bar. On the other side of the reservoir there is another recreation center called Breeze. Now we see him from the height of a bird’s flight. This bungalow can be rented for $ 30 per day. This is a bungalow, and very close to the coast. Here is another bungalow, which is located on the shore. There is a sandy beach. This recreation center is very popular among young people. Large companies rent arbors and have fun. There is a bar, a pond nearby, there are water activities, music plays. There is everything for relaxation. I also want to note that I saw cars with Russian, Georgian and Lithuanian numbers next to this recreation center. At the recreation center Crimea, I managed to stay only 2 hours, because I wanted to catch the last bus. In two hours, making a full video report is not easy. Therefore, in order to convey the atmosphere of this place, . I use a photo from the account of social networks, recreation center Crimea On this major note, one could finish and summarize. But there is one point about which you need to tell. I said earlier that I was planning to go to Lugansk on the last bus. To get to the recreation center Crimea, you need to get to the city of Lutugino. This is an hour away and the fare is $ 0.5 Further from Lutugino a few kilometers, you need to get a taxi. The last bus from Lutugino to Lugansk leaves at 18:15. If you do not leave on this bus, then there is no place to sleep in Lutugino, there are no hotels there. The only option is to go by taxi, which is expensive. When I arrived at the recreation center Crimea, her employee informed me that a bus leaves for Lugansk at 18 o’clock from the base itself.

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  2. Как ты не боишься по таким местам ездить? В Индии в трущобах кажется лучше и безопаснее. Имхо

  3. Вообще тебе уважуха, очень интересно как там, но понимаю что не за какие бабки туда непоеду!

  4. Молодец, что не льстишь и показываешь все правдиво!

  5. Извини, и еще просьба, не мог бы ты цены в ролике в долларах прописывать, а то каждый раз приходиться переводить через онлайн конвертер. Смотрю тебя постоянно, колокольчик поставил. И четырех знакомых привел на канал, им тоже интересно. Спасибо

  6. при Украине был порядок, в 2012 в Донецке был чемпионат мира по футболу, был построен новый аэропорт, а теперь что ? у дончан нет перспектив нет будущего

  7. Шикарный выпуск с жопами !вот это замануха 😂🤤украинки сочные 🤤

  8. Посмотрел до конца, написал 5 комментов, поставил лайк, репостнул друзьям в соц.сетях. Спасибо за труд, очень интересно.

  9. Был там говно 💩 полное! Вообще лнр это говно в кубе!!! А это все Дырье таскают в Луганске по гостиницам кураторы! Из рашки и местные полу мажоры которые зарабатывают на том что продают вонючий майонез бабкам в три дорого! И ездят на дишманских грузинских утопленниках лохи фу!

  10. Всё нормально, главное чтобы деньги были ! А девчата , очень понравились !
    Ещё в молодости имел подругу из Луганска , отдыхали отлично, только в Литве на Балтийской косе !
    Приезжайте в Литву и оцените , как изменилась жизнь за эти 15 лет , пока Литва в ЕС ! Конечно, таких смешных цен у Балтийского моря не увидите , хотя нет , если проехать по косе , то сразу попадаешь в Калининградскую обл и там уже совсем другие цены и тоже можно совсем недорого отдохнуть!
    Спасибо и удачи вам ! ✌️

  11. Для лугандонии цены нормальные, там же уровень жизни как в РФ. Я не понял, а чего в баре герб Вьетнама?

  12. Спасибо Очень интересный фильм. За девчонок отдельное спасибо

  13. База нормальная, но зачем этих шалав и проституток понавыставлял? Что,реально этой грязью всё кишит? После этих блядей на эту базу вообще ехать не хочется! Спасибо!

  14. Место где жизнь ничего не стоит , правят только бандиты …

  15. В этом баре кроме пива с фисташками лучше ничего не брать. Бедные люди которые заказывают там обед. Кушать такое и бесплатно нужно сильно оголодать.

  16. За что боролись на то и напоролись.
    Разрухой и дегродацией лугондонии Удовлетворен

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